This speaker stays true to its name with a built-in dedicated woofer.
(446 customer reviews)
(446 customer reviews)


This speaker stays true to its name with a built-in dedicated woofer.

The Bass stays true to its name with its built-in dedicated woofer, giving it a true bass and helping you bring the party to a whole new level.



We’re all about that Bass… that Bass speaker! This wireless Bluetooth speaker raises any party to a whole new level with the 10-hour rechargeable battery. The tough rubberized finish lets you keep your party indoors or bring it outside. Quickly connect your playlist with Bluetooth v4.0 technology, charge your device on the integrated power bank, and use the built-in hands-free microphone to invite more friends to the party.

Key features

Built-In Hidden Carry Handle for Max Portability

The Bass speaker is conveniently portable with a built-in carry handle so you can keep the party going on the go.

True Bass with Built-In Dedicated Woofer

Our most popular speaker stays true to its name. While other speakers fake their bass with higher frequency speakers, the Bass gives True Bass by adding a built-in dedicated woofer.

Built-In Microphone for Hands-Free Calling

Need to make dinner but can’t get off the phone? Our Bass speaker comes with a built-in microphone so you can keep the phone call going hands free.

NFC Tap to Pair Technology

Anybody can play their music on the Bass by connecting their Bluetooth device with the speaker’s NFC tap to pair feature. Simply touch your device to the speaker and they will connect so you can play your music up to 33 feet away!

Rechargeable Battery with 10 Hours Playtime

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beach or throwing a late night party, the Bass comes with 10 hours of rechargeable battery life that will keep the party going.

Built-In USB Power Bank for Charging Mobile Devices

Is your phone going to die but you can’t stop the party? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Our Bass speaker comes with built-in USB power bank made to let you charge your phone.


Product Data Sheet Insert

Download Data Sheet (PDF) File Size: 275 KB

Quick User Guide

Download User Guide (PDF) File Size: 15.9 MB


Bluetooth with up to 33 feet
3.5mm AUX-in
NFC for simplified pairing


Rechargeable battery with 12 hours playtime


2.1 System With Two Active Drivers + an active Subwoofer


Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
Built-in Powerbank
Hidden carrying handle
4 interchangeable worldwide plugs


13.5" x 7" x 6.25"


1 quick user guide
3.5 mm AUX-in cable
Universal AC Adapter with 4 interchangeable worldwide plugs

User review

(446 customer reviews)
  1. Miloš

    Its an amazing speaker

  2. Stephen Rogers

    I love this speaker! It has the best sound and the bass really kicks.
    My only reason for not giving a 5th star is that there is no option to turn off the automatic shut off that triggers when not in use for a few min. Also the possibility of a remote to turn it on would be a cool add on.

  3. Scott Overton

    great sound

  4. zeev roomer

    in the last 2 years ,actually… it became my hobby to check bluetooth speakers & specially to find a better speaker than my NYNE BASS .
    well…. I DID NOT FIND ONE YET !!!
    good, stil and stable sound in hi & low volume for jazz,rock,electronic,acustic and r&B MUSIC

    i’m in love with my nyne bass !
    REALLY !!!

  5. Stefan

    Great product, great sound! Great value

  6. C.Best

    A really great and underrated speaker. The sound is amazing and the bass really booms while indoors. Though the sound carries outdoors the bass seems to fade when there isn’t a lot of walls for it to bounce off of. I payed $80 for the speaker at FYE but the price tag on here is something I would definitely pay for too. It’s hard to know when the speaker is going to die so I would carry around the charging cable. It does have a pretty long battery life and I’ve brought it outside multiple times. The amount of sand I’ve got into this thing and it still works is crazy. I say buy it if you’re on the fence of buying it.

  7. Dan Dunay

    Great sound. The power/volume/answer/pause/next/previous buttons are great.Like -almost all- bluetooth speakers, the battery is not user replaceable. That’s hard to accept for a speaker in this price range. After a year, I expect to see -greatly- diminished battery performance.I emailed nyne to ask what they charge to replace the speaker after the 1 year warranty. No answer after a week. I called their support line and was told that the current out-of-warranty cost to replace the battery is $70 plus postage ($10-$20). That means that this is likely a one-year disposable speaker.UPDATE: 5 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE:I now have to charge the speaker before each use. It will not hold a charge overnight. Yes, I turn it off between uses.UPDATE: 5.25 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE:The battery will not charge at all, nor will the unit turn on. Called nyne and they paid shipping to return the unit. Not bad.UPDATE: 6 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE:nyne fixed the speaker and returned it. Works great again. I appreciate them standing behind the product.

  8. J. Nicholson

    I don’t ever write reviews, but I had to log in to voice my appreciation for this speaker. It’s amazing!

  9. PositiveLogic

    Up until last week, my Bose Soundlink II (purchased in 2012 from Amazon) was my go-to speaker system, whenever I wanted the best quality rendering of my favorite music in a portable Bluetooth speaker. But the the reign of my Bose (which I felt beat the full size Jambox, not to mention my ancient Altec Lansing Inmotion IM 7) ended when I spent a few minutes listening to different genre’s of music on the NYNE Bass. Starting with Pat Metheny’s First Circle, followed by Three Movements from Petruska played by Yuja Wang, then some pre-1994 Rippingtons and then finally, a remix of Rihanna’s Diamonds.I took an immediate liking for the sound. Let me qualify that statement. The NYNE Bass is not about mere “bass” for the sake of itself. In fact when I heard the name “NYNE Bass, ” I thought this was going to be typical “boom box” that is tuned for frat parties. But that’s an apt description for my old Altec Lansing IM7. The sound of the NYNE Bass, on the other hand is in an entirely different class. For what it is, it’s relatively refined, well-balanced and exciting to listen to, no matter what genre of music you listen to.If you are a fan of bass, your needs will be met. But beyond that, the sound is wider, more expansive and more detailed than my Bose Soundlink II.Unfair, you say?Well let me qualify that by saying that the Soundlink II is a marvel of engineering because it gets a big sound out of a tiny box with no gigantic woofers or bass reflex ports.While it’s true that the NYNE Bass has the advantage of having a much larger sound chamber and plus, it’s much heavier…you could say the same thing about a comparison of the Soundlink II with the Jambox, which was common comparison in 2012 because they were around the same price points. The Jambox also benefits from the acoustic advantages of a bigger housing.But when I close my eyes and simply focus on the sound and forget about technology…the NYNE Bass is my favorite by a long shot. Here’s are the important highlights:❖ Physical dimensions and appearance. My white NYNE Bass appears to incorporate the resonant qualities of larger cabinet and bass reflex port in the back. When you crank up the volume, your can really feel the puffs of wind pulsating out of that port. It stands on two legs I suppose that may have something to do with sound quality I am hearing.But it’s not just thrown together and I suspect there is some proprietary engineering behind the curtain that elevates the NYNE Bass beyond your average tailgate party box.❖ Battery life, so far so good. The first time I charged it, it took a couple hours to get the light to turn green. I’ve played it quite a bit, but haven’t used it long enough to get an idea of how long a charge lasts. But its looking promising.❖ Weight…about what you’d expect. Weighing in about 6 pounds, it’s not all that heavy, especially given the kind of sound it puts out.❖ Bluetooth. Pairing with both my iPhone 6 Plus and iPod Nano 7th gen was fast and glitch free.Annoyances?It has two on/off switches. There’s a somewhat hidden one back and one that is amid the highly visible cluster on the top panel. I can only theorize that the one in the back perhaps turns off a slow a battery drain. But that is a wild guess.★★★★★/5At the end of the day, it’s the sound that matters most. It’s all subjective and I you’ve heard my opinions based on the type of music I play through it.Some reviewers love it. Other are not to crazy about it. I respect all of your opinions as I hope you’ll respect mine.That said, in my opinion, it beats every Bluetooth speaker in his price point and it is a solid contender vs the competition to the $200 to $300 price range as well. But please don’t take my word for it. Just try it.This item was provided in exchange for unbiased review. When I write reviews, I always remind myself that I read reviews to help me make better buying decisions. So I’m committed to helping you in the same way.∞ PositiveLogic

  10. James

    That’s ok with the price. Loud, strong bass but soft and not clear, treble is not enough, bass is like subwoofer, not hard.

  11. Jake Studer

    For the price it is an excellent option for outdoors. I have the Bose soundlink mini and it def. sounds better.

  12. jennifer diaz

    Great product, especially for the price. I had previously purchased the Sony X5 and this NYNE blew it away. I quickly returned the X5 to the retailer and ordered this one! It was louder and had a much fuller sound. Thank goodness a family member recommended this NYNE, it’s legit….

  13. Vinny T

    This is a nice speaker. Solid unit, with a thumping bass. I’m pleased with the quality build and the depth of sound. At around $120, you can’t go wrong. Very happy.

  14. Barry Frye

    Yes, I’m a bass snob. I like my bass deep, not a boomy bass- I’m talking the 20-40Hz range. I suppose I would also say I’m the rare audiophile basshead. Most audiophiles like to merely hear the bass, but I like bass like you hear at a concert, club, movie, etc. Bass you can feel and make you say, “Yes!” to.Out of the box, the bass is good and more well rounded, but it’s when you add some EQ you get the nice, low bass I NEED. I’m coming from the Big Jambox. I’ve put it in corners, EQ’d the heck out of it, and convinced myself the bass was pretty good. It is not, and you darn well best not push the Big Jambox or you’ll get distortion. Goodbye Big Jambox- you are now owned by my wife who could care less about bass.The NYNE blows me away in its capabilities. It’s not just the bass that hooked me, but the overall sound. As stated, this replaces my Big Jambox that I use in the bathroom while getting ready. The spot I put it in has no outlets, so this is perfect with the rechargeable battery. Just a great sound, especially on bass heavy music you know you love- I mean, that’s why you’re looking at this product, yes?I can see some people not liking the bass (my wife), but if you’re like me and love it, this is your speaker and a great price to boot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not overpowering- but if bass offends you, there are plenty of other speakers around that are completely unoffensive if bass tickles your ears or gives you a headache. Move along, sonny.Portability- well, yeah, you can take it places but it is a beast. Those six pounds pay off in sound quality, and worth it’s weight to me that’s for sure. I’ll keep it mostly in my bathroom but sure will take it places if need be.Room-filling is often used with these types of speakers. I’ve even heard it used for tiny speakers. Oh, you may hear the tiny speaker all over your room, and even all my other bluetooth speakers are “room-filling” by that definition. But this is a full sound in a room. Amazingly full. Let’s just say it’s much more than I expected- actually, I was ready to send it right back if it didn’t give me what I wanted. But success indeed!If my description and picky-ness sounds like you- than come home, my child. You are safe now to enjoy deep, big, bassssss.

  15. Eddie Lopez

    Buy one…

  16. ramin rouhani

    other than the slick design and the looks that is amazing this speaker sounds better than any BT speakers i have heard. the sound quality is amazing and the clarity is unmatched.i highly recommedn this over any other competitor speaker. one of the coolest feature is the NFCawsome, awsome, awsome

  17. Michael J. Bennett

    I like the sound of Jambox but it just wasn’ t loud enough. This unit is really loud with great base.

  18. apikoros

    Gave it as a gift, was told “it has surprisingly good sound,” and was very easy to pair with devices.

  19. Gary123

    My wife loves this thing. Her only criteria was that it be loud, and that it is. The audio quality is good, heavy on the bass. If you want to drown out conversation in a good sized room (20′ x 20′) and make for dancing, or have some respectably loud music for an outside party, this unit will do it.

  20. Kristy Smith

    I’ve been searching for a bluetooth speaker for our home for a while. I wanted something that has big sound but is still portable. Something we can take outside when we have a BBQ in the summertime, and something that will fit on our mantle nicely. I was so excited when I got the NYNE Bass because it has big sound and connects wirelessly to my iPhone! I can stream music from my favorite apps, and if my phone rings, I can take a call using the built-in hands-free microphone!I have had so many compliments on this speaker since I got it, and many find it hard to believe how small the unit is when they hear how big the sound is.It has a hidden handle on the back so you can easily tote it around wherever needed. Another great feature is that you can plug your device in to stream music if it doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities, and it will charge your device at the same time! The rechargeable battery on the NYNE Bass lasts a very long time, and was actually unexpected! Overall, I am very impressed with this speaker. I thought I would need more than one because our house is so big, but after trying it out I really don’t need more than one at all!

  21. bull_reborn

    Great BT speaker and amazing bass. If you’re looking for a great sounding speaker and you listen to bass heavy music then I suggest getting this one. Fair warning it’s not very small and could be an issue if you want to carry it around with you a lot. But for parties or home use it works great. Has a good sound when playing multiple genre’s of music and it produces a great amount of bass, which is rare for most BT speakers.The design is good, it features a carrying handle which is integrated on the back. It has an aux input for devices that don’t have bluetooth. It also has a usb port on the back to charge your devices. The only drawback for me at least is the charger, I wish they would have chose to use a micro usb charger over their proprietary charger. But other than that, I’m very impressed by the sound quality and I definitely say it’s worth the money.

  22. M. Mason

    I did extensive homework before I purchased a wireless speaker. I looked at many reviews, went to see several products, and then bought this one without actually seeing it based on reputable reviews. I have been VERY pleased with this product. It is larger than what I wanted, but the sound is very good. I have used it inside and outside, and both have great sound. It is easy to pair with phones and iPads. It stays charged for long periods of time, and I really like that I can charge my phone on it while I am playing music from my phone. Totally worth the price and the sound quality is similar to the Jawbone and Bose systems.

  23. Les

    Really like it. Turn it up for great bass. Indoors or outdoors no problems, but it isn’t waterproof so at the beach or pool be careful. Long battery life and charges quickly.

  24. Elias

    Love this speaker! I take it everywhere. it is a bit on the bigger side but really pumps out awesome bass and clear sound! Bluetooth connection is very simple to connect. Great product so far.

  25. Omg

    Best bluetooth speaker in the $150-300 range IMHO ! Bigger sound compared to my bose soundlink 3 . Try it you won’t regret it !

  26. MC

    I have had the NYNE speaker for about 3 months now. I use every day mainly in the kitchen as that’s where most of the activity in the house happens. It sounds great with excellent bass! I do take it outside and the battery seems to hold up as advertised. I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone who wasn’t concerned about size. It is about as big as a shoebox but its worth the heft with the sound quality.

  27. brutalpanther

    This bad boy rocks.Very well made.The sound is amazing.Good bass from 4 inch woofer,Crystal clear mids and treble.I have bought several Bluetooth speakers(G project,Auvio,Sony etc)And this is by a wide margin the best in this size range.Battery life is great(8 to 10 hrs)depending on volume level.Very attractive as well.You will not have buyers remorse with this unit.Check out cnet review,they gave it high marks.And all you tube reviews were positive ones.

  28. Asher H.

    excellent review. bought the speaker and it’s a great!

  29. Gary W. Herlocker

    It is larger than most Bluetooth speakers but that translates into better sound and bass quality. This is an attractive unit with great sound throughout the high, mid, and bass range. I would recommend it to friends and family.

  30. danno

    Was I impressed by the sound?No.Was I impressed by the sound for its size?No.Was I unimpressed by the sound for its size?No.And that is about the highest praise you can give for 95% of bluetooth speakers out there, so it is high praise indeed for this “large” bt speaker.If you “love” your ipod headphones (which it seems like most of the reviewers here do), you will love this speaker. If you think that ipod headphones sound like the $5 pieces of crap that they are, then listen to my review!NYNE has not defied physics with this box, and the speaker sounds… slightly boxy. But the thing is, it doesn’t sound TOO boxy for the size. Maybe it even sounds a bit better than it should. But it still sounds like music being piped from a smallish box. The mids are undernourished, the treble a bit tinny, and of course, the bass is pronounced. If you care anything about sound quality, please disregard the “OMG THIS THING SOUNDS AMAZING” reviews. It does not.I am not an audiophile but this speaker is mid-range quality at best. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I do think it is a bit over priced for it’s sound quality, but maybe I am asking too much for such a small and portable speaker.When pushed to it’s max, it will adequately furnish a room for activity music, but will never get THAT loud, and due to the quality of the sound, you don’t want it to anyways since it would just break up.So why would you buy this thing? Portability! In that respect it’s again, OK. The “handle” actually sucks because it’s just an indentation in the back, and the material can get slightly slippery. Unfortunately form seems to have come before function here. But hey, it’s not a PA speaker and makes decent noises. Also, considering the current state of affairs of BT speakers as a whole, this one performs admirably. The biggest fish in a very small and sad pond. 4 stars considering the competition and physics itself. For sound quality alone? A 2.5. Ipod earbuds would get -3 stars. ATH-M50s a solid 4 in my book.No, it does not sound amazing, but it sounds better than crap, which is more than I can say about many other small BT speakers.

