Our smallest portable speaker comes with a built-in light, battery.
(17 customer reviews)


Our smallest portable speaker comes with a built-in light, battery.
(17 customer reviews)

This little guy is designed for size, portability and functionality.



The incredible sound quality, full functionality, and well-designed safety features are packed in a sturdy package that’s perfect for today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Clamp the NYNE Edge to your bike handlebars, connect it to your device via Bluetooth or NFC touch, and hit the road for an all-day adventure. The 12-hour rechargeable battery makes sure there is no danger of running out of music or places to explore.

Boasting a double injection rubber housing and an IPX-5 weather proof design, the Edge is prepared for rain or shine. And don’t worry about bumps and spills. If your adventures keep you out past sunset, no worries. Edge’s powerful multi-function LED light, complete with emergency strobe, comes to the rescue. An integrated charging USB port also keeps your phone going for the long haul. A waterproof microphone and convenient on-board controls make hands free calling and music search a snap. Who says you can’t have it all?

Key features

Built-In LED Flashlight with Strobe Feature

Lost in the dark? The Edge’s built-in LED flashlight will help you find your way back! It also includes a strobe feature so you can fit in a dance party on the way.

IPX Splash Proof Design

The Nyne Edge is IPX-5 rated so a little waterfall mist or the rain won’t stop the party!

Rechargeable Battery with 12 Hours of Playtime

Keep the party going all day long with the Edge. The speaker’s rechargeable battery allows for 12 hours of wireless playtime.

NFC Tap to Pair Technology

The Edge’s NFC tap to pair technology provides a simple way to connect any Bluetooth device to your speaker. Simply tap your device to the speaker and they will connect.


Product Data Sheet Insert

Download 497 KB

Quick User Guide

Download User Guide (PDF) 1.75 MB


Bluetooth with up to 33 feet
3.5mm AUX-in
NFC for simplified pairing


Rechargeable battery with 15 hours playtime
110-220VAC, 50-60 Hz


3.0 System with Two Drivers, a tweeter and 2 Passive Radiators


Built-in LED flashlight
Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
Built-in Powerbank
Universal handlebar mount
Battery Level indicator


7” x 3.5” x 2.25”
1.13 lb


1 quick user guide
Universal AC Adapter with 4 interchangeable worldwide plugs
Charging cable
3.5 mm AUX-in cable

User review

(17 customer reviews)
  1. Hoppaguy

    I own many Bluetooth speakers including the UE boom, Jabra sole mate mini, Philips BT6000, jambox mini and a couple others that are in this class. First the pros of the speaker are that it has a lot of features such as a being bike mountable, flashlight with 4 settings (low, bright, flashing, emergency light modes), ability to charge your phone and it also comes with an adapter with interanational plugs. I thought providing the international plugs was pretty cool. However the cons are the following: sound is not all that clear at higher volumes and the bass is essentially non existent. I understand that these Bluetooth speakers don’t have bass but even the jambox mini seems to kick out more bass than this speaker. Overall, I would highly recommend this Bluetooth speaker for a cyclist that wants some tunes on his bike for riding down the boardwalk. But I would probably look elsewhere if I were going to use this speaker as my primary Bluetooth speaker for home/office use.

  2. Dom Miliano

    My family must have been born under a water sign. As a kid, during the summer, I went to a local pool twice a week. In college, the Jersey Shore saw a lot of me and my friends. These days, a shore house (not a beach house, this is New Jersey) and a niece with a pool means that if I want to listen to music, I need a waterproof speaker. That’s the main reason I grabbed the NYNE Edge – they claim it’s “splash proof”. I did not test the claim since I tend to be careful with my stuff and it’s very cold still here in NJ. However, I carefully inspected the construction and it appears to be well sealed, except, of course, the speaker grill. It has to be open to the air but there appears to be a tight weave fabric under the grill so I’m scoring the splash proof-ness positively.Connection to my iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch worked simply. No extra buttons to push! Just flip up the back flap and switch it on, then click the rubber-protected top button and wait for the tone to signal that it has synced. It has worked every time. I really like that because some speakers I have tested require a sync button pressing process – one I often forget.The sound quality is good considering the small size of the speaker. It plays at high volumes – perfect for the outdoors. I can’t detect stereo separation but for the purposes it’s intended (i.e., not for critical listening) it’s just fine.There is a flashlight / blinker feature too. Not sure what the value of that is but I guess it’s easy to add and I have to say, the little LEDs are bright.I got an hour of uninterrupted music from a full charge and it was still going strong after I finished working in the garage. As with most internal, rechargeable battery devices, I plan to let it drain down before re-charging.It’s a hefty piece and I assume most of that is the battery, not a product of big magnets on a speaker.Need a splash proof Bluetooth device? The good sound and ease of use has earned a 5 star rating from me.Recommended

