NYNE in partnership with Big Fish Games participated at PAX West and gave away several of their speakers to the attendees.

Oxnard, CA — September 7, 2016 ─ NYNE in an effort to reach out to it’s audience and this time around especially gamers partners with a gaming company by the name Big Fish Games. By participating at the PAX West, an event in Bellevue, Washington focused exclusively on the culture and community that is gaming NYNE further reinforced it’s commitment to delivering lifestyle inspired audio products.

“The PAX West was a huge success!” said Zachary Marcus from Big Fish Games. “Everyone who came by loved the speakers and was eager to try to win them. We have had a combined reach of more than 400,000 people through our social media which was a great achievement for us.”


“We love to partner and participate in events like PAX West” said Arman Arami, president of NYNE. “We are very happy with the results and we have seen our brand recognition grow tremendously through these types of collaborations. We definitely welcome any type of partnerships that is in line with our brand message and reaches out to our target audience.”

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About NYNE
NYNE, a lifestyle inspired audio brand, is part of California-based BOSS International Group (BIG), a leader in mobile audio products for more than 25 years. NYNE is the premier manufacturer of the world’s most versatile speakers, designed to enhance the enjoyment of music wherever life takes today’s connected consumer. A collaboration of a group of Silicon Valley veterans, acoustical engineers and audio experts with a passion for technology, NYNE is dedicated to producing high-end, quality products with superb acoustics and unparalleled technology integration.

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