Be a rebel with two midrange speakers, two tweeters and a dedicated woofer.
(31 customer reviews)


Be a rebel with two midrange speakers, two tweeters and a dedicated woofer.
(31 customer reviews)

This smaller-sized boombox is built with 100-ft Bluetooth range, a booming 40-watts of power, two midrange speakers, two tweeters, and a dedicated subwoofer.

This product has been discontinued.


The Rebel’s built-in NFC one-touch connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0. make pairing with your device super simple. And with this speaker’s IPX-3 rating, you can go on splashing in the pool without worrying about this speaker being splashed or sprayed.

Want to turn that gathering into a party? Use Rebel’s built-in hands-free calling to invite more friends. Then pick up the party and take it with you with Rebel’s built-in hidden carrying handle. And don’t worry about the party ending short, with Rebel’s built-in rechargeable battery you will run out of Energy before Rebel does!

Key features

Rechargeable Battery with 10 Hours of Playtime

Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” just got a whole new meaning. With the Rebel’s 10 hour battery life and rechargeable built-in battery, you don’t have to stop the music.

True Bass with Built-In Dedicated woofer

The Rebel gets its name because it does things differently. While other speakers fake their bass with higher frequency speakers, the Rebel gives True Bass by adding a built-in dedicated woofer.

Daisy Chain Multiple Speakers with AUX-Out

One speaker not loud enough? The Rebel gives you the ability to Daisy Chain multiple speakers together with a built-in AUX-Out.

IPX Slash Proof Design

The Rebel speaker is IPX-3 rated, making it perfect for a day at the lake.

Built-In USB Power Bank for Charging Mobile Devices

No outlets? No problem! Keep your phone charged and the beats going with the Rebel’s built-in USB power bank.



Bluetooth with up to 100 feet
3.5mm AUX-in
AUX-out for Daisy Chaining
NFC for simplified pairing


Rechargeable battery with 12 hours playtime
110-220VAC, 50-60 Hz


2.1 System with Two Active Drivers, Two Active Tweeters and an Active Subwoofer


Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
Built-in Powerbank
Built-in carrying handle
4 interchangeable worldwide plugs
Backlit Control Panel
Battery Level indicator


15.8" x 9.75" x 6.75"
7.75 lbs


1 quick user guide
Universal AC Adapter with 4 interchangeable worldwide plugs
3.5 mm AUX-in cable

User review

(31 customer reviews)
  1. Ryan Garland

    The Nyne Rebel is better than the Bose Soundtech 10 in every way. The quality of sound that both of these units produce is top notch. It is a grade higher than all of the other wireless products that I’ve heard in the $150 to $200 price range. The Nyne Rebel costs less than the Bose Soundtech 10. Also, the Bose Soundtech does NOT have a battery (so it always has to be plugged in). The Nyne Rebel is a definite winner.

  2. Amazon Customer

    What I was hoping to get out of the NYNE REBEL speaker was great sound; it delivered. It delivers great bass and clear tones. I tried listening to podcasts on it as well as music; both sounded great.I got this for outdoor use and I found the ability to see the light indicates difficult in the sun. Indoors the light indicators are plenty easy to see.I like that it has a charged power level indicator, but it’s in an odd spot. To see the power level the door on the back must be opened. This seems like something that should have been put in a more easy to see spot.

  3. Raed Haed

    Wow! This speaker is bigger than I expected. And it delivers in every way. It has great sound that is clear and can get loud without any static or other distortion of sound. I like the unique shape of it, too. It has a carry handle which is much needed for a speaker this size. It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Pairing with my cell phone was simple and it doesn’t mine a little splash now and then so you can set it out near the pool on a hot day and listen to your favorite music while you swim without having to worry about your speaker system. Or you can take it on your boat when you go fishing or boating. Great speaker for the money for sure.