  3. Margaret Bonham

    Great sound. Compact and handy. I’ll be using this outside and will be using it for a while. It seems to be quite sturdy and while I haven’t had it in the rain yet, it does seem to be hardy enough to withstand the occasional drips our direction. I wouldn’t leave this outside, but I don’t think it’s intended to be an outdoor speaker all the time.

  4. Nzaniye Celestin

    It sounds good!

  5. Sibelius

    Couple of standout points with this portable bluetooth speaker. For starters it is extremely durable with thick rubber casing on the edges and an Ingress protection rating of ‘5’ which means that water projected from a 6.3 mm nozzle against the enclosure will have no harmful effects. Indeed this speaker is a fine shower (or poolside) companion and performs just fine under such conditions but just be careful not to immerse it in water as it is not built to withstand such treatment. The other nice aspect of this product is that it is very versatile (has a built in LED lamp and can also serve as a battery pack) and comes packaged as a full kit with a box full of accessories that expands its functionality ranging from a bike handlebar mount to a full set of charge plugs for all types of international power sockets.The speaker itself is medium sized as far as portable offerings go and has a chunky, funky, all black industrial look and feel. Sound quality is slightly better than average and is tuned for a crisp and balanced articulation across the spectrum. Volume output is ample enough to fill a medium sized room but there is an overall lack of ‘oomph’ to the bass that is certainly missed at higher volumes. Battery life is excellent with a full charge rated to last somewhere between 12-15 hours. Overall, a very durable speaker with decent sound performance that is recommended if you plan on using it primarily outdoors or in the bath.

  6. Barbarino

    This is a sturdy, well made BT speaker. It has some nice features and interesting versatility. This speaker comes equip with an attachment that hooks on to your bike handlebars. It comes with an a/c plug with four different adapters for the various outlets you world travelers will come into contact with, kind of nice. The speaker itself can power up your cell phone or iPod, also a nice feature. Great for world travelers cycling the globe but equally enjoyable for sedentary home-bodies.I like this speaker and for the most part I like the sound it produces but I do agree with others who have noted that the speaker could benefit from a more dynamic bass sound. The sound is good, don’t get me wrong, but it could be better. I do like that it cranks up loud, very nicely. Great to annoy your teenagers or vice versa. I don’t know why but I get a silly sense of satisfaction when my children tell me to turn my music down.A couple of things that I noticed with this speaker are that when you are listening to it at a very low volume there is a little simmering sound of fuzz. I can hear it when I listen to my audio books but not when I listen to music. I wasn’t able to connect this to my phone with the jack that I keep in my car, it wouldn’t fit into the speaker’s audio jack. But there is an audio jack included in the box that works perfectly (and its red). I like that the audio jack and the usb cable are both red. We get so many usb cables it’s nice to be able to keep the cords that came with the speaker together. The whole speaker is rubberized for durability and water resistance, which I like. But I wish the operating buttons were a little easier to manipulate.I like that this speaker has lights that indicate how much juice it has left. I also like the compact size of this speaker, we’ve had several other speakers that have been bigger and delivered comparable sound. I like this speaker and I think most people will.