  31. William Nolder

    Great sound!

  32. You

    I wasnt looking for anything special but the nyne bass caught my eye only because it looked cool and easy and convient for traveling. Sound quality is amazing i would recommend this.

  33. Petra Yanna

    The sound is great and setting it up and sync it with all our i phones and tablets was super easy.Using it for a few months now and loving it. Took it to the beach,camping and still works perfect.Very slick design.

  34. Amazon Customer

    I bought this to listen to music on my deck. It was easy to set up and connect to Blue Tooth. This speaker really puts out a lot of sound, very powerful, great bass and treble, mid- range not so much. I get enhanced bass by placing this speaker near a wall.

  35. Mike

    Bluetooth pairing is often be a pain. Overwhelming bass.

  36. Charles H.

    Just received the NYNE Bass …..WOW……performs extremely well….lots of bass….clear sound at high volume….Awesome Speaker.

  37. Charles C.

    Daughter loves this and it puts out the sound!!

  38. Real Raleigh Reviewer

    Although not a professional, I am an amateur audiophile. I’m fortunate to own a number of bluetooth speakers, headphones, earbuds, and speakers, and to be able to compare them with a somewhat eclectic variety of favorite music including rock from the 70s, 80s and 90s, alt rock, heavy metal, EDM, sadcore, classical music and contemporary jazz, among others. (No country, no rap, but just about everything else.) I have offered some glowing praise for two “ultra-portable” bluetooth speakers, the Bose Soundlink Mini and the Sony SRS-X5; I own both and enjoy listening to them greatly. My wife has also really grown fond of them, especially the Bose, being so easy to pick up and carry to any room for good quality sound. Other ultra-portable speakers I did not rate as highly are the Creative Sound Blaster Roar, or a whole swath of offerings from Beats, Sonos, the smaller Sony (SRS-X3), and others.Ultimately, I decided to broaden the search for truly great sound, since almost all of my applications are yard / driveway, where ultimate portability simply isn’t necessary. After reading professional reviews as well as scanning the reviews on Amazon (searching, particularly, for legitimate, helpful input on the sound quality of the speaker and carefully avoiding anything that looks like “subsidized praise”). What I’ve found after exploring a variety of the larger, more powerful speakers, to include the Sony Portable Party System, the Wren V5, the Cambridge Audio Minx 200, Harmon Kardon Onyx, Klipsch KMC 3, and this speaker, the NYNE Bass, is that the prices vary widely, as does the sound quality, but they do not COvary. What I mean by that is that in general, more expensive does not directly entail better sound.A primary consideration when assessing sound quality is portability. The “ultra-portable” speakers should fit in a bag or purse, run off a battery for a long time, and make enough sound to fill a small or mid-size room with relatively rich sound and at least provide good background music for a deck or yard party. The “portable” speakers, like this one, are larger and have a built-in handle of some sort, but they can (or, SHOULD) sit on a table and pump out enough bass to hear rich lower notes ten or twenty feet away in wide open spaces, and to knock your socks off in a small or medium sized room.The undisputed (to date) champion is the Cambridge Audio Minx 200. This is the first and only system I listened to that sounds every bit like it has an 8 or 10 inch subwoofer packed inside it somewhere. Admittedly I have not compared many speakers in the more expensive arena, such as Bose Accoustic Wave, Bowers & Wilkins A7, Harmon Kardon Go + Play, TDK Life on Record A73, and so on. However, the Cambridge Audio speaker is just truly stunning. If you love bass, this thing pumps it out in spades – you can feel it in your chest, it’ll shake your floor, and it will crank it all out with no detectable distortion whatsoever, even at high volumes. It is also expensive – more than twice as much as the Klipsch. So for the price, the Klipsch is also a clear winner.The NYNE Bass is OK. The treble is sparkling, it gets quite loud, and the bass is deep. However, even in ideal listening conditions (a medium-size room, a wall about a foot from the back of the unit, sitting on a counter top) the system just can’t quite project its bass far enough out into the room. From 2 or 3 feet away (essentially standing next to it) you think, wow, hey, pretty nice – and for $150! Back up to 10 feet and you struggle to hear the bass. From 20 feet away, or go out through a door (whichever occurs first), it just a speaker. Rich and decent mids and highs, good voice, but no depth. As with many units smaller than this one, the bass also struggles to keep up with the mids and treble when you increase the volume.I returned this one. I’m spoiled by the Cambridge Audio Minx and Klipsch KMC-3 – the latter of which is only a notch more expensive than the NYNE Bass. Because they are so close in price and portability, I would lend a very strong recommendation for the Klipsch in place of this.Happy listening!

  39. Michael T. Bengston

    Read many reviews before purchasing the Nyne bass. Every one that has come over and listened to it has had a positive thought on the speaker. My one friend has the beats pill. We did a comparison and the Nyne Bass is better. And its half the price.Pros:*Solid feeling*Shape allows it to roll over on itself if you accidentally knock it over*Bass pumps loud*Charge lasts forever*Bluetooth pairing easy as pieCons:At this time, there are no cons to the device.About me: I like sound. I have a good ear. I like dance music and rap music.That is all.

  40. Ruelito D.

    Nice sound strong bass.. I like it!!!

  41. Margaret Long

    I love bass in music and this speaker really delivers it!

  42. C. Desouza

    This speaker is simply awesome… this is how portable speakers should sound… comes in at 6 pounds but it is portable with built in handle…35 watts of pure power…. thumping bass with clear highs and vocals and for 150 dollars its a steal compared to the jawbones and beat pills XL… you will be surprised how loud this thing gets. Perfect for basement parties and intimate outdoor gatherings don’t get me wrong its not a block party blaster but small parties or jamming in your house this does the job….. Google to see the positive reviews from CNET and others… I never write reviews but this made me have to tout its praises

  43. Amazonworm

    This speaker is awesome! My husband and I have used it non-stop since getting it. We make good use of its portability by taking it from room to room, outside, and even on trips with us. The sound output is very clear and perfectly loud enough.The bluetooth connection (iPad, Dell Laptop, and Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Phone) works great, and we’ve also used it with wired devices (Creative Zen MP3 Player). When using it in our bedroom, we keep it plugged in and charging. Anywhere else we have it run off of battery which typically lasts 8-10 hours.I love the look of the white/grey model. It looks very sleek and stylish as part of our decor. It’s large enough to be an effective speaker, but not too big as to be cumbersome.We recently traveled to Las Vegas and took the NYNE Multimedia Inc Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker with us. We rented a cabana at The Bellagio for one of the days we went to the pool. We were there all day long and played music the entire day. Our cabana boy stopped to admire it and he was really impressed with it. It added great ambiance to a great day.For the price point, I would highly recommend this speaker. We have a two story house with a basement and we are actually considering buying two more to have one on each level of the house.If there was anything I would change about this item it would be the following:1) I wish there was a remote available to use with this device for easy turn on/off and volume control.2) I wish there was an optional protective travel case available for purchase. We carried ours in a typical carry on bag, but I would like something specifically designed for transporting this speaker.If you’re looking for a nice looking, great sounding, portable Bluetooth speaker, look no further than the NYNE Multimedia Inc Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker!

  44. Robert G.

    Absolutely love this system. Looks great, sounds great. Super easy to operate. High quality feel.It is larger than a typical Bluetooth speaker – but that is precisely why I selected this model. It is an excellent choice for outdoor use. I’ve already had it blasting for a few get togethers in the pool and have had zero complaints.Blows the big name competitors out of the box, IMO.

  45. Chinomso D. Nwachuku

    It is totally unacceptable to ship or package such a nice item with a defective charger. The speaker worked fine for the first few (30) mins until the battery died. I realized that the battery charger was not charging the speaker. I tried another 12V charger (from another device just to see if it was the charger) and the power light came up.Its a great produce for the price, but having a defective charger ruined the experience for me. Having adequate quality control is important irrespective of the device. I returned and re-ordered another Bluetooth speaker.

  46. Michael Harris

    It only took me five minutes to realize I hit a home run with this speaker, the sound is amazing! fills the entire room with a rich bass and crystal clear sound. The bass is not over powering at all. Paired with my iPhone 6 by simply placing it next to the speaker. Good solid feel to the speaker with weather proof buttons on top. I love that I can charge my phone at the same time. I strongly reccomend this product!!!

  47. Vicki F.

    The NYNE Bass Speaker is not only `The Outdoor Performer’ (like the website says) but an impressive `Indoor` Performer, too. Connecting quickly and every time to my iPhone 4S with Bluetooth v4.0 — I never missed a beat (all puns intended).It has amazing stereo effect and sound placement for a single speaker enclosure with clear highs and a very `robust’ lower end from the large magnet Bass speakers. The wireless Bluetooth speaker – powered by a 10-hour rechargeable Lithium ion battery (my personal favorite system) – is at home everywhere. We used it in the back seat of our Honda on a recent road trip to listen to a digital book and it never missed a beat (again..).When I was showing it to my son – I went to get my massively-music-loaded iPod to play some Pink Floyd and found the battery wasn’t charged. No problem, since the on-board battery not only runs the NYNE Bass Speaker but also runs the iPod and recharges it while I listen (the ultimate in convenience).The universal AC adapter with 4 interchangeable world-wide plugs, 3.5mm aux-in cable, USB charging cable gives you everything you need to take it on the road (again…)My grandson loves the `rubbery’ feel of the enclosure and it seems like it will stand up to some serious abuse.I would enthusiastically recommend this as a major part of your `sound arsenal’ keeping you ever-ready for any music need or emergency that arises.So, just push play… and enjoy!

  48. Jovan Stefanov

    Just what I was hoping for. I ordered it in the US and my parents brought it to Europe. It comes with a plug ending for European standard as well, so didn’t have to worry about it. It is the first time I bought a wireless speaker and have no previous experience other then to know what I want and what is a solid product and sound. Also, may I add: very elegant design. I wish it came with usb cable, but I give it five stars regardless. I am listening to the song Paris, Texas by Ry Coder while writing this review and owing this speaker for almost a week now.

  49. Jessica

    Couldn’t handle heavy bass at all–the sound was shaky and grainy. Returned it immediately.

  50. A.D.

    It sounds really good for this price range as of june 2014 there is not anything that sounds better. The volume doesnt go as loud as I would like but its still worth getting

  51. EDJ

    Great sound…arrived missing one of the rubber feet. Disappointing…read that it’s happened with others. Cheap part of otherwise very nice design…all good and fine, just disappointing since it won’t even sit correctly now on any surface. I can fix it, but doesn’t seem like I should have to.

  52. Kitty Mama

    Look out Bose! This speaker really thumps for a portable speaker, yep, way better than Bose. “Its all about da bass…” I tried them all and none had a real bass punch except this one. If you want clarity and big sound for a speaker about the size of a loaf of bread than pull the trigger on this deal. You can thank me later. =) P.S. if you switch back and forth from the speaker jack to blue tooth don’t forget to unplug the jack and the blue tooth connects automatically. This puppy did not even NEED directions although it came with 26 languages!

  53. Chris Pomeroy

    Rather bass-heavy as expected with certain types of music, (thumpy dance stuff, overproduced pop), but very clear sounding. Definitely loud enough, without noticeable distortion, to fill a large room or outdoor space. Good balance between highs and lows when playing older recordings that tend to be midrange-dominant (classic jazz, guitar rock). Connects reliably. Haven’t tested battery life as I usually leave it plugged in in center of living space. Weird looking but I like it. Materials seem sturdy and well- assembled. A good modern replacement for worn-out old Bose Sounddock. I would purchase again.

  54. Mitch Bailey

    I bought The NYNE Bass as a part time shelf, part time portable speaker and it hasn’t disappointed. I can stream music all day on a full charge and you can really feel the small subwoofer kick when you turn it up. My roommate has a Jawbone Big Jambox that was twice the price and the sound isn’t nearly as full. It is on the large side for a “portable” speaker so don’t expect to throw it in a backpack and have room for much else, but it does have a small slot to make carrying it around easy with one hand. The “speakerphone” function works well if you’re right next to the unit but I wouldn’t use it for a conference call. Siri on my iPhone 5 works OK.As long as the larger size isn’t an issue I would recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a versitile, portable full sounding speaker.

  55. Vic Segui

    OMG … the speaker has nice clear highs but the BASS is incredible. I’ve owned the Bose soundlink iii , Bose Soundlink Mini , Beats pill XL — THIS SPEAKER BLOWS THEM ALL AWAY .At full volume the speaker is clear and the BASS hits HARD !Sounds like a full stereo system . This is the Bluetooth speaker your friends will envy.

  56. Tracie Bechtel

    Holds a great charge, has tremendous bass (which can be adjusted down with free eq apps if needed), gets loud enough, looks good, and feels like it was made well. I love this speaker, at less than $150~nothing else touches it on the market for the price.

  57. Kent E. Jones

    Excellent sound and easy to set up. Larger than I thought and picks up at a pretty good distance

  58. kelvin

    The Bass is not what I expected

  59. juan j ruiz

    great sound. is not as loud as i was expecting but honestly deliver a good deep bass. good for outdoor use however is not water prof. .

  60. ILoveTheUSA

    This speaker sounds surprisingly good for the price. The quality and feel of the unit is sturdy and comparable to other speakers that cost more. When the blue tooth is connected to my iPhone 6 I can walk across the house and not lose connection. The battery so far has lasted 7 hours at medium/high volume and hasn’t died yet. The Nyne certainly pushes out the bass, and also has good midrange and highs. If you’ve ever heard the Bose Soundlink III, it’s similar, maybe a notch better, but at double the price. The Bose can’t compete with the bass output though. The speaker phone on the Nyne works well, no surprises, and being able to charge a phone with this is a nice feature.

  61. Chad Cammack

    LOVE IT!!!! I am not one to post reviews but I felt this thing is so outstanding that I should take the time to review it. I have been looking at the Bose Sound link 2 and 3, as well as the Sony SRS-X5. The Sony is around $200-$169, The Bose is around $300. The NYNE is around $150. The NYNE BASS out performs both the Bose and the Sony! Yes the NYNE is not as compact as the Bose or the Sony, a little bit bigger, but the amazing sound you get out of the NYNE BASS is well worth it’s slightly larger size. It’s 13 1/2 long X 6 1/2 tall,….so it’s not all that big really. It has a very nice look to it in the white, and feels great to the touch with soft white rubber, as well as grey rubber buttons. Nothing cheap about it! It’s also very well packaged. It took no time out of the box to set it up and get it linked to my phone. But back to what really makes this speaker shine is the sound! Very crisp and clear sound with a great undistorted thumping bass that fills the room. Stays clear sounding even at very high volumes. As far as sound and bass it blows even the Bose out of the water, and at half the price! It is also much better made for outdoor use. I thought I would take a chance on this speaker and I’m so glad I did! Big BOOM for the buck!!!! Sounds like a much bigger system then what it is! I am using this in my livingroom as well as outside on my patio. It’s also great for the beach, camping or around the pool. Holds a charge for a very long time as well. Sounds great even when running on battery. It can also be hooked into my falt screen TV! There is no Bass control that I know of, however it’s so well tuned that I don’t feel the need to tune it at all! I would be shocked to hear that anyone was unhappy with the NYNE BASS!

  62. Ryan

    It’s large and heavy, and not the most portable option, but it’s the only thing I have found to be loud enough for beach volleyball. At the price point, it’s hard to beat.

  63. M. Brugnoni

    Great, full sound. Wish it went a little louder, but the sound quality very good overall.

  64. Sean Mehaffey

    Good sounding speaker. It’s not an audiophile’s dream, but it’s better than the vast majority of portable speakers out there. It gets pretty loud, but not picture rattling. When turned way up there is a bit of port noise, but only when you’re close to or behind the speaker. The bass has good presence and has surprisingly good frequency response for such a small speaker (small relative to the quality and volume of the sound it produces). I bought this for use outside for picnics and remote beaches and it has always impressed. I have a wired patio system and find I use this speaker for backyard BBQs because I can put the sound right where I want it and it sounds much better than the indoor/outdoor speakers I have mounted. The battery lasts longer than I would have thought for such a light weight and small system as well.

  65. CKL

    Loud , but not super loud. Good clarity. Found it cheaper after I bought it from Amazon elsewhere by 30 bucks.

  66. Stewart Molica

    A great speaker with nice bass. In the house it has plenty of volume but I wish it had more outside. Overall I’m happy with the purchase and it’s better than the cheaper models. Compare with my Bose Bluetooth at half the price.

  67. Andrea Seay

    I love the Nyne Bass Speaker! Did I say amazing?? ITS AMAZING!! The sound quality is great, easy to link up with my Samsung 5, iPad 4, portable….I love this item!!

