Oxnard, CA – November 11, 2013 – NYNE, an innovator of lifestyle inspired audio products, hosted successful “Blue & You” Bluetooth clinics at retail stores throughout the summer and fall. In collaboration and with support of NYNE’s authorized retailers Brandsmart, Dearden’s and Huppins, teams of NYNE experts hosted in-store events to promote, teach and raise awareness around the capabilities of Bluetooth in streaming audio.

“NYNE’s Blue & You event increased our sales while continuing to provide residual effects to both our sales team and the category,” said Murray Huppin of Huppin’s in Spokane Washington.

The merchandising manager at Dearden’s said, “NYNE products have definitely brought awareness and sales to the category in our stores. Ease of use and sound quality are what set NYNE products apart from the competition.”

The NYNE Blue & You Bluetooth clinic events were part of NYNE’s four-step retail support program designed to help with training sales teams and incentivizing activities at all levels of retail, from staff to end-users. As a result, Blue & You helped bring traffic and excitement to NYNE’s brick and mortar retailers.

“We decided to host a series of clinics in Florida, California and Washington to support our retailers at the store level and raise awareness about the usage of Bluetooth,” said Arman Arami, president of NYNE. “We found that the majority of smartphone users are not aware of the extent of usability of Bluetooth, specifically as a feature to stream audio to portable speakers such as those from NYNE. Our clinics were designed to help smartphone users get the most out of their devices and use them as a source of audio content. We will continue to provide total support for our retail partners with the Blue & You events, new merchandising tools, product and sales training, and incentives that create sell-through.”

In addition to teaching about the capabilities of Bluetooth, the NYNE team held giveaways of its Bluetooth bike speaker for all customers who were present.

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