  7. Martin A Hogan

    Measuring about 7” X 4” X 2”, this tough, durable, compact speaker is powerful. With four speakers and a subwoofer, the sound is great. The highs are crisp, the midranges are clear and the bass is strong without the boominess of most speakers. It does not distort even at the loudest settings.The metal and rubber design make it practically indestructible with a plastic flip-up flap that displays the workings. It has an auxiliary in port, a USB port, the charging port battery level switch (with five lights showing 20% of power each) and the On/Off switch.On top is the pairing switch, another button for a bright 3-light flasher that gives you bright, very bright, flashing and extremely bright SOS flashing. This is for bike riders. There is an included bike bar attachment for riders. Then there is the Play/Pause/Phone switch, the forward, reverse, volume down and volume up buttons. All are raised rubber and are in keeping with the waterproof qualities.The price is a bit high, but it is durable as all get-out. I can see this device lasting a long time. There have been some previously noted issues with battery life not extending to ten hours and I cannot address that at this time, but it certainly has enough power to last you for whatever activity you are doing. It comes with all accessories, including various plug choices a doubled ended auxiliary cord and a USB cord with the other end containing a micro-USB for charging through a computer. Not a bad set-up at all.

  8. ChrisR

    Sturdy, well designed, relatively small speaker. Weighs just over 1 pound 6 ounces (22.1 ounces) even though it’s less than 7 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches high by 3 3/8 inches deep. The black color and almost rubberized feel are pretty cool, at least to me. Sound is just okay. I use it primarily for audible books, so that isn’t a terrible problem, but I would prefer better sound for music. I use the NYNE EDGE in two different environments, in the kitchen and on the bike. As another reviewer pointed out, the weight of it is a little surprising on the bike. But I am used to it by now. In the kitchen, it’s perfect. I can leave my iPhone in the other room or in my pocket and just work from the speaker itself. The 33 foot distance seems accurate, although I haven’t taken it quite that far. The mobility and additional volume I get from the EDGE mean I don’t miss any of my audible book even when the Vitamix and KitchenAid are running. The splash proof quality is welcome in both kitchen and cycling contexts.I also want to say thanks to the Vine reviewers who provided such great reviews. I learned more from them than I did from the large newspaper sized pages of instructions in 18 languages from the manufacturer. The reviewers saved me time in getting accustomed to the wide variety of features the NYNE EDGE has. Wading through the multi-language instruction sheets was tiresome, although it must be nice for those folks who speak an unusual language who are surprised and pleased to find that NYNE included instructions that work for them too.

  9. Courtland J. Carpenter

    Nyne makes a number of these portable speakers and this is perhaps the best one for bicycle riding based on weight. Most of the other ones approach 10 pounds or more but this is less than three. Still it has the defining characteristics of this modern communication lifestyle device, that being a cell phone charger, an LED headlamp or strobe, a built in hands free microphone for talking on your phone, and off course the speaker itself. This speaker is not bad, but it’s not really a hugely powerful one. I suspect the the other models are better if you are really looking for a powerful portable speaker for outdoors. Still for most things from your phone off Pandora or your MP3 files, this does a decent play job. Not to mention being able to take calls with your phone in your pocket. I’m not really sure that’s the best thing for bike riding, I once was girl watching on my bike as a teenager, and ended up kissing the back window of a 62 Chevy. My bike didn’t fare well either. This is sound not vision, but still distraction is distraction so if your gonna take calls on the road, be careful, and at night you should definitely stop first.The universal mount was nice most bicycles and since this serves as a headlight as well is just as good and much for functional than the old headlight generator combination I had back in the sixties. Who needs a generator when the LED lights are brighter and last much longer on battery power. The speaker removes pretty easy enough, and I guess here is where it’s better to have a three pound version as opposed to a ten pound speaker, since you have to carry it around after you chain up your bike. Maybe they could help this by putting some heavy metal loops on the sides to chain it to the bike with your lock. I wasn’t crazy about the box, after the outer cellophane was removed there were still four seals to scratch off making it tedious to open, but hardly any critique on the product.Recommended if you have a bicycle and do casual riding or just typical city or school transporting on the bike. Touring might be OK too if you have a charging source in the evenings. My brother could really use one of these things too, even without a bike, he always seems to be running low on phone battery, having a charging source is nice. I have a quiet rant about cell phones that way, I think some use the battery as a convenient excuse to hand up on you, so there needs to be more devices with phone chargers integrated. Although if your phone has a 6.5 inch HD screen, I’m not sure how long the charged Lithium battery in this speaker will keep you going.