  68. Kevin Cocks

    Just what I wanted. Bass sounds great..a little big but I knew that when I got it

  69. Public

    very good sound. Larger but needs to be for the sound. The price is right.

  70. jim scott

    Awesome speaker…great battery life…well worth the $105.00 buy this speaker!

  71. R. Ostrom

    Ordered my first one a year ago which continues to work fine. I have since ordered four more as gifts for others. Great Product!

  72. C. Rimolt

    Easy to use and great sound.

  73. Jewel

    Awesome sound even better price. We have beats by Dre as well and it sounds identical.

  74. Murph

    Not the loudest but by far the lowest base. Fills most rooms easily. Amazing how low the base is in such a small size.

  75. Jeremy F. Olimb

    Bought this for our bathroom and was pretty excited about it. Opened it as soon as it arrived and plugged it in. No problems connecting to my phone’s Bluetooth and then tested it by listening to two songs. It sounded pretty decent and I was satisfied that it was going to work well in our Master Bathroom. I moved into the bathroom and plugged it in to charge. Came back three or so hours later and there was a faint burnt plastic smell and it would not turn on. Dead. Pretty disappointed to say the least. Back it goes.

  76. Bernd V.

    We love the sound!

  77. Bob

    good sound. doesn’t have as much volume as I would have hoped

  78. President & CEO, LemonFish Technologies, LLC

    Great sound and bass. Heavy but I love this for my apartment. Sleek look.

  79. Andy Whitwell

    Great product. Works as advertised. Hard to believe the sound quality, especially the bass from a relatively small box.

  80. longiron

    This is everything and more than the reviews said. Be aware this is a bigger and heavier speaker than most out there. Excellent sound and more than adequate bass response. Makes the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker look like and sound like a toy.

  81. Hedera Femme

    I thought by the look and price of it that this would be an excellent sound system. Well, it is portable, very easy to use and pair, and looks fantastic….but the sound quality is terrible. The bass, even at a lowish volume, sounds distorted and fuzzy, creating a Lot of vibration and very little in terms of quality sound. For the higher end, it sounds tinny, as though coming through a can. Meanwhile, the overall detail in the sound is poor, creating a fuzzy output that makes nearly any genre of music sound flat. I have speakers a tenth this size that sound better. I would not recommend it.

  82. jj

    I’m more impressed that I first expected, the sound is crisp and clear with excellent bass for the size, don’t expect to compare this to a 12 inch sub woofer but for a portable battery powered system this does a great job! Setting up the bluetooth on my iPhone was simple and fast, you can even use this for a speaker phone using your cell. The Lithium-Ion battery charges fairly fast and last for hours depending on the sound level and bass boost used. This is not a small speaker, its 13.5 x 6.2 x 7 inches and weighs 6.7 pounds. If you’re looking for a portable bluetooth speaker that sounds great this one isn’t a bad choice.

  83. Anael15

    So much bass! You will not regret buying this speaker!

  84. Kelly

    I am incredibly disappointed in this product. After working fine for nearly two months, it broke without warning. At first I thought the battery was dead, but it never turned on again. This company has no way to be contacted except for calling customer service and leaving a message. I left four messages over the course of three weeks, and have yet to receive a call back. I was incredibly upset that I was left no choice but to throw out a brand new $170 speaker.

  85. Cate

    UPDATE: this speaker is still my favorite thing ever, over a year later! It works fabulously, and the sound quality is not reduced at all. The party capacity is great- it’s super loud and bass-heavy, without detracting from other sorts of sounds. Sometimes the bluetooth acts up, but i think that’s my phone’s issue, and nothing a good aux cord can’t fix.heavier than I expected. sounds just as awesome as I expected. have used it for music in my room, movies on my laptop. haven’t tested in a crowd yet- will update. (people who say it isn’t loud enough… that’s just not true)

  86. Amazon Customer

    This is awesome… I probably would like to see a little more bass but that’s just personal preference.

  87. denys morales

    Good sound good BASS

  88. CKE

    I have reviewed dozens of bluetooth speakers.To the disdain of my wife (she thinks it is pointless to have more than 1 or 2) I have quite a collection. The crown jewel is the Marshall Woburn which is pretty unbelievable (and no, the Nyne bass is not nearly in that class – but nothing is).The Nyne Bass surprised me…. I was impressed… and THEN I realized that it was rechargeable. The Nyne Bass mostly lives up to its name. Songs that have bass punch (like “Turn Down for What”) sound great – the Nyne has lots of punch as long as the bass doesn’t get too low. However, if you play something that is heavy in a bass guitar and you will find that the bass gets a bit muddy and lacks depth. This makes sense – while it does have an active subwoofer it gets most of the bass through a port in the back of the speaker.The higher frequencies sound ok… not super crisp but certainly better than acceptable.Notes- – The speaker is plenty loud – definitely loud enough for outdoor use. It is loud enough for use in any sized room.- Rechargeable – I was a bit shocked that is rechargeable – usually speakers that are this loud are not rechargeable- Size…. small enough to carry around but it is too large for packing in a suitcase… or for taking a hike.- Can be used as a speakerphone… in case you care… I don’t-Bluetooth connectivity – paired easily and I have not had any issues with it dropping.Final Verdict – In many ways it reminds me of the Creative Sounds Roar…. the Roar isn’t quite as loud but it is much smaller. If you can live with a larger bluetooth speaker this is one that is definitely worth a look. There are definitely better bluetooth speakers out there, but most of them are much more expensive,4 Stars

  89. DZRhino

    Great sound with good bass. Came charged so you could start using it immediately, power wart has accessory plugs for many countries and has velcro to wrap up the cord. The wart doesn’t block the other socket when you use it.Lots of connections and easy to pair. Pairing is a problem for many of these speakers, this one seems to have solved it. Comes with an aux cable so you don’t have to go looking for one. One nice feature is you can answer your phone and use it as the speaker/mic so if you are playing music from your phone and get a call you just hit the button on the front edge to answer.Heavy, but has a handgrip to carry it by. Loaded with features, definitely a quality product.

  90. Dougie Fresh

    It’s nice to finally find a big bluetooth speaker with great bass. I have a few other bluetooth speakers and when I was looking for those, they were either tiny or huge boxes but nothing really in-between. The issue with the small would always be a lack of bass. I have one huge one but it’s really meant for outdoor movie and tailgating. This however is a decent sized speaker with great bass that isn’t too small or too big — it’s just right.The speaker arrives in a nice box with a power adapter that has plugs for each style found around the world. Unfortunately, this means having to throw a bunch of pieces away. Setup is as easy as it gets. Plug it in, turn it on and it’s available to connect via bluetooth. There is no specific pair button on the speaker side. It’s just available to whatever device wants to connect so it seems possible to hijack. Honestly, in a home that’s not really a concern. Sound from the speaker is really good. The whole family was impressed. The first songs I played were piano and bass heavy songs by Go Go Penguin and Kait Dunton Trio. You could almost be convinced there was a piano in the room.So far we’re really happy with this speaker.

  91. tsiehta

    The sound was pretty good but stopped working after a few months of minimal use.

  92. Carter’s Mom

    Fills the room or patio/deck with sound. This is a rather large bluetooth speaker — about the size of a large shoebox (or breadbox for those of you old enough to remember those). It provides a much better music experience than a typical tiny bluetooth speaker. As the name suggests, it is a little heavy on the base. There are no buttons on the device to allow you to adjust the bass or treble, but I was not unhappy with the sound — even at loud volumes.It connected seamlessly to my iPhone and within moments of unpacking the box, I was listening to music. This would probably be overkill as an office speaker at work, but it is perfect for venues that are too large for a mini speaker. It’s excellent for parties because it is loud without distorting the sound. It is easy to move and transport despite its size.What comes in the box:The SpeakerPower cordNumerous plug adapters for use in the US/Canada, Europe, UK, and many foreign countries/A 3.5mm cord so that you can plug an auxiliary audio device into the speaker.

  93. Maine Writer

    Remarkably easy to set up, the NYNE stands out not just for its lovely and powerful bass response, but for its high end and mid-range, too. And it’s loud enough to fill a room with no discernible distortion. An added bonus are international plug adapters.

  94. jhamje

    The sound is great, especially for the price. A key feature not shown is that it comes with an international adapter so it works everywhere in Europe. Battery life is longer than would be expected for the sound produced. Heavy and a bit awkward to carry but I don’t put high value in portability over performance.

  95. Amazon Customer

    I hate to give this product a bad review because the sound is great. I had many people compliment both its looks and its great sound. But it has a major flaw. The Bluetooth range is lousy at best – far less than the 33 ft. Nyne claims. I have consistently used it with my iPhone 6 less than 10 ft away from it. On several different occasions (with the battery of the Nyne fully charged), the Bluetooth connectivity cuts in and out rapidly creating a choppy on/off response from the speaker. I noticed it happens often when people are walking between the speaker and my iPhone (like a party or gathering). I had some friends over for a Bar-b-que where people were moving around, walking, etc and the Nyne consistently dropped in and out. Therefore, I’m sending it back to Amazon since Ive only had it 11 days (within return policy). I just don’t understand why Nyne Multimedia didn’t spend a few bucks more for a decent Bluetooth transmitter. I have a few $20 el-cheapo BT speakers that get far better coverage than the Nyne Bass. Very disappointed because it sounds so good.

  96. MDZ.


  97. Kevin Rathburn

    Did not operate well had to return which is something I vert rarely do. It worked off and on. Very big and heavy no decent volume as one might expect from a large device. I have few bluetooth speakers there are many better. Oontz XL is a great value. Steer clear of this item.

  98. Micah J.

    This thing is great. The battery lasts forever and it sounds wonderful. I bought this knowing it was going to be bass heavy so please keep in mind this thing is designed to be bass heavy. If you’re not looking for something with a ton of low end, look at something else.Super easy pairing and this thing gets LOUD! Best bluetooth speakers i’ve owned hands down.

  99. Amazon Customer

    Love my Nyne bass!

  100. Evan Jacobs

    This is a sharp looking, great sounding indoor-outdoor bluetooth speaker. The included power adapter has several international plugs supplied, which is nice for users outside of North America. You charge up the unit and then you can run on battery if you prefer. Bluetooth pairs easily and you’re good to go. There’s also a USB port on the back which you can use to charge your device. This unit isn’t compact, but it sounds much better than smaller units I’ve tried.

  101. Amazon Customer

    Clear, fantastic sound. Used for Outdoor movies.

  102. Amazon Customer

    Great speaker for the price. Very sturdy, well put together and sound very good.

  103. R. Reese

    This is one of the best investments I’ve made. Yes, it’s a little heavy, but it feels solidly built. It’s paired perfectly and effortlessly with every device I’ve tried it with. Even the box it came in was beautiful! Would highly recommend. At first, did seem a little heavy on the bass (I’m using it with an iPad), but I quickly got used to that, and the sound is balanced and enjoyable. And remember, this is a $120 speaker, not a $300 speaker. So I’m thrilled with the value.If I could wish for one thing, that’d be a battery level indicator. It does run for quite a while on one charge – but there’s nothing to let you know it’s getting low and it’ll just sputter and shut off without warning. Would be nice to know the status of the battery before you take it somewhere.

  104. Amazon Customer

    I am an music fanatic and love the sound of this little boom box. The shape is weird and you have to get used to it; however, it comes with Euro plugs for other countries and is made very very well. Super good sound a must buy!!!!!!

  105. Dave S.

    I love this speaker. I put it in my office and use it daily — be it to listen to music I am streaming, play the audio from a webinar or even connect a conference call. Sound quality is much more full than the “standard” speakers one finds to connect to work stations (e.g. JBL) and the bass is powerful without the Bose experience of feeling over-tuned.I also love that I can leave this plugged in so that it’s always ready. And, when I need to love it to another part of the office, the ample battery charge is available to keep the tunes going.I highly recommend the Nyne speaker!

  106. Kelly Conrad

    Bassheads Rejoice. This speaker is Rad, Buy it………No for really, do it now.Cleeeaaan sound and deep palpable bass.It might even make TSwift enjoyable.NEEDS A REMOTE.

  107. Photodownloader

    It is best bluetooth speaker for outdoors. A bit bulky that one can overlook due to its superior sound quality and build

  108. ApesFromSpace

    Bluetooth speakers can be iffy and/or usually come with trade-offs. This speaker, however, is basically perfect. You’re effectively getting Audi features for a Volkswagen price tag. LOUD, bass that doesn’t play, and clear sound. Looks cute also.

  109. Eva Aldridge

    this sounds great and is loud! It holds power for a long time as well. It doesn’t like thick walls though and I guess I had expected more out of bluetooth speakers. Next chance I get I will upgrade to sonos so I can play music from my bedroom in the garage. In the meantime it is a great bluetooth speaker.

  110. Joshua Rivera

    I really love this speaker. It has a long lasting battery, very durable, and great sound quality. I would definitely buy this again.

  111. Pikmin

    Why I like it:- Bluetooth is easy to pair with my phone (Lumia Windows Phone 10)- Great specification, powerful speakers- Large buttons are easy to find and pressWhy I don’t love it:- Heavy- The back LED light (for battery power) should be placed front. It is hard to see at the back.- Outlet connectors waste. I live in the USA. Why do I need the outlet connectors for UK, Europe, and Asia?- Too much packaging waste. For example, the multi-language manual is printed in one page. It is hard to follow.

  112. Oliver DeMille

    I’ll start with the maybe-slightly-less-than-ideal things and then proceed to rave.First – it’s crazy big. I feel like you could have all that utility in a smaller speaker and therefore put it in smaller spaces, but that is the only negative I can concoct to say about this thing. And since it’s competing with Bose and the like, the size is not excessive for the product class. It doesn’t have a remote, but honestly – do you really need that? It’s SUPER easy to pair to a device , with all of the following: Bluetooth, auxiliary cord AND USB – so I’m guessing the vision was to use the device as a remote, and so a dedicated remote would be redundant. Plus, it does have on-board controls.One of my favorite things about this, that had me geeking out a little bit: It not only has good quality sound, but it has audio INPUT capability, so….You can even use it as as speaker phone! You can push a little button right on the speaker to actually answer the call, have the call and end the call – all right on the speaker. Did I say you can do that right **from the speaker**, even if your paired phone is in the other room? Pauses your music to take the call, and resumes where you left off when the call is over. LOVE that feature.We also tried it paired to our PC laptop to really easily to watch a show online using audio output on the NYNE.I like the simple, modern design, and the way it stands with good balance. Sound is great. Not the *loudest* speaker I’ve owned, but definitely, definitely, loud enough. Music playing in one room was easily heard through 1800sf of living space. All in all: Two thumbs, way up!

  113. Warren Sever

    Warm, rich sound from such a small and affordable device.

  114. Amazon Customer

    The sound is incredible without distortion. Better or equal to my Bose.

  115. ann

    Great sound, wish it could be mounted.

  116. Amazon Customer

    Great sound for outside.

  117. A.Trendl

    This little baby is a great addition for my workout room. Why?Here’s Why* Easy to pair with my laptop or phone (Android).* Excellent high volume. It cuts through my noisy treadmill.* The various international plugs are handy. I live in a standard house in the United States, so I was covered.* Portable. I don’t always run. This will work nicely on my deck as I grill.The weight feels sturdy. I expect it to be knocked around but still crank out good ol’ classic rock.I fully recommend the NYNE Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker.Anthony

  118. Talia H.

    The first portable speaker received did not function correctly, the bluetooth capability did not work. The next one I ordered worked just fine and I liked the white and grey color a lot. I bought a $350 Bose speaker and still preferred the Nyne Bass over it.

  119. A. Groover

    larger than I expected but still portable. Great sound.

  120. Amazon Customer

    I’ve owned a few portable speakers but this one is definitely my favorite. First, set up was ultra easy. The bluetooth was so seamless that I didn’t need to press any buttons on the speaker, just my phone. It was playing right out of the box and the bass and sound quality were really clear and loud. I needed a loud speaker to use with an outdoor home projector and this one is perfect. It’s portable, and the tactile buttons are large and easy to see and understand. The feel of the speaker material (nylon/rubber/something) is cool too, but I could have done with a black color to hide the dirt this will probably gather from outdoor use. Still, it looks like it will wipe clean. It is a bit heavy, so a real bonus would have been to include a canvas bag to carry/store it in. Overall this is such a fantastic easy to use speaker. I never even read the instructions. It does include outlet attachments for different countries, so you’re covered as you travel with it.I just wanted to add a quick mention of some of the features I didn’t like in other portable speakers and why this one is better: the other portable speakers have either been too small so the sound quality didn’t amplify outside a certain short range. We had a larger speaker that ran over WiFi, but then we’d have issues with the WiFi or mostly the company’s app on our phone or iPad that wasn’t working or decided to update at the most inopportune times, so we couldn’t use the beautiful speaker. It was a constant source of frustration. So for these reasons I like the NYNE speaker, it conquers all of these issues. The only thing is it’s quite bulky, so you’re limited to where you want to carry it. Still, so worth it!