  4. fatmav

    Courtesy of the Amazon Vine program, I have received a “NYNE REBEL Splashproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker” for review. Amazon pulled off a rare achievement and shipped this in a box of just the right size and the item came with no damaged corner.The out of the box experience is very pleasant. There are two foam end pieces protecting the speaker and a small accessory box, inside which contains the manuals, a warranty card, an 110-240V universal charger with multiple socket adapters, and a TRS (stereo) audio cable. The battery came pre-charged, lighting up 4 out of the 5 LEDs at the back. In other words, you are ready to go when it arrives.There is a row of sealed push buttons on the top. From left to right are power, bluetooth pairing, play/pause, backward, forward, decrease volume and increase volume. Unlike some of the other bluetooth speakers I tested, the volume control on the REBEL is independent of the bluetooth master and are not linked together. I myself am not a big fan of this design since it complicates usage by allowing two independent adjustments. (Say the volume is way too low. I may pick up the phone to increase the volume, only to discover that the phone is already at max and so I need to go to the speaker instead.) However, I recognize the way REBEL operates is a legitimate design and so I am not going to dock a star off here.Bluetooth pairing is dead simple. The REBEL supports NFC pairing and tapping my Nexus 5X close to the NFC label on the top of the REBEL will initiate pairing. The REBEL will try to repair to its previous master when powered up. However, unlike some other bluetooth speakers in the same price range, it is a single point device and cannot be paired to multiple masters. In contrast, Bose SoundLink 2, which I reviewed about a year ago, can be paired to six devices and will search for them upon paired up. I feel that this is a missed opportunity here.Of course, the most important evaluation criteria for a bluetooth speaker is its sound quality. This is where the REBEL is a mixed bag. With its large size and large battery, it delivers in volume, no doubt. In fact, I had to find an open space in a nearby park to test this because it gets so loud I do not want to test it in my apartment building. If you are looking for a boom box, it is excellent and has a very deep base.However, there are finer qualities than just volume and base. In this department the REBEL is a bit disappointing. As of this writing, the REBEL asks for over one fifty and I have heard better stereo boom boxes that costs half as much. Upon some analysis, I discover the potential culprit. The speaker setup on the REBEL is actually very good for its class. According to the sales literature, it has “2.1 System with Two Active Drivers, Two Active Tweeters and an Active Subwoofer”. Although it is hard to see by inspection since the external of the product is all black and there is a fine mesh protecting the speakers, testing the REBEL through the supplied audio cable does reveal that it should have two channels. However, the real problem is in its Bluetooth implementation. I connected it to my MacBook Pro to confirm this: it appears to support Low Complexity Subband Coding (SBC) only and so the audio can sound no better than your average Bluetooth headset because there is no high fidelity input to it. To give you an example, previously I reviewed Fugoo Bluetooth speakers. Despite its tiny size and thus inability to produce deep base, it does support APTX and thus it actually sounds quite a bit better in the midband and treble. In fact, indoor the REBEL sounds not much better than an FM radio. But since the REBEL is designed for outdoor, and since outdoor does have a lot of wind or other noise, I think audio quality does not matter too much there. However, given the premium asking price, I do dock one star off due to the lack of support for APTX.As mentioned, the REBEL also features an AUX-in when you want to connect it using an audio cable. There is also a USB port at the back for you to charge your cellphone using the rechargeable battery inside the REBEL. However, no USB cable is provided.The REBEL is in the NYNE X series and is the second largest among four and this series boasts element resistance. The REBEL in particular is listed as IPX3, which means some small splash is ok so long as it is NOT a downpour and so it should not be used in the rain. The AUX in and out sockets, the charging port and the USB socket are both protected inside a plastic door with what appears to be a silicone seal. In this aspect, I am not that worried. There is an annoying usage experience though: the power level indicator is also inside this door, and so every time before I bring the REBEL out I need to open the door, push a button, and close the door. The problem is that the door hinge does not appear to be too durable. I think only time will tell.In my testing, the REBEL’s battery, once fully charged and when it is new, can last over 12 hours at reasonable volume at 10 feet. I did this test in my apartment at room temperature. Note that battery lives change significantly depending on temperature, and the all black design of the REBEL makes it very hot in the sun.Overall, I am honestly lukewarm on the REBEL. I understand its primary use is an outdoor boom box and in this regard it is excellent. Splashproof, deep base, high volume. But I have to take the price into consideration as well. As I have indicated in the beginning of the review, I received this as a courtesy for this review. My honest opinion, and I hope no one would mind, is that if I have bought this I am likely to have returned it due to a couple of factors. First, the audio quality can really be better to make this more than a one-trick pony. I hope adding APTX is not hard and can be achieved using a firmware upgrade in the future. Second, I am too spoiled by the multipoint connection and I feel that this is something also very easy to add. Third, it only comes with one year of warranty. In my family there is a heuristic that each one hundred buck should come with a year of warranty at least. By this heuristic, I expect the REBEL to come with two. Fourth, that door at the back looks too fragile but it has to be used often due to the charging port. Once it is broken (and it only needs very little movement to break the seal), the REBEL is no longer splashproof.Thank you.