  10. William Hefner

    This is an incredibly sturdy and simple to use portable speaker that seems best suited for using as a hands-free speakerphone for your wireless device or casually listening to music. I say casually, because it is likely that you will be using the product in an area or environment with less than ideal acoustics. Either outside, in your car, etc. Even the best of speakers aren’t going to sound great if there are lots of outdoor noises interfering. So, it is highly unlikely that you are going to get an ideal audiophile experience from this device.For its price and size, it performs about as well as you would expect. Highs and mids are most pronounced, which makes it ideal for phone conversations, talk radio, audio books, etc. There is not a lot of bass response to speak of, but the size of the unit makes that pretty understandable.Again, I have to emphasize that this product is very solid and well-built. I certainly would not call it indestructible, but it will take a lot more abuse than most consumer electronics would. About my only major complaint about the product is its very small controls that are especially difficult to see at night. Tiny black controls on a black device at night are not that easy to spot, and it doesn’t help that the built-in flashlight shines AWAY from the controls and does not illuminate them at all.I have not tried the device mounted to a bike, but it should be able to absorb bumpy bike trails with few problems. Whether your wireless device can is another matter! All in all, it’s a great product at a decent price that I would definitely recommend.

  11. Mark

    This is one of the best designed products I have ever reviewed. It is more than just a Bluetooth speaker. It comes with an integrated mount so you can put it on your bike and use it as a headlight as well. And it has the ability to be a backup charger for your electronics as well. But the features I have mentioned, while amazing, just scratch the surface.Sound quality from this speaker is just OK. I am hoping it improves after more of a breaking in period. Yet despite that, I am still giving it the top rating.It includes all play controls you would want from a Bluetooth speaker. There’s an auxiliary port and included cable to connect your non Bluetooth devices. And it is compatible with NFC pairing for newer Android devices.But the best design element about this speaker is that it’s built for durability. Not only is it splash-proof for outdoor use, just lifting this unit makes it clear that it’s built to take a punch. And there is a water tight door to cover all the rear ports. This unit is made to last, with thick rubber trim to frame the metal speaker grate.This is a great product. I definitely plan to use this regularly and I highly recommend it.

  12. Bereader

    I own a number of bluetooth speakers and use them often. This is the first one from this company I’ve reviewed, and I really like it.It’s compact speaker that is clearly built well. It’s sealed on all sides, and you have to lift a flap to get to most of the controls. The top of the speaker has controls for your music (FF, RR), along with a flashlight button. The flashlight is fairly bright and has a bluish tint to it. Press once to turn on, twice for brighter light, 3 times for flashing, 4 for strobe, and 5 for off.Underneath the back flap are the connections to charge the device (micro usb), normal USB for charging other devices (phones), a button to check the battery level (genius!), and an physical on/off switch.I used this while working outside in the rain and it worked very well. I love that it’s waterproof, as I frequently get caught outside in rain storms.The sound quality is just OK. It lacks bass and sounds below average for a speaker of its size. That’s the only disappointing thing to mention about this speaker. It still puts out balanced sound, but it’s a bit on the tinny side.Overall, this is a very versatile speaker that can be used just about anywhere, including your bike. Definitely recommended.

  13. Suzanne Fisher

    Ha! Just realized how that sounds. Well, judge my mind is sound or not by my review.I am partially hard of hearing, meaning I can hear some registers extremely well, and others I can’t hardly hear at all. I usually have to crank my truck speakers to hear a very low-voiced reporter on the radio.That said, it seems to me that this little speaker puts out a lot of very clear sound. It does seem to be sparse on the base end, but it is not detrimental to my listening at all.It has a nifty attachment for a handlebar, but I’ve been using it in my kitchen and to listen to Pandora on my phone in my truck (I have a really old truck with no connections). Even with my washing machine and washer on, I can hear my music clearly. I can also hear my music clearly traveling on the dirt road from my work.I haven’t tested it in rain or anything, but I have other water-resistant equipment that are built pretty much the same way. The one annoying thing is that the buttons on the top are really hard to push down because of the rubber coating.I had no problem connecting both by Bluetooth with multiple mobile devices, and also with the cord that came with it.I think this is a good speaker, especially for the price.