  121. Louis Aloi

    First thing,if you wisely buy this keep the box it is packed in.Why?Quite simply when you travel you’ll want to take this with you anywhere on Earth.Comes with charger that has every adapter plug for anywhere on Earth.This speaker like another reviewer described IS a beast!Next step up from this would be wheeled Rock block PA type speaker.For the money is best performance speaker out there in market & believe me I researched the hell out of this.Looks great,sounds great.?Am listening to it now indoors as I’m writing this review fills entire house with perfectly balanced wall of sound.Can’t wait til warm weather returns for outdoor use.This thing WILL blow people away the way this BEAST sounds.Just buy it,for the money it outperforms ANY Bluetooth speaker in it’s class I’ve seen & heard so far.?Highly recommend this.Thank You Amazon.?

  122. Kevin B

    This was the best reviewed speaker in my price range on a site I trust so I decided to go for it. Doesn’t get super super loud like I was hoping, but great sound and bass level. People frequently ask where I got it and how much I paid for it.Took a star off because the bass died early on and I had to send it in for repair. Shipping cost me ~$10.

  123. Grá

    I was initially happy with this speaker, but within 4 months it developed a scratchy buzz sound (likely distortion from a blown speaker.) I contacted them about repair/replacement, but they never responded. I tried again and got nothing in response. I can’t recommend buying anything from this company.

  124. Charles Wendt

    Received it on time but it looks like some one received it before me. I thought I was buying a new unit. I do like it. But if someone buys new it should be new

  125. Shannon

    Awesome sound

  126. Michael

    3 weeks in and the sound is great. Limited reach for playing music off of my phone. I was hoping I could stream music and keep my phone handy while doing some work in the garage. It seemed like if I kept the phone on me the sound was intermittent. If I placed the phone 3-5 ft from the speaker it would work no problem.I hope the battery life lasts through the summer as I plan to use this frequently at the pool.

  127. Nicki Heskin

    This is definitely a great party speaker. It’s quite intuitive to use and to connect to a phone or device. Do be aware that there is an on/off switch on the back of the speaker. That one got me for a minute or so when the main power button didn’t seem to do anything. I must admit it was much larger than I was expecting… I’m so used to speakers the size of the Bose minilink that I just assumed when I saw the picture, that’s what would be arriving, but this is about 3-4 times that size.I tried it out with multiple styles of music, indoors and out. It’s a perfectly reasonable indoor speaker.. it doesn’t compare in quality to a bose minilink or a kuo, but it’s very nice sound. But the place where this really shines is outdoors. The volume goes much higher than any other bluetooth speaker I have, and the bass really pumps. This would be ideal for an outdoor party, or dance party. It can fill up a large, open space in a way that the smaller speakers can’t. I will likely also find use for it as an outdoor movie speaker for our projector and movie screen… it will definitely power the bass of action films and give a larger sound to suit the large movie screen experience out-of-doors. Currently, we have pulled wired speakers out there to get the same effect. I tried it outside with a ballad, a pop song, and a bass-driven rock song, and it was great with all of them, but really brought the rock song to life.If you are looking for a bigger sound than a portable mini-speaker, this one might be right for you. It is still easy to transport (there’s a handhold in the top back), has a rechargable battery that seems to have some good life, and so it can move about the house with ease, but it’s not as easy to toss in a bag as a mini-speaker, for sure.Definitely recommended for big party sound.

  128. gg

    Amazing sound!I love classical, rock, blues, new age, movie soundtracks, does a great job with all!!The clarity is outstanding!.., so is the base. You won’t go wrong with this speaker!

  129. Two kids mom

    Pros:Excellent sound, with the right device (it does vary by device you are using to stream) you can get this loud enough for sound for a whole room.There is bass, most of these speakers do not do well with bass since they are small.I really like that it has an AUX in, makes this much more useful. I actually attached a Chromecast Audio to the aux input, I can then stream music from my PC (which does not have Bluetooth) to the Chromecast.Has a charger in the back for your device (this will, of course, suck battery power if you are running it on the battery). That charger is 1amp, so large devices will have trouble charging from it.Cons:No indication of how much battery power is left. It will start to blink when low, but that does not tell you much.The manual is absolutely huge, in a zillion languages and folds out to newspaper size sheets.You need to be pretty close (within 10 feet or so) for the call quality to be reasonable if you use that option.There are actually two on/off buttons. One on the back and the one on top. If you do not remember that you will be wondering why your speaker will not turn on.Both my Chromebook and my Samsung tablet needed to be within about 15 feet for the speaker not to lose the connection. Did not do well connecting through a wall either. We have a cheaper speaker that can do at least double that distance.I ran it for 3 tests to see how long the battery lasted. First test I put it on maximum volume and played a playlist of classical and pop music at maximum volume from the Samsung tablet. It lasted 5 hours (all times rounded to the nearest 15 minutes since that is how often I checked it, it was too loud to have running all day in the background). Then ran it at a more reasonable volume, same playlist (I could have it in the room with me) and it ran for 12.5 hours. Then ran it at a volume where it was sitting 3 feet away from me while I was working and it ran for 14 hours at least (I went to bed and turned it off).First device paired quickly and then I had some trouble since I don’t like reading directions. This was because the speaker first looks for whatever you paired it with before and then only after about a minute goes into the mode where it looks for new devices to pair with.Their directions say: When you power on the speaker again after Bluetooth setup, the speaker will search for the paired device and the Bluetooth indicator will flash slowly. If no paired device is found, it will flash quickly and the speaker will enter pairing mode.Maximum volume varied by the device used to stream the music. When I streamed music from my Chromebook, even the maximum on the speaker was not very loud. Using a Samsung tablet I could get the volume to go much louder. This is not a fault of the device, I have found this to be true for other Bluetooth devices too.

  130. Richard S

    expected more volume but sounds good

  131. J. Hauck

    Review of: “NYNE Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Active Subwoofer, USB Charging and Hands free Microphone (White / Grey).”This is an excellent portable Bluetooth speaker! It is quite large at 13.5 x 6.2 x 7 inches and weighs a hefty 6.7 lbs. The manufacturer specifications list: “Superior 2.1 Sound Quality with a Built-in Active Subwoofer; Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Music Streaming with NFC Easy Pairing;Built in Microphone for Hands free Calling; Built-in USB Charging, Built-in Concealed Carry Handle; Rechargeable Battery with 10 Hour Playtime;Includes 3.5mm Cable and AC Adapter with 4 Worldwide Plugs; 3 Year Platinum Dealer Warranty.Again the speaker is equipped for 10 Hours Playtime and comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that will keep your party moving for up to 10 hours. It has a Hidden Carry Handle which allows you to mobilize your tunes with the Bass’ hidden carry handle which allows easy and convenient portability. It Includes International Adapters – The Nyne Bass includes four international power adapters so you’re free to take it anywhere you please. It has hands free calling; just tap the phone button on the Bass to answer that call and talk through the built-in microphone. You can also Use the built-in powerbank on the Bass to charge mobile device with a USB port. The Nyne Bass also includes the traditional 3.5mm AUX input making it compatible with non-Bluetooth devices as well.This portable Bluetooth speaker is the best one I have ever worked with. The control buttons are large and prominent on top of the speaker so there is no fumbling or guessing where they are. The sound and bass are extremely loud and audible. It is robust and I use it on my pool deck all year long. In short, it is big, and powerful and you will not be disappointed at this price. This is a great piece of equipment. The speaker gives the impression that it might be moisture resistant but I can find no statements from the manufacturer to support that hunch. Regardless, it is robust in build and I think you will enjoy it. Five stars. Recommended.

  132. Georgianna

    I would have given this 4 – 5 stars when I first bought it. The sound quality is great. But now that it is a few months later, the battery barely lasts an hour. You have to keep it plugged in to use it for any extended period of time, which kind of defeated the purpose.

  133. Jared

    The logic board on this speaker died on me…

  134. Kirby

    Good sound quality for the money, but battery failed to hold any charge after a year. Tech support is non existent, so I had to crack open the case to determine the replacement (four 18650 cells wired together).

  135. KC

    This is a surprisingly good-sounding speaker for the size, and is really attractive as well. This thing is pretty beefy – heavy and large, but technically still portable. No, you’re not going to slip this into your backpack and jog down to the park with it. But if you’re looking for a bluetooth speaker for at-home use or aren’t super concerned about it being uberportable, and are looking for more bass on a budget, this is great.The good: Compared it side-by-side to the closest Bose bluetooth speaker in price, the Soundlink Color. The Bose is about 1/3 the size/weight, and you can hear it in the sound quality for sure. The NYNE sounded better in every way – bass was no comparison, the NYNE was way, way better. Sound is clear and balanced, and bass is decently boomy given the size of this speaker, even on bluetooth. Pairing for bluetooth is easy, range is good, and it’s incredibly simple and easy to use. Good-looking too – it blended in with our bookcase and you hardly noticed it, and the buttons/details are really nice-looking. Came with an aux cable that you can plug into your phone or anything with a standard headphone jack, which was handy. Handle on the back is nice, and it’s easy to move around.The bad: On-off switch is on the back of the unit, which is kind of hard to get to. The power cord input on ours was loose, but I think this may have just been ours. Could benefit from an bass/treble controls on the unit. And at the end of the day, it’s a bluetooth speaker, so sound quality isn’t as good as a standard stereo speaker setup (we ended up giving up the bluetooth and going with a pair of Edifer bookshelf speakers + aux cable instead).No, you’re not going to get the kind of bass you get from speakers with a bigger subwoofer. But if you’re looking for a single, semi-portable bluetooth speaker in the sub-$300 range, I recommend this one.

  136. heraldo

    This product has a lot of good reviews and I saw it at Microcenter and played with it there and wanted one. Got on Amazon and bought one of the Warehouse Deals the said it was very good. It wasn’t, wouldn’t charge, wouldn’t go into pairing mode and when I did connect it to the speaker directly with a headphone jack I got a lot of feedback that you shouldn’t be getting. I might buy another one and update my review but that was my experience witht he one I purchased. BUT it performed awesome in the store so I may buy it again.

  137. tzviah

    Update, 2/26: I returned my model and received a new one, and it works perfectly. Pain to exchange (I just hate shipping things!) but worth it!So, let me start by saying that I’m not an audiophile or an expert about this — I chose this model after researching customer reviews and specs between this and others in the general price range. Immediately, I was incredibly happy. This thing is awesome. The bluetooth says it’s got a limit of 30 feet, but I put this on in my living room and took my phone up to the bedroom — well more than 30 feet — and it was still as clear as it was when I was standing next to the unit. The bass is…awesome. It’s very impressive. Some reviews have talked about the size of this thing, but that doesn’t bother me in the least. I like to see the speaker, and it’s still very portable.Well…it would be if the battery held a charge. So, this is clearly a manufacturer defect. There are far too many reviews on this item with the same issue for it to be a fluke. And, wow, the thought of shipping this back and praying the one I get in exchange works is really, really irritating. But, I’m going to do it anyway because I immediately loved this thing that much. Here’s hoping.

  138. Tamra S.

    Just received this product for my Son’s birthday. Box and look seem nice. Fairly heavy and solid to the feel. Buttons on top a bit cheap feeling when pressed. Easy to use. Something may have been wrong with this one but the bass was very weak. Sounded like a toy. We boxed it up and sent straight back. Will get something else.

  139. Vanessa

    I purchased this unit along with the smallest one. I wasnt looking for anything great as everything was pretty expensive. I was very surprised with the sound quality of this one. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a speaker.

  140. Anh N. Lam

    Item received very fast, but it looks not “like new” as advertised. Sound and bluetooth working so far so good. Will see how long for the battery last.

  141. RyanP

    This speaker rocks…I previously had the g boom which isnt bad for $100 but i wanted something with more bass…the nyne didnt let me down…it plays loud and clear and has the bass as well…im very pleased…def worth $150

  142. Lisa

    It stop working and the range is not good.

  143. Raymond L.

    Awesome speaker for the price. I can be very picky about bass and sound quality. Not an expert, just know what I like.

  144. Sherlock

    Great sound!

  145. Jose

    Great speaker, great bass

  146. gordo

    Just putting up a couple of sentences since no one else has reviewed this unit yet. I received it today and have had a chance to give it only a brief listen so far.And so far, it’s a keeper. It’s big, it’s powerful, and it kicks out much better bottom end than, I would think, most speakers in this price range ($150 when I bought it). But not at the expense of higher frequencies.I first put it up against the much-praised TDK A33. In blind tests, my GF picked the NYNE Bass every time, while I waffled between the two. Remember though, this delivers a *bigger* sound.I’m ashamed to admit it because I consider myself a bit of an audiophile, but to *my* ears, it even compares decently to the Klipsch KMC-3. The Klipsch is an awesome speaker that makes anything sound good at any volume, but the NYNE Bass simply does not sound like it costs $250 less.I’ll have more chance to check it out in the next few days, but right now I have to say that to buy similarly priced units such as the UE Boom without first listening to this monster is a huge mistake. Unless, of course, easy portability is an overriding factor for you.

  147. Craig Edward Given

    A lot of sound and bass for this size of a unit. The bluetooth reception is great through walls and floors. It’s great for parties and I like that it can also charge my iPod. One downside is that the charging port only works when the speaker is actively turned on.UPDATE: 3 years later, still going strong, and still great for parties. I had to use some glue on the plug going into the wall outlet since it began to crack from lots of plugging & unplugging.

  148. walter Nowlin

    Love it cant beat it for the prices great sounds went away this past weekend to alantic city, we had a party in my room my friends could not believe such great sound and kicking bass was coming from that little speaker now everybody wants one I plan to order me a second one.

  149. D. Painter

    Just received my NYNE Bass speaker and this is a GREAT Bluetooth speaker. I like the larger size and solid construction of it. The sound is very good…..but I don’t think anything will ever touch the sound of the Harmon Kardon Go-Play unit (albeit mine is old school, no Bluetooth, but the HK sound is simply AMAZING!) Love the Bluetooth and rechargeable battery on the NYNE. Cannot be beat for $140.00

  150. chp452 Guam

    This unit has a much more balanced sound spectrum compared to my Bose Sound Dock 10, although not as loud… and it is “PORTABLE!” If overwhelming bass at high volume and hardly any bass at low volume is what you like, then this unit is not for you. Move over, Bose.., there is a new sound in town!

  151. Darlene

    Has really good bad sound it’s loud.

  152. Alex Sherman

    I decided to hop on the portable speaker train, as all my roommates recently aquire different ones. In our household we have a Monster Tower, a Beats Pill XL, and a Bose SoundLink Mini. After reading many online comparisons, I settled on the NYNE Bass to get something different – man, was it a great decision! For the price, this speaker has a spectacular frequency response, especially the bass. NYNE did a great job providing a broad deep sound, while still maintaining ample highs to accompany the bass. This goea without saying this speaker is LOUD! It fills our large living room with a resounding amount of sound, without ajy distortion at max volume. To our ears, this speaker has a very equal sound performance to the Beats Pill at half the price. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fantastic sounding, very loud, bass ready speaker at a bargain price.

  153. jerrad tait

    I owned the JBL Charge first and loved it! I lost the JBL on a vacation so I recently bought the Nyne. It is definitely a great speaker, its louder and bassier and its loud. For being about the same price as a JBL Charge, I am very happy with its performance. The only thing I miss about he JBL is how easy it was to take with me anywhere and have the ability to put it on a crowded counter top or cluttered bathroom sink, or just throw in my backpack . The Nyne is much bulkier and heavier than the JBL, but like I said it sounds better. You can’t go wrong with the Nyne in my opinion, unless you plan on moving the speaker around constantly, and you need something lighter and more portable. Also, this could easily be a substitute for a sound bar or home theater system.

  154. cwg_at_opc

    unusually full bodied sound for the price, can be a bit boomy on the floor, but totally worth it.

  155. mark muscat

    This is the best Bluetooth speaker you will ever buy. great battery life, can charge your phone, great sound and bass

  156. Cody Ranger

    It rocks better bass…big load….but stylish and rugged ready to b dropped but dont…..i love it….and everyone i play it for does as well

  157. Jim

    I love this speaker and I am going to purchase another one.

  158. Curtis J. Ohl

    Great speaker you can buy more expensive but why? Battery lasts 8-10 hours syncs really well! Auto shut off great range! A must own for portable music! Save money and buy this speaker!