  5. Joseph Oppenheim

    This must be a massive attempt to produce a wireless speaker systems that competes with the major brands but for less than half the price.ProsWireless and rechargeableI’ve used it off the charger for an hour and it was still at 75% power.Connects effortlessly with BT devices. No lag.Lite enough to carry easily.About 4-6 power adapters to run off of or charge. Like I said this was build for global mass production.Great sound compares well with A Boss system of the same size but 3 times the price.ConsIt’s pretty ugly – not a big issueBass could be a bit stronger but still has more than a Boss system that cost 3 time the amount.

  6. 360 Rx7

    Just received mine today.Testing in my living room which is very large, all tile and many windows. The sound was very clean and the bass was excellentTested it outside by the pool and was impressed again. The sound, bass and clarity were great.Bluetooth easily paired and seemed to have great range. It’s primary use will be on my boat. I chose this after a friend brought along his UE Megaboom last week.This is louder and more rugged for 100 dollars less.At 150.00 this is a steal ! I may consider getting another one to pair.

  7. Amazon Customer

    This speaker was easy to connect to my iPod and iPhone. The sound was clear and crisp in my home and outside and the best part is that we can set-up this speaker outside by the pool because it can get wet and continue to work. We currently have an outdoor speaker system professionally installed outside around our pool. It is inconvenient to go inside to change the music and adjust from the receiver. We were looking for a more-flexible, great sounding option and we found it with this NYNE REBEL speaker. We always have our phones with us with music loaded on or access to Apple Music so a bluetooth speaker made the most sense – especially when it’s so reasonably priced. Will purchase more to get amazing sound throughout the property.

  8. Ethan

    I think there are two major selling points for the Rebel speaker. The powerbank and sound level/quality.My UE Roll UE ROLL 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Volcano speaker lasts almost as long, clocking in at nine hours battery life, but the UE Roll simply doesn’t put out the volume that the Rebel is capable of providing. It’s not only loud, but the bass is rich and deep without rattling the box. And the frame is tight. It’s has a very high quality build to the box and won’t be tipped over easily. It just feels good…no cheap plastics, no small parts, all potential leak areas look well-protected.Once you combine the sound capability with the ability to last for up to ten hours, you have a strong contender for an outside speaker choice. Since this unit was provided to me in exchange for an honest review, I would initially hesitate in spending $150. But considering the great sound, volume level and charge time (and the ability to charge your phone at the same time), I can see $150 as justified.

  9. Bentley Robinette

    I don’t regret this purchase at all. That said the other reviews on here have merit. Has impressive bass for it’s size, and I knew going in this isn’t a tiny unit but I consider nice if you realize it’s something you carry and not something you throw in a duffle bag. Roughly the size of an extra large shoe box, not small but not encumbering. This had a bit less volume than I expected but not lacking at all, no distortion at any level. More bass than I thought something this size would have and pleasantly surprised. Comments regarding fidelity I can see both ways…some songs streamed from my iPhone sound great, others sound muffled. Someone posted a comment that it regards the streaming format, I could definitely see that.