  14. A. Taylor

    An absolutely great idea for those of us that love to play music while riding our bikes. Housed in rather beautiful sturdy packaging that’s perfect for gift giving. This speaker is built tough and can withstand splashes either poolside or while pedaling through light rain. It’s sturdy enough to withstand drops too, not that I’m proud of throwing it to the pavement accidentally, but it survived a couple rather harrowing drops that would have destroyed other speakers. (Seriously, this thing is built like a tank.) The handlebar mount is easy to install and holds the unit quite securely. An added feature that I absolutely love is the LED headlight so you have one less thing to clamp to your handlebars when riding at night. Nifty and SUPER bright. The speaker was super easy to pair with my iPhone and the connection is both stable and crystal clear. Finally, sound quality… Highs are very clear and natural sounding, vocals and acoustic tracks sound awesome, but bass response is a little lacking when compared to other speakers this size by Anker and Bose. However, it still sounds better than many others in this class and is nothing to be sneezed at. Overall, this is a great sounding, easy-to-use, well-built, speaker that is wonderful when mounted to your bicycle handlebars on the go!

  15. Ellen Etc.

    This monophonic speaker is ruggedly built with a hard rubber case and a detachable clip to attach to a bike (because, how much stereo do you need on your bike)? The door that covers the sockets appears to be weatherproof.They cheaped out on the manual– it’s just two gigantic sheets, folded down to 48 squares. Instead of putting instructions for each language together, they use the same graphics and give the translations for all 8 languages with one set of graphics, which is unwieldly.The whole unit is black, with raised black operation buttons. Black-on-black was a bad design choice, making it hard to spot the right button at a glance.But the sound does deliver, both on the bike and as a general-purpose mono speaker. We paired it using Bluetooth with two phones (Samsung Galaxy S5s), with a laptop, and using the cable with a cruddy thrift store CD boom box. With Bluetooth and the phones, the sound was nice and clear, but sound wasn’t nearly as loud when the phones were manually plugged in with the cable. We also tested the audio cable with a laptop and sound was loud and clear. (The cable overrides Bluetooth, but it switches back to Bluetooth once you pull out the cable.) I’m no audiophile, so volume capacity is more important to me than the nuances of fidelity. This was plenty for my amateur ear.If you’re listening to music and want to make a call, you’ll need to press the black-on-black toggle button to interrupt the music, and after the call hangs up, it automatically switches back to the music.This unit also has a bright 3 LED headlight in the front for your bike. The LED headlight is controlled by a pushbutton toggle that cycles through 5 settings – off, standard brightness, extra bright, flashing (twice a second), and patterns of 3 rapid flashes.It recharges with a standard micro-USB socket, so a cell phone charger could charge it up, and it has a USB-A socket for powering or charging a cell phone from its battery. It’s a compact unit with several handy features, and good value for the money.

  16. Jessica McKelden Cave

    I love this stereo! I’ve had several bluetooth stereos in the last few years and this has definitely become one of my favorite. On the surface, they’re all the same, with all the same features, but this one just fits into my life better than others.First off, I love that it’s waterproof. To be fair, it says “splashproof,” so I’m guessing that I can’t submerge it, but I don’t have to be terribly worried about it. If it rains on it? No big deal. If I drop it into a puddle? Oh well. Dump a glass of water on it? Better wipe it off. I like not having to stress about where it is when I’m outside.It’s pretty compact. It looks fairly large in the picture, at least without a reference point. In reality, it’s actually pretty small, which means it’s versatile and very portable. It also includes clips to hook to the handlebars of a bike. I haven’t tried this yet, but if I were a biker, I’d find this extremely valuable.This stereo has great sound quality. It also pairs up very quickly. I’ve used it with multiple cell phones and one laptop. Each one has been quick and easy and sounds great. I also love that I could use it to charge my cell phone if I was in a pinch. It’s the little features that make a huge difference.I’ll be using this one for a long time!

  17. Brian B.

    Can’t beat it the price was right and the sound is great, nice little speaker PcMagazine review was right top notch speaker solid construction. TNYNE EDGE Splashproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakerechnically speaking awesome!

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