  159. Jimmy

    I love it sounds amazing!

  160. Rico Jimenez

    I am absolutely blown away by this speaker! I have been hunting for something I can use outside and not turn full blast to hear. This speaker (as the name implies) handles bass very well, but not at the expense do mids and highs. I listen to pretty much everything but country, and it’s handled everything flawlessly. I received several compliments on it over the weekend. This speaker is substantial, with a very solid build quality. You can tell a lot of thought was put into its design.Pros:Great all around soundOversize buttons are easy to use without lookingBluetooth 4.0 for better power consumptionCarry handle makes it easy to move aroundFull sound means it can be used out doors at lower volumes and still be heardThe size and weight of the speaker may be a con for some. I only move it from my basement office to my patio so it’s not an issue.If you want an amazing speaker for a great price, you can’t go wrong here. If portability is an issue, check out some of the smaller speakers in Nyne’s product line up.

  161. Harold

    For the price you can’t beat this speaker. There are tons of other speakers that cost way more but aren’t nearly as good as this.This has tons of bass, which at times is a bit too much. if you want less bass place it away from a wall. Besides that this thing is a great purchase.

  162. A. Mitchell

    What can I say, I LOVE the sound this thing puts out. Sure it’s a little trebly at high volumes and sure the bass is boomy, but I have to say, I like hearing the low end and I don’t need to play the thing at max volume right next to my ear.The speakerphone is questionable though, the reason why I’m giving it only 4 stars. Any one else able to get the speakerphone working well with an iPod touch 5G?

  163. causse

    This speaker is probably the bargain of the century! I saw the reviews and Cnet liked it.. So I thought what the hell! I used it with my IPhone and a projector to stream Netflix on the wall for my daughters sleep over birthday! I thought good thinking because daddy don’t do good with a bunch of 9 year old girls running around all night!This speaker and “Frozen” at 300 inches on the wall.. Yahtzee! This speaker really sounds good! The next day I put the latest Star Trek movie in and wow!I’m no gambler.. But I would be willing to bet if you buy this speaker you will enjoy it as much as I do! Very good sound.. Long battery life.. Good Bluetooth range!

  164. Adam

    Good sound quality, especially the bass, but a little on the large size to easy transport.

  165. Ryan

    Sounds good, nice bass. To me it could be louder, but i like to feel my music. Overall its nice.

  166. Ashley Gwin

    Great sound and battery life. My husband and I love this Bluetooth speaker.

  167. Sean Lee

    This is a very preliminary review – the unit just showed a few hours ago. I love it so far! I’ve got a bluetooth speakers to compare it to, and its so much better than the rest – The Fluance Fi30 is a fine unit, but the NYNE Bass makes me wish I hadn’t wasted the money on the Fluance. The JBL Flip 2 is handy and has a nice small form factor, but at 2/3 the price of the NYNE Bass, its seems like a toy.The sound on the NYNE Bass is pretty good for a portable unit. The bass is acceptable and the unit is pretty clear. It may need a little help with some highs. iOS has some EQ presets, so you may want to see if there’s one that you like. Even with the EQ off the sound is very acceptable.Pairing was very simple. I used standard bluetooth pairing, and it took just a few seconds to find the unit and pair it.I’ve yet to try a phone call, but will update when I do.The Bass feels like a nice well-built product. The textures and weight have a solid feel too it. Even the power supply’s optional Euro and Aussie plugs feel nice. Everything has a nice finished feel. The power cord and the included mini cable even have velcro cable ties on them.I’m stoked, this is a nice unit. My plans for it are as bus and workplace speaker. I tour with bands and shows as the video engineer. This will probably be the bus’s party speaker and my load-in music speaker, but I think it’s actually good enough to be my record monitor as well.

  168. sski66

    Great sound even @ higher levels, the bass sounds substantial too. It looks stylish, I have it sitting right behind my MBP, it’s the same length, looks great together, but I can place the speaker in the next room because & it would still sound great because it’s that powerful, u can definitely use it in a backyard or outside in general. I have only one gripe, when it’s charged a green light comes on in the back of the unit for a moment letting u know, but no one seems to know if u can tell the battery charge % wise, it’s either charged or it’s not as far as I can tell. I sent an e-mail to NYNE 2 days ago, I haven’t heard anything back yet, does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks.

  169. sbowers3141

    Great speaker with very long battery life. The sound is very balanced, with some bass emphasis that does not drown out highs and mids. Volume is very adequate, even outdoors. Plenty of power to crank out tunes at your pool party. Pairing is quick and easy both nfc and Bluetooth methods. No complaints!

  170. Buzz H.

    Nice speaker and good build quality. Really good for the price point but the speaker needs to be EQd to be usable. The treble is way too bright and the bass too boomy. However, properly EQd, the unit preforms pretty well. I would have liked a bit more volume for the size of the unit but it is worth the money spent, with sturdy construction and excellent battery life. Would I buy it again? Maybe. I would need to weigh the cost of getting something better (at least double) with the benefit of getting a little better sound quality or a bit more volume. Also, to e happy with this speaker, I found I needed to download a real EQ app, the pre-set ones from Apple were not adjustable enough to make this speaker fut my needs.

  171. Brian

    I just received the Nyne Bass after listening (and temporarily) owning several Bluetooth Speakers.At this price point, this speaker does not dissapoint. Compared to some of the high end speakers out there, including Bos*, this speaker shines. The construction is top notch. Just keep in mind that this a fairly large unit and heavy. Having said that, it’s not a speaker you would tuck in a small case or gym bag.I have tried so many different speakers in stores and owned the soundlink mini, which indeed was a good speaker but I had issues with it skipping periodically, a sigh of relief at last, no skipping. Some users say the bass is too punchy, I would be inclined to disagree. The sound seems balanced all across the board. On some tracks the treble is a little bright, perhaps not as warm as the mini for example. Luckily I can adjust the Eq settings from my phone’s built in app (Samsung Galaxy Note 4), this really helps since you will not be able to make any adjustments on the unit itself. I feel that anyone using bluetooth and WMA, Mp3, Mp4, AAC, files should keep in mind that these are compressed files each encoded differently, given that the encoding algorithyms will vary, one is bound to find a song that doesnt particularly play perfectly. Personally I didn’t find the bass overpowering or as exaggerated as some reviewers pointed out, for myself it’s not artificial sounding at all. The best part is that I have yet to find any distortion issues while running on the internal battery. It keeps up with the bass with almost no distortion, unlike the Sony SRSX5 which looses some volume when unplugged from the AC adapter. Some reviewers said the bass was too weak. This unit runs on a battery folks, it’s not going to deliver the kind of bass you might expect from an expensive home or computer audio system!For around $150, I really love this unit, albeit the hefty size and weight.Pros:* Amazing sound for the price, it is right up there with some of the most expensive speakers (and I’ve listened to a lot of them!)* Good build quality, solid rubberized body with a nice insignia on the sides. Aluminum grill, and stylish* Speakerphone works quite well, other bluetooth speakers do not incorporate this technology* NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled for simple tap to pare, though pairing traditionally is easy enough* Built in center carrying handle for better portablility* Includes an Auxiliary cable for older non bluetooth devices, again many big box brands omit the cable.* Good top row button layout for volume, phone, pause, and forward/back tracks* USB port to charge other devices, 1 amp output, obviously this will affect the speakers run timeCons (and gripes):* This is a fairly large and heavy speaker, it is still portable however* The volume does not stay at the level when last listened to… it defaults back to a lower preset volume when you reconnect or power the unit on (my biggest gripe and the reason for not giving this unit five stars)In conclusion, I just don’t think it gets much better at this price point and with so many hundreds of bluetooth speakers it can be frustrating, but the sound quality is awesome in my opinion. This is on the bulky and heavy side, but the trade off is a good system with a dedicated subwoofer.Time will tell about the longevity of this unit and it’s sealed internal lithium battery…most bluetooth speakers have this type of technology. I did read that the manufacturer is asking around $70 for a replacement.Finally, finally, an excellent alternative in the ever growing sea of bluetooth speakers.

  172. Robin De La Cuetara

    I was going back and forth between the NYNE Bass and the Bose Soundlink Mini. I was looking for a portable, bluetooth speaker system, with good bass. After reading a lot of reviews on both, and comparing other products as well, I decided to go with the NYNE Bass for the following reasons:- Awesome bass sounds- Good max volume- Bass handles well at max volume- Good battery (~8-10 hours)Basically, this speaker is awesome if you love anything bass-driven (do NOT get the Bose Soundlink Color if that’s your case), and don’t really care about something so “mini” that you can dance holding it in your hand. Sure the Bose mini has good bass sound, and it’s more portable than this guy, but this guy is more powerful. Definitely a better buy if you want to bring it over to friends’ for a house party or anything

  173. JP

    Awesome. Better than the bose mini and save some money.

  174. James Duarte

    Awesome speaker!!!

  175. josh

    It just okay sounds nice but distorts at higher volume the tdk is the best Imo. I would not buy this again

  176. Derek Sanchez

    I am a bit of an audiophile. I have bought very high end equipment in the past (Mcintosh, Usher Audio, cambridge audio, B&W speakers, JBL, Wharfedale, Martin Logan….on and on). I bought this speaker to see if it would fulfill my ears palate. It does and then some. Very pleased with the balance and tone of this speaker. The Low end bass response is excellent. Mids lack but only superb speakers hit the mids just right. Highe end sounds great and crystal clear. This is the best sounding bluetooth speaker I have ever listen to. Bose isnt even close and for the price it is a steal. I will be buying another. It is tough and durable, last over 11 hours on a charger, simple to hook up to your phone as well as use it as a speaker phone. great job I am impressed.

  177. Mozzer101

    This speaker is quite impressive. The clarity is sharp and the bass is strong! Very well balanced speaker. It’s larger than I expected. Connectivity was a breeze with my blackberry passport. The NFC connection was flawless. The speaker is very loud. My first complaint was the speaker cover was not set properly at the bottom. I was able to realign it and snap it in place. Second was I was unable to control the volume with my phone. I had to pysicaly turn the volume up on the speaker itself. This just might sound better than my Harmon Kardon Onxy Studio?Update:I had to return this. It was not compatible with my blackberry passport. Kept putting my phone on mute while streaming music. I was never able to control the volume with my cell. Nyne has poor customer service. I got the brookstone big blue speaker which blows this away.

  178. juan salcedo

    The best one Ever

  179. Pragati

    This is great, I think you cant get better than this…


    I don’t usually write reviews on products but thought compelled to do so because this product is ugh a fine piece of equi[ment and value. As you know the industry has produced many bluetooth speakers at various price points and a myriad of sizes and configurations. Some speakers are ultras potable, some pair easily with your music device while other have great bass or treble or highs. Most reviewers put theres portable spekaerin in 4 categories small, medium and larger (regarding size) and/ or ruggedized or waterproof.I was looking for something portable for my personal training classes and tried the speakers that would be in the medium category but they for the most part didi not sound loud enough over the activity in the gym. The Nyne Bass comes at the price of the medium speakers with the power and almost size of the larger speakers. The Nyen offers exceptional sound quality and bass even for its size, pair quickly and because of it integrated handle is actually easy to carry. I would recommend this product for the aforementioned application.

  181. Sherri

    Don’t think twice about buying this awesome speaker! It is well made, durable and packs incredible sound with a lot of bass. At its loudest setting its pretty good, I just wish it could go louder. Overall highly recommended

  182. Hammerhead

    Outstanding product! Had not heard of this company, but glad I did my research. Worked like advertised right out of the box. Great sound, loud enough and great bass. Compared price to Bose, which I love, Beats and Sony. Far less with excellent quality. Will purchase another soon with no hesitation.

  183. Sammy Torreira

    Love the product !! Great sound and especially a clear bass that I longed for in a portable. Don’t mind the size because it looks like it sound! Easy to set up and looks good where ever you place it..

  184. marcus

    I am enjoying the speaker. it could be a little louder. excellent sound.

  185. Omar Saafan

    Just got mine today (im a film professional and used to listening to sound in studios with monitor $$$$ grade speakers).Its built like a tank and sings like a star. Very happy with it regardless of the price (that is very reasonable imho).Gonna be using mine at the beach and at outdoor barbecues.The build makes me confident it will hold up the price makes me not paranoid that it will be around kids while the sound just makes me happy.if your looking at things like the kmc1 or 3 or the beats pill you should seriously consider this as a cheaper alternative that can give similar performance.Even the sales man I talked to at bestbuy couldn’t justify the extra cost of the above units in relation to their extra costs compared to the nyne bass (I guess I was lucky I met the rare honest salesman).I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting a great sounding outdoor Bluetooth speaker with rechargeable builtin battery that can get a party started.Great job Nyne. I’ll be watching you in the future.

  186. stupidconsumer

    The bomb. I drag this thing all around the house and the patio and when Im not home I drag it everywhere else I go. It has a huge sound. I love it.

  187. Dominic Barrette

    I will start with the ONE huge con: Theres no bass. For a product that has Bass in its name and prides itself on “big bass, big sound” its sad. I was really excited to get a bluetooth speaker with nice bass and mine has little to no bass. It sounds as good as a $40 speaker I couldve bought which is very dissapointing.The pros: I hate that theres no bass and it kills me since they advertise it BUT every other aspect of sound is crystal clear and sounds great very far away. The distance is fine and I havent used all the battery yet so thats a plus as well.Overall Im really upset about this purchase and I am willing to give them another chance because I want this bass that everyone else is raving about and because the product is very solid otherwise.

  188. samantha

    I was looking for a speaker for work louder than the g boom I already own. This one is quite a bit louder. Very impressed on that. I was extremely disappointed on clarity and bass though. Very cheap sounding on that aspect.