  10. Gary Severance

    The NYNE REBEL Splashproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a great device with good power and volume. The speaker fills a room with good fidelity sound, especially on the bass end. I control the Bluetooth speaker with my iPhone 6S, and can play music, video sounds, and the new Apple audio text reader. The REBEL has a built in microphone that allows me to make telephone calls and use Siri via my iPhone, although I do not use the microphone often.The REBEL is shaped like a feedback floor speaker that musicians use on stage. The all black 7.8 pound speaker is 15.8 in length x 9.8 inches in width x 6.5 inches in height. It sits solidly on no skid rubber feet. It has a lithium battery and an AC charger that I keep plugged into a wall socket. I have used the speaker on a fully charged battery for over 2 hours and it still had plenty of juice left. It is definitely solidly built and would not be damaged by some poolside splashing.The speaker puts out great volume that can be adjusted with my iPhone and by using the + and – controls on the top of the console. Sounds from videos require a + boost and do not have the high clarity of pure audio sounds. I put this on the signal received from the iPhone. A nice feature is the automatic connection with the most recently used Bluetooth device when turned on using the on/off switch on the top panel. There are also buttons on top of the console for phone use, playlist selection, and song selection.I give this speaker made by NYNE Multimedia my highest rating.

  11. Brian Reaves

    Great sound out of this. It’s waterproof which makes it nice for around the lake or pool. I use it in my garage actually, and really like the sound for the space. It really fills the room. The battery life is good, but you can leave it plugged in if you aren’t outside. It’s a little heavy if you’re planning on carrying it around a lot.

  12. Nia

    I got this speaker to use outside for the patio now that the weather is getting nice. I wanted one that was weatherproof. It has a good sound and works out well for my needs. I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that it’s also a power source. This is awesome so guests can charge their phone. I like this item. Glad I was able to find it.

  13. Mermaid

    Love, love, love this speaker! It’s a pretty hefty size, but it synchs up beautifully with my iPhone via the Bluetooth connection and the audio is great. I also love that it comes with a variety of plug adapters so the speakers can be used in absolutely in any country, not that I would ever take them with me abroad, but at least anyone can use these speakers! The instructions are super easy to understand (once you manage to pluck out your language out of the many languages on the instructions sheet) and charging was easy as well. The speakers were already partially charged when I got them, but the instructions said to fully charge them before first use, which I did. I couldn’t be happier with these speakers. I’ve taken them outside on my patio and used them inside, but I have not let them sit near water, only because I haven’t needed to.

  14. R. Sperling

    The NYNE speaker has really great sound, which of course is the primary thing you want in a speaker. I think its only downside is that it is not a compact unit that you would carry around easily in a backpack. I’m not sure I would want to take it with me anywhere, but it’s nice for an outdoor party at home. It does have a good hand grip that makes it easier to carry if you do decide to lug it to the beach or camping. It is just under 8 pounds and is fairly large at 15.8 x 9.8 x 6.5 inches. I included a photo with an iPhone6 sitting in front of it.It paired easily with an iPhone and you can control the sounds/volume from either the iPhone or the speaker. The great benefit of a Bluetooth speaker is that you can keep your phone with you and not have to have it docked into the device.It says it is “splash proof” which is ideal for outdoor use but I did not test that option.2017 Update: I’m having more and more trouble with it pairing with my iPhone 4s. I often have to forget the device on my iPhone, remove the device from the speaker memory and then reboot both devices before it connects. I am removing two stars for this as sometimes it is hassle enough that I don’t want to take the time to connect so I don’t use the speaker at all. I know a 4s is an older phone, but it connects to all my other bluetooth devices without any issues so I have to believe that the problem is with the speaker.