  189. Jon Strong

    I’ve been listening to and enjoying high quality audio for far more years than I generally care to remember. Some of my friends clearly qualify as true audiophiles and work in various parts of the audio / video / music / post-production industry, and I’ve enjoyed enough professional and audiophile grade listening experiences to be aware of the kinds of differences that accompany truly high end audio reproduction. That said, I was pretty confident that I wouldn’t be tripping across a true “audiophile” experience when I started looking at mid priced bluetooth speakers, but I also found that each of the competing systems seemed to have a pretty unique sound signature, and a lot of these were “almost” what I hoped to bring home. I researched online and must have read several dozen reviews and articles, and many many dozens of comments here on Amazon about dozens of products.Next step of course was to check out as many of the contenders as I could find in person. For that, I spent time at Best Buy and a couple of other locals stores and must have auditioned a couple of dozen different BT speaker systems. In the $200 to $250 range, I wasn’t really convinced that I’d be totally satisfied with anything I heard. In the stores, it wasn’t until I hit the range with $400 Marshall speakers and the like that I started to really like what I heard. So…still unsure, I came home empty handed.I started up some new research, tripped across some newer devices, and finally landed on write ups and reviews about the NYNE Bass. Bigger than I had planned to buy — but the reviews and individual descriptions were incredibly compelling. Knowing that Amazon Prime could get the speaker to me in a couple of days, and that I had the option to return it, I ordered one.It arrived, beautifully packaged, about 38 hours after I ordered it. Bigger than I thought — and beautiful. I ordered the black one, and it’s really gorgeous. Incredibly solid construction, beautiful fit and finish. Unlike the rubber membrane switches on the Big Jambox, the rubber coated buttons on the NYNE Bass are distinct blocks of material – perhaps there’s a membrane switch underneath, but however they do it, the switches are solid – the whole thing feels incredibly well made.Pairing can be by standard BT search and pairing protocol, or you can use NFC to pair your phone with the NYNE Bass if your phone is so equipped — I haven’t tried that yet, but standard pairing has been excellent: it only took a few seconds. When I turned the NYNE Bass on, it wakes up in a few seconds and connects with the paired phone in just a few more seconds — fastest and cleanest BT pairing I’ve experienced.The sound is, in a word, spectacular. My music source for this, so far, has been my LG G2 (VS980 on Verizon Wireless) using Google Play Music “All Access”, giving me access to an incredibly wide variety of music. I’ve been exploring various genres with this, from Bach to B.B. King to Doobie Brothers, B52’s, Joe Bonamassa, to Pink, Lady Gaga, Oscar Peterson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, AC/DC, Aloe Blacc, Pharrell, Maroon 5, Sia, Olly Murs, Pentatonix, etc. Wide variety indeed, and so far, it all sounds great on the NYNE Bass.At low, med and high volume levels, the sound is generally very well balanced. Even at low levels, the bass is pleasingly audible and punchy without being the least bit muddy or vague. As you increase volume, it remains balanced, and I find it pretty astounding that a portable speaker like this can fill a 15 x 22 foot room (my kitchen, for ex) with LOUD and clean music that sounds great, with balanced bass that you can feel — and that’s without cranking it up all the way….oh, and in case you didn’t notice this in the spec, that was when I was listening purely on battery power. This speaker has a 4400mah battery estimated to provide 10 hours of untethered listening. Possible now to take this incredibly rich listening experience out onto my deck, on a picnic, out to the dog park while my puppy plays with his friends…on vacation if we drive down the shore (that’s NJ for “visiting the beach”) for a week.This is loud enough, clean enough, and has the presence you need to actually have a bunch of people over for a party.I’ll add more after I’ve had more time with the speaker. But in the end: I’m positively thrilled with the purchase. Love the speaker, and I’m thinking now about putting one in a few other rooms around the house.Update a day later (4/2/15): I was working from home today, and had to participate in a number of conference calls. The speaker performed admirably. Everyone could hear me well, and the sound at my end was excellent.One item had concerned me: the built-in battery (I understand it to be a 4400mah Lithium battery – probably lithium polymer) is NOT officially user replaceable. This was an objection that a few people posted. Batteries in this class typically handle somewhere from 300 to 500 full charge / discharge cycles. With a cell phone, this is why built in batteries tend to hold noticeably shorter charges 14 to 18 months after purchase. I expect to leave the NYNE Bass plugged in much of time, and don’t expect to be doing a full charge / discharge every day – or anywhere near that. So I’m guessing the built-in battery will likely be satisfactory for a few years. But… I submitted a support ticket via the NYNE website 3 days ago. I received an auto-response assigning me a ticket number, but nothing since then. I’m disappointed in that, but not overly worried…yet. I’m really hoping they don’t skimp on customer support. I had read that somebody else was quoted $70 to have the battery replaced. I’m looking forward to learning more about this.In the meantime – using this speaker is a pleasure. Looks great, works very nicely and sounds great.UPDATE: 5/3/15 – So far, I still have NO reponse from NYNE regarding the ticket I submitted a few weeks ago asking about the battery. I was amused to receive an auto-generated follow up asking if I was happy with customer service, and I reiterated my disappointment that nobody had responded to my original ticket. Still no response at all from NYNE. Customer service seems to leave a lot to be desired there — I truly hope they start paying attention to this. Amazon has demonstrated the incredible value of good customer experience, and it seems a shame that NYNE, putting out such a great product, might lose out in the marketplace due to poor customer support.Back to the product itself: NYNE Bass. So – I’ve been using this for a month since my last comments, and I love the speaker more than ever. Bluetooth handling is excellent. I’ve got the speaker paired to my laptop and phone, and my son paired his phone with it as well. Whichever device has bluetooth one when the speaker starts up grabs it right away. Both initial pairing and subsequent connection are fast and easy.The sound – wow. It continues to amaze me that this sounds so good. I’ve gone back to a couple of stores that stock competing products in the $150 to $300 price range, and this still sounds fantastic to me by comparison. Incredibly full sound, well balanced. Highs are crisp and clean without being harsh, and the bass is strong without sounds overly exaggerated (as you might find with many “Beats-era” products). The bass is also incredibly clean — no muddiness at all. Very nicely done.As the weather has gotten nicer, I’d had the chance to take the NYNE Bass outdoors. I’ve used it sitting on a chair on my driveway while doing work on the car, and it’s been on the back deck over the last couple of weekends while I’ve been rebuilding the deck and my kids have been helping with yard work and spring cleanup. The sound outdoors absolutely blows me away. Even without being against a wall, the speaker is LOUD – and clean – and the bass is incredibly apparently (and still balanced) even with this sitting outside in a 3/4 acre open yard. Amazing. Backed up to the exterior wall of the house, the sound carries farther. Oh – BTW, all of this outdoor experience happened with me using the speaker on battery power only. I didn’t try running it down — but I did use the speaker outdoors, on battery, with the volume cranked, for several hours, and didn’t bother plugging in again until I’d bring it inside each evening. The volume / battery never faltered.Happier than ever with this purchase, and to my ears, it compares favorably with $300 speakers. The ONLY downside for me is the lack of response from Customer Service. Not too worried though. I’ll track them down on the phone if ever needed, and the speaker seems to be sufficiently well made (as in rock solid) so that there’s a good chance I won’t have to worry about customer service for several years.Seriously thinking about adding these in a few more rooms of the house. This one is portable – but the sound is good enough so that it could make sense to have this equally accessible in several spots around the house. Very happy with this. Highly recommended.

  190. JV

    Worked for 2 meetings and then would not turn on again…period. Was giving presentation for 50+ people at the time, not good! I come from the Home Theater business so this was not due to user error. Am shipping it back to Nyne, we’ll see how the customer service is and I will update. Oh, I only had it for 2 months.

  191. Ivan L.

    We love it and it has great bass and clarity.

  192. Tim Thomas

    Best Bluetooth sound I’ve heard

  193. Victor Alvarez

    Great speakers. Very Clear and gets to be extremely loud. You wont find a better speaker for the price of 150

  194. RAB

    I really like the extra Bass this box gives. It delivers clear highs and mid-range as well. I listen to a variety of music and it seems to do well on everything I tried. The box is a little on the heavy side for portability. But the way I use it, I don’t carry it very far anyway. As far as how it compares to other products I don’t feel qualified to give a real review. I’m sure my old ears don’t hear all the highs and lows they used to. So in my opinion I feel it compares very well to what I heard at the big box stores and Costco. The other products don’t deliver the bass but they do have good clear sound as well. As for me I like a little extra Bass. For the price I got I think it was a great buy.

  195. William Baer

    Amazing amount of bass from a small package. Would have given 5 stars for sound quality alone, but the electrical plug is really bulky and the Bluetooth reception is not 20′

  196. Jason

    Definitely very loud and fairly good sound in a large space, but lots of blurry base and I think the speaker may already be torn at full volume by some of the heavier bass, cause there’s already a rattling sound. I don’t know zip about audio, but I seem to vaguely recall an audio buffs advice years back that its unreasonable to expect any amp to sound good dialed all the way up to 11. So maybe I just ruined it. But still, seems like something the device should be programmed not to exceed.

  197. B. Cox

    I’ve had this speaker for about a month now and am still impressed as I was day 1. The Nyne Bass resides atop my desk, against a wall at home and is used daily during my studies. I suppose if you are looking at a product with Bass in the name you are wondering how those deep notes sound. First off, be real here; this portable speaker, just like Bose, Sony, TDK or Beats, is not going to give you the depth of a 12″ or 15″ subwoofer currently dominating the car stereos of those around you at the stop lights. However; the Nyne Bass will work hard for you and stretch as low as possible for those deep notes. Although, you are not going to feel those ultra-lows we love which reverberate our spine and induce a brain rattling high; there is some deep note reproduction you simply must be happy with. This may be an odd statement to make but I don’t know you and if you judge me I wont lose too much sleep, so here goes…If you place the Nyne Bass over your bathroom sink, the really-deep bass like that found in “Preacher” by One Republic or “We Are Young” by Fun will rattle your shower door – quite impressive. I listen to a spectrum of music including The Dell-Vikings (50’s), old school Ice Cube, One Republic, Mozart and Dead Mau5. The mid-bass certainly hits and you WILL feel it when the Nyne Bass is turned up, and YES this speaker gets LOUD. I read reviews for the Sony SRS-X5 which said if the Sony was played unplugged it would limit volume, the Nyne Bass has no such restriction; so unplug, take it outside, and enjoy the volume sipping on some Lemonade, Chardonnay, Pabst, Port, Schlitz Malt, Coke, Water, Maker’s Mark or whatever. The highs are very good, crisp with a touch of warmth and clear, on occasion transmitting details my $150 Sennheiser headphones are not able to. The bluetooth pairs fast and easy and to my experience extends 30 feet through a wall. I tried the Bose SoundLink and SoundLink Color as well as the Sony SRS-X5 at Target, and in my opinion lacked the depth found in the Nyne Bass reproduction. Yes, the aforementioned are smaller in size but a few inches in physical dimension is well worth the musical dimension of those deeper notes. There is also a USB port on the back to charge your device from the speaker’s battery as well as a stereo port to couple those devices without bluetooth capability. I charged it day 1 and listened for 8 hours a day for a week without recharging. My negative criticisms are actually unreasonable: 1 the highs can become distorted at maximum volume and I want those ultra-deep notes. Distortion happens to all speakers and the small surface area of the speaker can only move so much air, damn physics! So until Nyne or Bose break the laws of physics, at which point we all need pour life savings into the company, I highly recommend the Nyne Bass.

  198. Jill Nicholson

    Great sound great bass

  199. Steve G.

    I didn’t find this to be as glorious as others. I brought it to a friend’s house to listen to a custom playlist while hanging. I was trying to introduce them to some new music, but this was not the speaker for that job. The bass was fine, but it lacked richness or texture. It’s also worth stressing this is a large speaker by the standards of such devices.

  200. Chris

    Loud and exaggerated full bottom sound. Sounds great. Compared to the BIG JAMBOX , the DYNE has little distortion at the low and weak mid frequency. This is loud and does well outdoors for a picnic or beach. Would buy another.

  201. Kuztomized

    PROS:- Feels solid and well made, the rubberized coating is nice, the packaging was sturdy and very high-end.- Good battery life and you can even charge other devices via USB- Great for small parties or outdoors events, or for quiet listening with no ambient noise- Great price compared to relevant products from the name-brandsCONS:- I get NOWHERE NEAR the claimed 33 feet / 10 meters of Bluetooth connectivity. At a distance of 10 to 15 feet, with NO OBSTACLES between the speaker and my phone, the music very consistently breaks up. This happens outside, inside, and at different areas of the house. I’m using the latest iPhone 6 Plus.- I wish the excessive bass could be switched on and off. When you have ambient noise and you turn up the volume to get above that noise to hear your music, you end up getting way too much bass for everyday listening (non-party environment). Don’t get me wrong, I like bass. I purchased this speaker knowing its called the NYNE Bass. I expected a lot of bass. However, even when I set the EQ on my phone to the “Bass Reducer” setting, its still overwhelming for everyday listening when I’m not trying to jam out.- I connected a cell phone with a completely dead phone battery via USB, and the NYNE Bass would not charge it at all. I had no problems charging a partially-charged phone from say 10% to full, but it would not start charging the completely dead phone.- The instruction manual is lacking, and the website does not have any further information. I won’t go into detail here but there are many things you need to learn on your own. For example, there are instructions for paring with NFC but I did not find any instructions for paring with Bluetooth (Hint, after trial-and-error, you do this by holding the call button…). For some people this may not be a big deal, but if you often let others pair their phone with your speaker, you need to do this often.

  202. Chessma

    I bought this for my husband! He uses it for his garage and absolutely love it! The Bass response is incredible and the sound quality top notch! You won’t be disappointed!

  203. shannon madison

    awesome worth the money very happy

  204. Gregory Hurley

    Great sound! And simple to use!

  205. Amazon Customer

    gives da bass you will need for a rocking patio party

  206. Joel

    I’m verry happy with the sound quality, and bass. I recommend this one.

  207. dirtyred1


  208. nunya

    Has nice rich bass, not as loud as I wanted. I placed it next to my Bose Wave radio and the Bose sounds better in all ranges. Bose also is much louder. This is at least portable.

  209. Lauren Dugas

    Great product. Quality sound while still portable

  210. John F W Caldwell Jr

    Great speaker for the price. I am not an audio expert, so all I wanted was a BT speaker that I could hear outdoors. It could still be a little louder but for just over $100 I don’t think you can do much better.

  211. AymTru

    I poured over the reviews here on Amazon and thank you everyone, you really helped. Yes, if you don’t want a lot of bass, don’t get these speakers. For me, the bass has been perfect for streaming TV shows and movies. The speakers have a convenient handle to carrying the speakers around to different areas of my home as needed. And if I would ever want to bring them outside, it’s looking like I have a water resistant, if not waterproof set of portable speakers.

  212. LWR

    Was at a College reunion,pool side, everyone trying their BT speaker until i brought out this one,it was obviously louder and had more bass.

  213. Joe Lautenschlager


  214. chrisopher Pickup

    Everything I hand hoped for in a portable speaker with good Bass. We’ve ordered two. Gave one as a gift. Easy to use. Easy to link to phone or just plug in Aux cable. Battery life is as stated. Looks real nice too.

  215. Colton Parker

    This stereo has a real crisp sound! It’s top notch quality! It easily fills a big living room with full sound, and outdoors its loud and clear. The bass is real accurate too. You don’t need to buy the real expensive Bluetooth stereos because this one to me beats all of them for the money!

  216. R. Gard

    What a fantastic unit!! The sound is great and battery life has been great too! I also have a Bose sound dock II and this is WAY better in both loudness and tonal accuracy over a wider spectrum. It will fill your 3 car garage, your modest/average sized backyard, or your entire floor in a home with good sound. I use it while doing yard work, working on the car, or working around the house. Recently I had it up pretty loud for over 4 hours and it didn’t change volume once.

  217. cameron tobin

    amazing speaker with great bass

  218. Brian French

    Excellent deep base sound. Charge holds for longer than expected. Bluetooth range is a little weak though. Cuts out beyond 10 feet.

  219. Howard Sheldon

    Outstanding. I was surprised it sounds so good for it’s size and that is not saying it is small it’s not but for a home speakerjust right. If I wanted a speaker to take alone I most likely would of picked the Denon but this one is perfect for home listening.

  220. Lars Rider

    BT connection spotty, midrange and treble are sub standard.

  221. Pencil

    Big bass for its size. I purchased this baby for summer beach outings my friends and I are all impressed at how much bass these speakers put out. I like these speakers but I can’t say if I love them. First they’re not as loud as I thought they would be and the bass peaks when you’re playing music at full blast.. Sorry James Blake fans this is not the speakers for you. With this much bass, you’re sacrificing a lot of treble so songs with a lot of bass will sound muffled. Second, it’s pretty heavy. I was hoping to take these speakers on hikes but It’s a bit heavy by hand and too bulky to be packed in my bag. Because of its odd form factor, the hidden carrying handle is not at the center of mass so your forearms will hurt after a while. I should also mention that the pairing mechanism is not as easy as an Oontz speaker primarily because the Nyne Bass does not have a pairing button – once it’s paired to a device it is married to it unlike the Oontz angle which has a pairing button to force pairing with a new device (Correction: You can actually hold down the call button to pair a new device). Yes the Nyne Bass does feature an NFC but unless all of your devices have NFC then it’s going to feel a bit like a chore switching between devices (Only iPhone6 and later models have NFC chips).Besides all of that though, I think I’m keeping my Nyne Bass. I honestly think it’s loud enough for my little tent parties at the beach. I’m not looking to play music for the entire beach anyway. Love the eclectic alien-esque form factor despite center off mass problem I mentioned above. I was also able to snatch it for $124.99 for some reason so I didn’t think twice. Then Amazon raised their prices after I placed my order lol.4/5 would recommend.

  222. gidget

    I can play this while outdoors and still hear it indoors. Love it Perfect for why I needed this

  223. Ed

    Loving it.Edit: I have had this speaker for a while now and it is still working very well. I am still very happy with it. We use it when we have a fire in the back yard or when I am working in the garage.

  224. CT

    Seriously solid product, minor distoration at max volume is only reason not to get a 5/5.

  225. Richard

    Great speaker…use it in the kitchen. Perfect.

  226. gjaykin

    I really like this speaker. It has plenty of power and doesn’t need charging often. You can also listen to music while it’s plugged in.I ordered it from Amazon on a Thursday, and it came via UPS Friday afternoon, you can’t beat that service!

  227. Dirty Jack

    This thing really rocks. I’ve been through various bluetooth speakers and this is by far the best. The bass is deep and pronounced, making the music sound full. At full volume it is not distorted at all. It’s a little bigger than most speakers, if that’s an issue for you. Sounds fantastic in my bathroom while showering. I am COMPLETELY satisfied with this speaker. In my opinion, it sounds a lot better than UE Boom, Big Jambox, Bose, etc.

  228. Sean W. High

    I use it for work, its way better than my old model that I used to use by Logitech. An suffice to say it does actually run 8 hours or more while not plugged in with full audio range.

  229. pendragon

    Pros: decent battery life, ease of connectivity, decent midbass tones on mid volume, clear table shaking goodness on max.Cons: no bass on low levels, trebles about 15% too bright on preset EQ.

  230. Rod

    I am blown away. The sound quality and volume are most impressive. It fills the room with sound. I’m a very diverse music listener I listen to anything from rap to country and it handles it all great..

  231. Scott Jones

    I love this bluetooth speaker…a friend of mine bought one, and it had rich & clear sound. Even at low levels, the bass is clean. I had to order one for myself.

  232. opheliac

    Some impressive bass comes out of this, considering it’s size. Sound carries well enough outside to use it out by the pool.

  233. Eric D

    Best speaker by far I have owned. Loud, deep, and sturdy. You will not find a better speaker in this price range I promise you that. Great for any outdoor setting- BBQ’s, tailgating, beach, patio or porch, or any group setting. Buy it! You will blow people away with the sound

  234. Søren Brautsch

    Really great speaker.

  235. bg

    Good speaker. Good functionality.

  236. JAKE337

    Product sounded good but would not stay connected to my Samsung S4, returned

  237. Nick

    I was impressed with the quality of the box when I received it. After I connected it to my smartphone to hear music, I was blown away with it’sclear sound and pleasantly vibrating bass. It will fill a large room with out distortion. I think that for this price everyone will like it very much.

  238. Oschen

    This portable speaker has all the mids, highs and definate thump to the low. Amazing quality, and can get really loud. But for some reason does not charge my iPhone 6plus.

  239. Devin Sigmon

    Awesome speaker! Great performance with bass that sounds perfect

  240. Christi992

    Good sound. Too bad my son dropped it and broke the casing. It still sounds good even after that.

  241. RayJay

    I found the sound extremely ‘bass-y’ at all volume levels, to the point the music sounded muffled. It’s a heavy sucker and the ‘hidden carrying handle’ requires you to push on the buttons with the ball of your thumb, potentially shortening the life of the buttons.

  242. MM

    Not really loud enough. may get 2 if i can use them together….

  243. Aidee

    I was going to buy a portable round speaker like my boyfriend did( which is smaller). After much research I decided to buy this one. I just love the sound. Everyone compliments my speaker which is heavier than my boyfriends which you can still move and the battery does last a long time. The only thing I don’t like is the beep every time you upper the volume…but I can survive that. Love the superb sound. I love being able to charge my phone on it and the fact that I can answer my phone if I wanted to from it.I would recommend it. I am glad I chose this portable bluetooth speaker. Now my boyfriends says he loves my speaker and if I want to trade.

  244. Tyler Rigoulot

    Wow! This speaker packs a nice punch. I’ve owned quite a few different Bluetooth speakers and this is one of the best I’ve had. It costs a lot less than the other speakers I’ve owned and sounds as good or better. I seem to prefer this sound over my bose sounddock portable. Both are very nice speakers though.

  245. Michael O.

    I purchased this as a gift and the sound is wonderful. I am thinking about getting one for myself, the sound is that great.

  246. Taskin

    A little bigger than I expected but overall a great speaker. Bass is much louder that other speakers I have heard.

  247. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic bass on this Bluetooth speaker. Love to take it out camping and can listen to music all day without having to recharge. Great speaker!

  248. Aguilar Fam

    My friend had this speaker before I purchased it so I knew what it was capable of. Not too many speakers out here with a built in subwoofer so thats why this one is a must for me. Has GREAT bass and GOOD sound Quality! Its loud (for those bad reviews saying its not loud enough). Overall very satisfied.

  249. Jorge

    Very nice speaker with rich bass, well worth buying

  250. Curry Spray

    Deep Bass, sounds great. The battery really does last 10 hours. Everyone loves it who has used it. It is the perfect speaker to drag up on the roof while you’re drinking a few brewskis on Monday morning after that pesky 8am class. It should be noted that this speaker is not small, it is over a foot long, if you can’t handle that sort of power, buy something smaller.

  251. David A

    This thing is GREAT!! The sound is awesome. Nice bass. We use it all the time now

  252. Namik

    I have the big Jawbone and this is better, the only reason it gets four stars is that you cant control the volume via your phone through Bluetooth. You have to physically increase or decrease the volume on top of the speaker. Otherwise very happy with my purchase.

  253. Bappy

    I purchased this for my best friend. The sound could be as good as any bluetooth speaker. It also has great bass. The problem I have is Amazon continues to sell this when there is Zero customer service. When I say Zero I mean Zero. After 4 months the speaker would not hold a charge. I did not want my money back I only wanted to exchange this. Amazon would not warranty the product but said i had to contact the manufacturer. I did not have a problem doing this. I quit calling them after the 15th attempt and 1 months time. If you do not believe me call them no one will ever answer and when they tell you they are on the other line and will call back well I have now been waiting 4 months and my phone has not been ringing. I work for a huge corporate company who prides themselves on customer service. I am disappointed in Nyne and also Amazon for continuing to sell a product that does not have bad customer service they have no customer service. Don’t believe me call yourself 805.751.4812. I do not bash companies but this is not right save yourself the headache buy another brand Like Acoustic Research who will stand behind their product. I would like a response from the company but still nothing.

  254. Donalda Lovelace

    WOW! These speakers are great and a wonderful price.

  255. Todd W Spreen

    connectivity is easy, but the sound is pretty weak. not good for outdoors and i always need to have my iPhone volume to the highest level. For the size of this i would have expected more sound and longer battery life. It does have an aux cable but that defeats the purpose of having a BT speaker.

  256. Juan Gonzalez

    Since this is the first Bluetooth speaker i have owned, i feel like my review may not be as good for comparing this to other speakers, but i will be honest in terms of what this speaker can do and not do.first off, it came in a nice sized box, when i opened it, i immediately noted the size. this speaker is huge as compared to other speakers, but what this lacks in portability, it sure makes up for in sound. it has a nice build quality and i particularly like the hidden handle to carry around from place to place. another thing that i found was that it was very easy to connect from device to device via Bluetooth. it also comes with a 3.5 mm aux cable to connect to devices that are not Bluetooth enabled. included in the box are the speaker, the aux cable previously mentioned, the charger and several charger tips for charging in different parts of the world. What i also liked is that it has a USB out so you can charge your devices like mp3 player or phone. it has a 10000 mAH battery that will obviously run out faster if charging other devices, but fully charged my galaxy tab s once and my note 3 twice before running out. it also has about a 10 hour playtime, and from what i read elsewhere is that you can leave this device plugged in and it will not harm the battery. it also features large buttons on top of the speaker that can control the volume, skip/pause tracks and also answer phone to the speaker/microphone: i am very impressed with the bass of this speaker, hence the word in the name. of course there are songs that distort the bass slightly but i have yet to see any speaker that does not do that. it has plenty of treble/highs during music play so no issues there. the microphone is, according to the recipients of my phone calls much better quality that my note 3. but as far as the playback of music, it is incredible and with movies, even better. if your TV has bluetooth capabilities or an aux output, this will make you feel like you are at the theater. the volume gets very loud, loud enough to where you can drown out conversations in a room, not recommended though.overall i am amazed this speaker costs what it does, since i was going back and forth between this speaker and the JBL extreme, but for almost half the price and better sound, im glad i chose this speaker. highly recommend this speaker!

  257. BKWO

    Just purchased this thru Amazon Prime Now, was delivered exceptionally fast and I couldn’t be happier with it. The sound quality is amazing. Very good quality product. Highly recommended

  258. Gregory C Fetters

    Good sound. Not small but small enough to pack in an extra bag with a spare set of boots and work out clothes. Enjoyed having it for a long weekend hotel stay.

  259. J. Schwartz

    I like the speaker a lot for the portability, LONG life battery and great BASS but could be a little louder. I would def recommend to anyone who wants something better than one of those small cube Bluetooth speakers.

  260. Manolo

    Outstanding product. Rich sound and strong bass without being overwhelming. Battery lasts a long time. Handle could be in a better place but I won’t take a star away for that.

  261. Opinionated

    Good bass for the cost

  262. Bill Waller

    Everything I expected – and more.


    Killed it on Panama City Beach, everyone was impressed

  264. E. Seals

    Saw this on CNET’s top speaker list. Purchased it an wow where they right. A truly amazing speaker.

  265. Alexander Taylor

    Great speaker! Incredible bass but also an all around quality sound. Also great to enhance any TV audio such as when I watch Fear the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones! Only problem comes with the battery. I have read a few reviews with faulty charging and my current speaker doesn’t hold a charge. Thankfully they replace it! Will update this review when I get my next speaker

  266. Rickyinhonolulu

    This speaker has a wow factor when you hear it for the first time. If you like hip hop, you will like this speaker. I have owned a lot of portable speakers like Bose and Logitech. I end up returning them because they do not sound good with hip hop and trap music with deep bass. The reality is, you cannot get deep bass out of a small speaker. I have compromised with the size and happy I did. This speaker rattles cabinets in my kitchen. It hits very deep bass, the best I have ever heard on a portable speaker. Did a frequency test and it even moved air at 15hz. It seems tuned for 35hz where the bass is very impressive.

  267. Amazon Customer

    If you appreciate hearing your music with ultimate sound, this is the speaker for you. No wires, no muss no fuss and a charging port as a bonus.The bass is clean and I can hear each and every instrument. I’m amazed!

  268. Jonathan Mosblech

    Not quite as loud as I’d like. The NFC doesn’t seem to work. Pretty big.

  269. Karen L. Gregory

    Sounded bad

  270. Amazon Customer

    The sounds is really good. So hard to find a ‘portable’ wireless speaker that has any bass. This has just bass enough to keep me satisfied ( I use on my boat). The speaker will blow if the wrong song with a heavy bass note comes on at full volume. Bose would never let a speaker fry itself like that! price is good for what you get, just don’t go full volume.

  271. Max Lotstein

    Love this product. It’s not a Bose SoundLink but it is a fantastic value for the money. Plenty of bass for the profile.

  272. HK

    For the price, this outperforms many other speakers twice it’s value. The battery lasts a long time. The bass is awesome. There is only a little bass port noise. Also, it doesn’t sacrifice any detail. The clarity is great. It’s on the larger side, but it has a carrying handle so it is still portable. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

  273. krista maline

    The speaker sounds pretty good when I can get it to turn on. I’ve turned it on successfully only 3 times. Press and hold, push the sides, press and wait a while, press it hard, read the instructions again, watch a youtube video…..It’s a crap shoot. Thank goodness I purchased the extra warranty. Maybe I’ll give that a try,

  274. Sci-Fi Fan

    Plenty of bass, plenty of volume.Can’t compare with the BOSE Sound Link Mini as this speaker is 5x it’s size.Think of this speaker as more of a small gathering speaker vs. the Sound Link Mini as a personal speaker.Note- you get much more volume from the BT connection vs. the 3.5mm audio connection.

  275. L. Bordeaux

    Speaker sounds good, but it is very heavy,feels like 10lbs, bulky to move.When you hit top switch to turn on , it takes 60 sec to turn& light up . Sometimes I am not sure if it is on , or that it needs charged?

  276. Dan

    It has exceeded all my expectations. It is loud and actually provides noticeable bass, something i wasn’t actually expecting. Would recommend to friends and family.

  277. Clint K.

    nicely made, looks great, feels heavy and well built, it is not small, but is easy to connect with Bluetooth on my iPhone, it’s has a tad too much echo to it sound wise, but overall well worth the asking price and battery lasts and lasts!

  278. Gail Gillock

    Very nice speaker for the price

  279. Ehab Rahman

    Good sound, lots of bass a little low on the treble but its okay especially for 100 bucks. It’s very loud! I’m a little pissed because it says it has a USB port for charging phones but it will not charge my iphone. I even replaced it and the new one didn’t work either. -1 star for the too much bass part and -1 star for not charging my iphone.

  280. Z

    Awesome speaker with great low end capabilities. It can take a beating and it’s loud. Bigger/heavier than most “portable” speakers though

  281. Orlando Hammonds

    This is my second time purchasing this item. Initially purchased as a gift, like it so much that I purchased one for myself. Sound quality is amazing.

  282. Snapbacks&Vlados

    I’ve had this product for about a month now. Great sound. Deep bass with clean, crisp highs. Crystal clear at low and high volumes. I listen to several genres of music as well as podcasts, and it all sounds great. A little bit bigger than I had expected but still light enough to carry from room to room without any discomfort. Connected to my phone in seconds. I had it set up and playing my favorite playlist within five minutes of being delivered. I want to make this review fair and balanced but really I haven’t found anything I don’t like about this product yet.

  283. momma len


  284. J. Jay from Gainesville FL

    Ok, so it doesn’t go as loud as my Ion Job rocker, but boy does it play a pleasing sounding beat and clear sounding tune. At low volume on the desk, it sounds awesome, and it has enough power to play outdoors for a small gathering in the yard. At first I was hoping it would be louder, but it seems to be tuned to just play as loud as it can without getting into the distortion stage. It is a little bulky, but worth it for the nice clean bass that it throws out at you, almost like there is a subwoofer hidden somewhere. I really like it and am glad I purchased it to add to my collection – will do well in the dugout for our softball game.

  285. Christian

    Pretty good, but I was looking for more.I have an old truck and the receiver only puts out to 1 speaker. I bought this in hopes of using my phone and the NYNE Bass to be a temp auto stereo set up. It get’s the job done, but it needs to be about 30%+ louder. I see NYNE is coming out with the Edge with 50 watts. That may have been a better one for my application. However, when parked (engine off) it’s great for background music.

  286. Dr. Bartelt

    sound is great, but durability stinks. Not advisable for outdoor use.

  287. A. Design

    2nd update: I contacted the manufacturer and they replaced it last year without any trouble 2 years later since original purchase and still LOVE the sound and have not found anything that comes clise to sounding as good. So although it is only a year old I use it a few times a week for several hours. I keep it plugged in most of the time but this one is still going strong without any issues and I’ve yet to find any other portable bluetooth speaker with this one’s sound quality and LOW clean bass response at any volume level.First Update (1yr after purchase): wont stay on for more than a few minutes without self powering down. Used about once or twice a week and has remained plugged in for past 6 months so battery should not be an issue but behaves as though it is just running off a battery that isn’t being charged. Contacted support as it happened previous and long before the one year warranty which Amazon advertises as 3 year. Will update with response regarding repair or replacement. (replaced outside of Amazon by manufacturer!)Good bass? GREAT BASS! best of any small portable bluetooth devices I own (Logitech UE-984 Boombox, Dr Dre Beatbox Portable (uses D batteries!), 2 first gen UE Booms, UE Wonderboom, UE Megaboom, Ecoxgear Boulder, original jambox, Vava Voom 20, Oontz Angle 3XL, Fugoo Tough, and have tested and listened to many others. Runs off a 12V input so you can run this off a cigarette lighter/power port with a proper input plug. Connects easily and for the price the sound is amazing.Update: died in six months using regularly enough that it wasnt battery abuse- plugged in most of the time. Shuts off and wont stay on.Update: turns out the battery takes a good 4hrs or more of being plugged in and NOT playing at full vollume when the battery is dead….guess I wasnt letting it charge long enough. I plugged it in over night and did a reset (switched the input power off and back on) and now its working fine.

  288. Jerry Mayes

    I am very happy with it. It has great sound and will get pretty loud if you want it to. Awesome for the size.

  289. Amazon Customer

    I received this speaker for Christmas from my husband. Our whole family has loved it! Great sound. It is very convenient to move anywhere in the house we want to listen. The battery life is good and does not need to be charged constantly. Very good purchase.

  290. Evan

    My new favorite bluetooth speaker! Its hard to believe that so much bass can come from a portable speaker like this but it works perfect! It is a little heavy but not bad, just feels well built. It will last all day at full volume. My favorite part is I can take it to the beach and still be able to hear it over the wind and waves. The ability to charge your phone from its usb port is a nice bonus. I do not consider myself a true audiophile but I do like good speakers and to me this speaker sounds great!

  291. Howard J.

    Awesome product! $99.99 @Sams Club

  292. Fred Gilkey

    I love the portability of the speaker. Really nice bass sound. The sound gets loud but I wish it would go louder. I love real loud music.

  293. ErikS

    Absolutely love it, it’s very loud and fills the place with music. It’s so loud my neighbors have complained to the police. So… Capable of breaching the peace? 😀

  294. J West

    Larger to carry, but feeling solid makes me believe the casing will last. Sounds really good overall.