  15. barry

    There are so many pros about this hefty, booming waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker. Many are saying it is heavy but I find it just fine. For its size the minimal weight just shows how sturdy and durable it is. There is also a handle ledge built in for easy carrying. It is indeed waterproof which is another huge bonus. It syncs up perfectly with my iPhone via Bluetooth. My phone actually found it and synced up in a matter of seconds. I often use the usb charger to charge my phone while playing music. The battery life is excellent and you can leave it plugged in if you need more time. This speaker is perfect for large outdoor spaces but I must admit I found the sound quality to be just ok. The bass is there but a little tinny and at very low or very high volumes the audio is a little distorted. Nothing major but this speaker is being advertised as having advanced sound with full sound and true bass. I found it to be lacking in this area. Also the volume is pretty good but I did expect it to have the capability to provide more sound than it did plus adjusting the volume was not possible on the speaker for me. I had to do it on my iPhone itself. So I find it great to have a large speaker that provides expanded sound for large outdoor spaces but was hoping I wouldn’t have to sacrifice some of the quality of the sound to do so which I feel I do with this speaker. Maybe this issue will be a personal preference. I recommend really testing it out for yourself. Perhaps it will serve your needs perfectly.

  16. D. S.

    SOUNDThe sound on this speaker is generally excellent, though a bit uneven. On some songs, I thought it sounded wonderfully clear, but on a handful, it sounded a little muffled. Most of those were songs you probably wouldn’t be playing out by the pool, though (Schubert). But my daughter commented that some (not all) of her songs (Set it Off) actually sound better on her little shower speaker. It was great with most rock tracks, though. This is definitely a speaker that is geared to deliver rumbly base, and on that, it delivers admirably. It has a presence and feel that you just can’t get from a small speaker.Oddly enough, the highest volume isn’t all that high. I have sensitive ears and tend to not like things too loud, anyway, but this speaker couldn’t max out even my ears. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was plenty loud for me , and capable of as much volume as I’ll ever need (listening in a large carpeted living room with hardwood floors adjacent), but outdoors around a crowded, noisy pool, you might wish for a few more decibels. Fortunately, I wouldn’t want to listen loud outside, anyway, so I’m good, but do keep this point in mind, depending on your own planned usage.POWERThe battery is powered by a 4400 mAh battery, which the manufacturer claims will last for 8-10 hours. But that’s probably when listening at a low volume. As heavy and big as this thing is, I’m surprised that’s all it has. I have phone-sized 10,000 mAh battery packs, so I don’t know why they couldn’t have juiced this thing up a little more. There is a USB port for charging your cell phone or other device, but with that small of a battery, there’s hardly a point (except maybe if you were desperate and forgot to bring a real battery pack). They should have made the USB port go the other way (so you could charge IT off a battery pack). It would have been cool to have had this thing capable of topping off everyone at the party who needs it. As it is, if you want to keep the music going, you’d better stay hands-off with the USB port.The speaker does work while charging, so if you’re in civilization and not actually at the beach or lake or something like that, you could keep going indefinitely. But remember that you should NOT expose the speaker to water while charging because its water seals will be compromised during that time.CONTROLSI like the controls, except you have to hold the power button down too long (several seconds) to get the speaker to come on. It has dedicated (and illuminated) buttons for up-volume, down-volume, forward, and backward (rather than combining volume and track selection, as some water-resistant speakers annoyingly do). The buttons are so big (and bright), located on top, it makes them very easy to quickly find and use. No fumbling around for a tiny little nub on the side.APPEARANCESome people have said it’s not an attractive speaker, but I think it looks cool. It’s very solidly built. It looks and feels like quality. There is a discreet, built-in handhold at the back, which I was really happy to find, because, at nearly eight pounds, this thing would be very cumbersome to move around otherwise.MANUALI hate the directions for this thing. They are provided in about a dozen languages, but they are all jumbled together, so you can’t just throw out the languages you don’t need. And they are printed on a huge piece of paper (like a fold-out road map, if you’re old enough to know what that is) that is cumbersome and awkward to look at, especially because of the tiny print. Fortunately, the controls are pretty intuitive, so the directions aren’t all that crucial to hold on to.Overall, I like this speaker a lot. It doesn’t have the clarity (or even the volume) of my portable Bose, but it has a stronger presence. And with it being water-resistant, I don’t have to fuss at everyone, “Don’t drink near the speaker!” which is just the kind of thing I do. Well, I’ll probably still do it, but I can feel a whole lot less anxious about it. I’ve been really enjoying using this speaker. If you want to feel your music in a potentially splashy environment, and the battery size doesn’t concern you, this would be a good choice.

  17. Brian A. Wolters

    The NYNE REBEL is one beast of a speaker that is no only easy to set up, but has fantastic sound.The NYNE REBEL is very easy to set up and get going. Everything you need is packed and marked for easy recognition Charging didn’t take long at all and I was ready to power up and get going. Bluetooth setup was almost seamless. I paird to my Samsung Note 5 with very little effort and I was up and going and ready to go.So, I started Spotify and played a powerful song by RUSH. I was blown away immediately by this speaker. It is loud and clear and has no distortion that I could tell. The speaker has amazing range as I was able to leave my phone in the house and take the speaker to the far end of my backyard. Taking calls and even issuing Google Now commands worked extremely well and exceeded my expectations.The speaker is a little bulky but is is surprisingly light for the bulk it contains, so it is quite portable.If you are looking for an extremely powerful and functional bluetooth speaker that has the added features of making calls and being a little water resistant, look no further. This is the speaker you want.

  18. Amazon Customer

    This is an amazing speaker, a must buy for any occasion, it’s loud and has very clear sound. Great for bonfires and any adventures you will have coming your way!

  19. phubbard

    This was my original Review: (3 stars) Speaker sound is as good as advertised. Worked great for exactly 31 days, then quit. When I contacted NYNE, they said I have to pay the shipping to return it under warranty!! If it had quit within 30 days of purchase, they would have sent me a shipping label. So, while the speaker is good, the customer support is horrible. Use caution if you purchase this item and cross your fingers that it continues to work past 30 days.Revised Review: (5 stars) Very soon after posting the original review, I received a shipping label from NYNE! So I’m revising my review to give them positive credit for listening to their customers. Again, the sound quality of the speaker is amazing. My kids used it daily at are backyard pool. And when they have friends over, the sound is plenty loud enough for them to enjoy their music while laughing and playing with their friends. My final recommendation – this is a good value for the money. If you purchase it, save the box in case you have to ship it back. But do this out of caution, not because you should expect to have to return it.

  20. Danson

    Well..!! Was very impressed the way they packed,no doubt… Speaking about the speaker, it as a damn good bass..but the sound comparing with jbl xtreme is quite low as I have that speaker too… The first thing about the speaker I like is the design how they created this,superb.. Great job nyne.. Very easy to carry not that heavy as I expected but for sure it can’t go in your backpack unless you have a lager size bag.. I connected this speaker with my Lumia phone and the amount of bass it leaves is quite amazing.. But it’s not that loud as what I expected… But coming back on its price its quite cheaper then the xtreme.. And if I have to select between both of this I would definitely go with nyne rebel..bcoz of its bass, looks and its price.. That doesn’t mean xtreme is a bad choice to buy but its good in sound but didn’t get that amount of punch on bass.. As im a bass lover…

  21. K. Schmidt

    I had a NYNE Bass that I accidentally left out in the rain. Ordered this new and improved version. I was disappointed in the sound…very hollow in the middle. Ordered another NYNE Bass before returning and did the side by side test. Truly no comparison. The lessor expensive Bass provided a much fuller sound. Only advantage to the Rebel is its water resistant. Save your money and get better sound…but the Bass.

  22. Ronald Smith

    I think you should have a little bit more power another 10 to 15 watts it would work real good for the size in the money

  23. shawn

    sounds great. kick ass battery life. [takes long to charge tho] a complaint about how it refuses to re-connect to my iphone 6 when i go out of range and return. i would think it would auto re-connect or at least if i press the phone button ,re-connect. but i have to turn it off -long(kind of hard press cause the buttons are”tough”) and then turn it back on

  24. Amazon Customer

    It sounds great and looks rugged so I bought it for my husband. Ever since he got it, he’s almost never turned it off. He always has it playing in his “mancave” and takes it to family picnics, even when it’s drizzling and not protected under the picnic tent. Money well spent.

  25. Amazon Customer

    I love this speaker! I use it a lot at my warehouse for work, I recently got it for my birthday and get tons of compliments on the sound

  26. Miguel Torres Rodriguez

    Excelente producto

  27. frankwashington

    Not enough VOLUME

  28. Leonard Fontenot

    Great clean sound with sweet Bass! Bluetooth connectivity is quick and easy! Battery last a long time!

  29. C. Parker

    I purchased both the 16 inch Rebel and the 21 inch Rock. Due to Amazon not letting copyright music posted on a video you will have to take my typed explanation of performance.One thing that was confusing to me is that the Rebel is listed as a 2.1. This means it sends different sound to 3 total channels (right, left and bass). BUT, it has 5 drivers. Yes, they both have 5 drivers. The Rock is a 4.1, means different sound to each 5 drivers (front left / right, rear left / right and bass). At least in the stereo receiver world it is like this. I took a flashlight to the grill to see that they BOTH in fact have 5 drivers (or cones). Not really confident that the Rock is really 4.1, or why you would need this on one speaker, but that is what they listed it as.Ok, now to the sound. I found that the sound is pretty similar. The Rock is louder but it is the type of loud that is a little distorted. So if you want the clean sound from the Rock, you would turn it down a notch or two. By that time you are at the Rebels max volume and it peaks out well. I would say that 95% of the population would be content and size / price happy, with the REBEL. In the rare case that you are using this in a large open space all the time you may consider the Rock. But remember that peak out volume distortion. Both units sound about the same at ALL other volume levels.Side Notes. 1) They will NOT both play from the same BT Connection at the same time. You can connect THE SPEAKERS with a 3.5mm jack though, but then you are limited to where you can move them. 2) If you unpaired, to say take a call, the speaker will time out in about 10 minutes. This is a good thing so you don’t forget about it and it drains the battery. 3) I have 4 other 10 inch and smaller BlueTooth speakers. The biggest benefit you will have with the NYNE speakers is bass, second volume. If you want the best SMALL BT go with the “Zealot SoundLion S7”. It almost competes with these NYNE’s. Minus some bass and top volume. 4) can’t speak about battery play time, but I would think they have the same size battery, so Rebel would last longer or the same at same volume?Hit helpful on this post if it helped you, so it can help others too. In conclusion, 95% of you should go with the smaller and cheaper REBEL.Update: While returning the Rock to my local big box store I purchased a UE Megaboom ($230) due to someone suggesting it was louder than the Rock or Rebel. I can tell you, it falls way short for sound compared to these larger and cheaper speakers. There shouldn’t be a surprise here, just needed to debunk another review so I was happy with my purchase. The Megaboom sounds pretty good though for it’s size. So it is what it is, in another category for sure. Due to the audio out on the Rebel I am able to use both Megaboom / Rebel at the same time. I can’t even hear the Megaboom due to the Rebel outblasting it. Case closed and not really close. Pound for pound, Megaboom is good though.

  30. CS

    This little rebel is boss. It’s like walking around with a rock star. People are questioning what it is and where I got it. How loud? Get that often. I pump it up and folks are trying to buy mine. I love the nyne

  31. barzalmc

    works great

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