  295. Stephen Bagwell

    As far as these portable speakers go, this is the best one I have owned. The first thing I noticed about this speaker was that it was a beast, weighing in at 6lbs approximately. The weight of this product may turn some folks off, but personally, it didn’t bother me at all. It does a great job at filling up my bedroom with sound and has high quality sound for the most part. I was very pleased with how heavy the bass was, I think that is the one thing that makes this baby shine the most.There are three things that I am displeased with, however. One is the sound quality once the speaker reaches it’s absolute maximum volume, it’s actual battery life and the speaker’s Bluetooth capabilities. When the speaker reaches it’s maximum volume, the speaker seems to lose a noticeable amount of it’s clarity. Secondly, it’s battery life. The Nyne Bass’ advertised battery life is approximately 10 hours. I can maybe get 5-6.5 at best… Lastly, the thing I am most displeased with is it’s Bluetooth. I live in a single story, fairly small sized house and with my phone connected I can’t even walk to my bathroom with my phone while my speaker is in my room (which is literally two doors down) without the Bluetooth going in and out. Quite frankly, I find that unacceptable for a speaker that costs upwards of $120… My $40 iHome Bluetooth alarm clock can beat that range by a huge margin…

  296. Crystal

    My son loves it, it is a great speaker. The bass is amazing. I wish I would have purchased one my self

  297. Michael

    Awesome sound and portable too. I use it on the beach and on the boat.The only complaint is when I hit the power button its hard to see the power button light up and know its on.

  298. Ted

    sounds great, seems great so far. Bought refurbished and no issues, glad I was able to save a few dollars. Not sure exactly how it compares to others, but rather happy.

  299. D. Kleemann

    Bought this speaker for my friend. It looks amazing, don’t get me wrong. Maybe my speaker was defective because there was ZERO bass coming out of it as well as the battery displaying the amount of charge it was holding. I’ve heard speakers that are 1/4 the size of this one with more bass (having at least some) as well as a much louder volume. For a 35W speaker this size I was very disappointed.

  300. j dizzle

    competes with everything else. Where this “ultimate bass” they claim, mine apparently didnt come with that feature. Its just a good unit

  301. Larry Cain

    Just purchase NYNE BLUETOOTH BASS SPEAKER: From Sam Club best price so far at $99.00 ech. This speaker ranks first in its class. Firstly the sound quality is phenomenal, high are excellent and Mid range are as perfect blend. What’s out standing is the Bass on point. While IM not as ND expertise I know what’s good and what’s bad. My home unit consist of 3 Sonys Str dn 1030 2 sets of jbl tower loft speakers, 8 jbl ceiling speakers 4 martin Logan Subs, 2 jbl 150 watts Subs, 1 klisph sub 300 watts, 5 zones around the house, inside & out. Plus more. Now while I dont expect a Bluetooth speaker to out perform those, I still want to he’s a quality sound, high, lows,acoustic, guitar,piano, Harmonic, Strong male vocals or the high pitch of Pattie Labelle or Jennier Hudson now get this a sweet distnct, clear sound of Adele singing Hello or rolling in the deep, now the nyne really does Adele serious justice. I would rate this 4.2 stars, why, the volume fluctuate on some songs, this could be the fault of the uploaded or the quality of the recording sound levels etc. However, inspite of those flaws it til could bit 2 or 3 or 4 louder.Not withstanding that issue, I hate distortion and at max vole I’m thoroughly, impressed with Nyne speaker.001 distortion almost none. This fact alone sold me on this spesker, that I was able to hear ar max volume and it was as clear as day.So every speaker I purchase must passed the Sound of Quincy Jones Secret Garden and Phoebe Snow No Regrets.if I can hear evey instrument

  302. J. Wilkins

    I Listen to this in my shop while i work. Great sound and great Bass . I have used it for cookouts and parties as well and everyone loved the sound quality. I might get another one for my office.

  303. Amazon Customer

    Not worth the money, not as loud as expected

  304. Daniel

    This thing is definitely one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers I ever heard. It’s awesome! Battery life is decent but if you turn this thing up to full power, it cuts it pretty short. But that’s to be expected when you have an actual sub-woofer. This thing is named the Bass for a reason, it bumps. I run my audio through a O2 Headphone Amplifier and then this speaker really shines. I’ve had it at max power and at that point it was sounding like an actual monitor, I could feel the bass a couple feet away. Love it.UPDATE 3/27/15 (almost 1 year after purchase) Today it was working perfectly, when all of a sudden my audio cut out. Reconnecting Bluetooth, different phones, different auxes, nothing worked. It seems my speaker just fried out of nowhere. So that sucks. Was great when it worked tho.

  305. Benson Njonjo

    Nice vocals/clarity & highs, very decent bass.

  306. Gary Warden

    My girlfriend’s son is literally BLOWN AWAY by this speaker. We’ve been looking for a great “thumping” speaker where he could blast his music the way he likes and this one fits the bill. He throws it in his backpack and walk around the neighborhood. Quality and the sound is amazing!

  307. April

    GREAT speaker! Very clear sound and relatively loud. I Love it and would buy again!!

  308. Michael Grimes

    I am so happy I bought this thing. I tried out a lot of speakers and this one is puts out the most about of decent noise. I would honestly choose this speaker over any of the $300 ones.

  309. Brett M.

    I purchased this item in March 2015 and loved it so much that I bought another one shortly thereafter. Great size, good sound, loud, great bass… exactly what I was looking for. However, after about two months of flawless usage both of the units started to exhibit the same problem. They would continually shut off after playing music at a moderate level (certainly much lower than in the past) and the power light would blink continually and then shut the unit off if I didn’t lower the volume. I guess it is some sort of overheating issue but I have no idea so I went to the manufacturers website and opened a support ticket. WHAT A JOKE… after two months of waiting for a call (as requested on site), watching the status of the ticket go nowhere and not being able to find any support line to call, the manufacturer closed the ticket without even contacting me. When I contacted them again via email as to why they closed the ticket I finally got a response with a phone number to call. TOO LATE… despite the product initially being perfect, the hardware quality and inability of their support team to handle a ticket in their on own support system left me with the distinct impression that I should never buy from them again. Spend your money elsewhere.

  310. alatexa

    Picked up this NYNE Bass for my son for Christmas after reading MANY reviews on Bluetooth portable speakers in this price range. This speaker does not disappoint! Deep rich bass & crystal clear highs. I like the NYNE Bass. It is a very solid speaker!

  311. John Morales

    Awesome device the only complaint I have is that I cant control the play/stop functions when audio line is plugged into a device directly to the Nyne.

  312. Amazon Customer

    Will not stay charged after one month and a week of owning. Too late to return, save your money

  313. Motion Man

    This is a Very Nice Sounding Speaker. Lots of Bass. Very clear sound. Overall I love this speaker.

  314. Amazonian EXPLORER

    I love the hell out of this speaker, and I’ve begun listening to music while messing around on my own and entertaining guests much more than I’ve been lately.I have a large master bedroom that very comfortably fits a queen bed, sofa, and two night stands against the wall that also has the door, with plenty of room for an L-shaped desk, entertainment set-up, etc on the opposite wall. This speaker fills the room with very robust high quality sound, slightly bass-heavy (which I like very much) and at top volume performs with little casually noticeable disturbances. In my opinion the sound is also incredibly good quality at low volume. At top volume the sound fills the room and can appear omnidirectional, and it certainly can overpower casual conversation with someone within 1-2 feet away. With my phone volume up all the way, the speaker wakes up my roommate on just the 4th volume notch, and ordinarily we hear almost nothing between the rooms. I’ve brought it outside on my balcony for parties and it can drown out conversation without walls on 3 sides for 43 floors down. I’d suggest following the recommendation and placing it 1-1.5 feet in front of a walk for the most robust and amplified bass. The Bluetooth works very well with my iPhone, allowing control of volume and Spotify, iTunes, etc., it connects quickly and stays connected until I’m about 10 feet out of the room (if you have trouble pairing when in search mode, just turn the speaker off and on to re-start the search, and press the Bluetooth button on your phone again). The speaker plays at medium volume on battery alone for several hours.I’m not an audiofile, sound geek, or tweeter connoisseur, but I’m a long-time percussionist and bass addict. I did significant research into this purchase, and for the size and cost (and probably $100+ more) you can’t do better in this department. Note that I principally listen to percussive/tribal house (NYC underground), rap and R&B, and some dark pop or arguably gothic type stuff (think Lana Del Ray). Classic sounds decent but this isn’t the best choice for that.It’s worth mentioning that I initially bought this speaker for one totally idiosyncratic purpose that it wasn’t well suited for: greatly amplifying an alarm clock app to help me wake up during high intensity periods of work, when I’m at risk of oversleeping. In the off-chance that you’re looking for this too, or if a lightbulb just went off, the rest of the review is for you:I was surprised and initially annoyed to find that it shuts itself off to conserve battery after 30 mins out of use…it shuts off and drops Bluetooth at that time, so more needs to be done to get there. The set-up I use involves connecting the speaker to my MacBook using the included AUX cable to allay fears of a random Bluetooth hick-up. For those with Macs, in Settings there’s an option to have a human voice announce the time at specified intervals (I go with the foxy sounding British lady), and set to 15-minute intervals. Turn the speaker up very high, but your computer volume down very low so it’s just barely audible through the speaker and won’t disrupt sleep. Download an alarm clock app that lets you set a volume override feature with each alarm, and crank that way up. And there you have it: now you too can be scared half to death and do the 6:30 am sprint across the room to shut it off when Drake screaming at you wakes you from your beauty rest. Like a more tolerable version of being drenched with cold water, in 7-8 months I haven’t used snoozed once.

  315. poochboy

    Excellent product. Amazing performance and bass. All my friends were impressed and actually offered to buy it from me. I forwarded them to your sight. Fast shipping as well.

  316. RSCM

    Bought as a birthday present for my daughter when here friends hang out in the game room. It’s plenty loud, the bass is perfect. It’s not a car stereo where it shakes your chest or anything but it’s audibly present. The lower frequencies on rap songs are definitely there where cheap speakers just don’t have that audible hint of bass. Is it good for a party where you still can talk, yes, it’s perfect for that. Is it club speakers loud? Really, do you have to ask that. I’m sure electronics will continue to improve but I am very happy with this purchase.

  317. Kodakwhore

    Holy crap!! I have had so many speakers, never fully satisfied with a bluetooth variant because they’re just never strong enough, good enough, loud enough, etc.Paradigm shift. If you want an amazing speaker BUY THIS ONE RIGHT NOW. You will not regret it. The sound is as good if not better than my Bose Sounddock (hard wired) and it reminds me a lot of the Creature II speakers from JBL back in the early days of iPods.Just an amazing speaker. Fantastic sound. Great packaging. All you need and happiness to boot.Important to note that I put this in my shopping cart and found it elsewhere for a cheaper price. When I went back to my Amazon cart, the price had dropped to 119.00 – but now is back up to 148.00. Made me wonder what prompted the quick and temporary price cut but I’LL TAKE IT.

  318. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my son’s birthday we are both very impressed with the sound quality — especially the rich bass! Although the speaker was a lot larger than we thought (it’s 8x larger than a Jawbone) we would highly recommend it!

  319. Alex

    This is the BEST speaker for the price. i absolutely love this thing. I listen to it in my house, my backyard, at the pool, camping… anywhere i can take it with me. Its loud and the bass sounds amazing. all my friends want one. get this, its worth it!

  320. Jesus Salcie

    Stop working after a Month, and Customer support SUCKS… Dont buy from Nyne

  321. iLint

    This speaker is great. It sounds so nice, the bass is definitely a nice feature as well which is what I was looking for. Syncing up to the speaker is also easy as holding down the button and turning the bluetooth on in my phone. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because when outside, the whole reason for a portable speaker, it was not as loud as anticipated. If you are within 20 feet, you have no problem hearing but when there gets to be a gathering of people, the chatter can drown out the music. Good quality product though and it comes with different plug attachments so you can use/charge all around the world!!

  322. Amazon Customer

    Phenomenal! Out of any Bluetooth speaker on the market, this is the go-to! Such crisp and pure sound, and booming audio! Very happy I splurged on this!

  323. Boofast

    I don’t leave very many reviews, but I wanted to leave one for this speaker as I’m very happy with it. I can’t comment on the speaker’s longevity or battery life, since we just got it yesterday, but I’m already in love with it. If it broke tomorrow, I’d buy another one, even if I had to pay for it. It has nice deep bass (for a speaker this size), and for me the rest of the range is nice and clear also. Of all my friends’ bluetooth speakers, and those I’ve seen in stores, this one is #1. It is large and heavy, and perfect for my back porch. This won’t take the place of your home system, but it’s still damn loud and sounds good to boot!AFTER ONE WEEKEND: We used this speaker all weekend and it was great. The battery lasted well over the advertised 10 hours. All my friends wanted to know where we got it from. Everyone commented on the bass it puts out. Again, not a home theater speaker, but a great “portable” speaker that doesn’t sound tinny, and the rest of the range is good. We played everything from rock to hip hopdance, and it all sounded good.

  324. Larry L

    I’ve had this speaker now for about 2 weeks now, I use it in an office mainily listening to podcosts and streaming some music from Apple Music. I’ve also used it once as a speaker phone on a conference call. The ability to charge my iPhone using the USB port is a nice touch too. Aesthetically, this is a reallyi nice unit. Because I’m in an office, I don’t play anything at very high volumes so I can’t comment much on the quality of the audio but at low volumes at least the sound is pretty rich, particularly with music. My only gripe, the reason I dind’t give this a 4 star or hihger review is that for some unknown reason the speaker powers itself down after about 15 minutes of use, weather operating on battery power or while plugged in. I’ve contacted the support department about a week ago but have not received a single resopnse from them beyond a robo response confirming my user account had been created (required to access the support function). It’s not a fatal error but certainly a big (and growing) annoyance.

  325. Aaron Grijalva

    I have been very happy with this speaker. I keep having to go back to my amazon account to find the link to send to friends and family who love the speaker and want to order one too (I have had this speaker for 10 months and three others have purchased after listening to the speaker). I was initially looking for something smaller and more portable, something you could fit in your computer bag. This is definitely not that small, but I have not regretted it for a minute. The overall sound is great, the bass is great, and even though it won’t fit in my computer bag, the size and weight still make it very easy to grab and take outside to the patio or to bring to the park. A good friend, who spent over $2,000 on a top-of-the-line bluetooth speaker, even commented on how good my speaker sounded, not knowing it was only $120! (we both admitted his sounded better than mine though 😉

  326. Kim Vasquez

    Sucks. Will not stay synced with my phone.

  327. Max W.

    I did my research before buying this, and this speaker seemed to have the best bass for it’s price. And it definitely did! My apartmentmates regularly borrow it for parties and such, because it gets extremely loud without sacrificing sound quality. Just be warned that its a decent size and weight compared to other $100 speakers, but thats simply because of the sheer amount of bass this thing puts out

  328. California Kid

    Clear sound. Decent bass. Very nice build quality. Bluetooth range is good. Only negative: Can’t really crank it up, as its maximum volume level setting is not that high. I wish it would go one louder — to 11.

  329. larry

    I couldn’t get it to work using bluetooth…so Amazon sent a replacement. That one paired up. Then after not using it for a few days, I couldn’t get it to reconnect. It was returned, too. I now have a vava voom. It works…is also stereo with a small subwoofer, all same features plus 3 choices of equalization. And it is smaller.

  330. Aaron

    This thing is aimed toward the bass music crowd (being part of the rave scene myself) you have to get this! The sub is REALLY nice, descent volume, and has everything you would expect a bluetooth speaker to have. At higher volumes around max, bass distorts the music (probably eq tuning problem). Comes with a buttload of plug adapters so you can plug it into any socket, and also comes with an aux cord if something doesn’t have bluetooth capabilities. Sleek look with rubber trim and big square rubber buttons along the top for ease of use. A little bit heavy (not complaining) probably due to sub magnet and internals

  331. steve

    the bass is very powerful and clean the only thing i missed on it is a usb port to play flash drive but then there is your bluetooth players

  332. George W.

    Performance is generally on par with the Roar, not bad. Overally finishing is good & set up is simple. The red color aux cable is a little too funky, prefer the usual black to blend with the other equipment.

  333. eric

    Sounded great but mine stopped working after a couple months

  334. Thinh

    Nice and loud with good deep bass.

  335. R. Kilinski

    Sounds great. I mainly use it in my car to listen to music/podcasts. I bring it to patio parties for background music. The Bluetooth range is very poor. I am not even 5 feet away and it breaks up. Tried it with about a dozen different phones with same result. Not very useful unless you are sitting next to it or leave the music source very nearby. I don’t have experience with any other Bluetooth speakers to compare to, however; a Bluetooth stereo adapter I use works through walls without a hiccup. Maybe there is a tradeoff between range and battery life? Please comment if you are in the know.

  336. david tremblay

    nice bass and light i have the brookstone big blue and its heavy for the lightness it jams

  337. Adrion

    Surprise, it is all about bass. The speaker is 8/10 for loudness, certainly louder than my JBL Charge 2plus. The Bass 9/10 on par with beats, but not all muddy very punchy bass. Portability 4/10. It is 6 pound speaker and longer than a foot i do not know how you can call that portable. I just wish there was a charge indicator that tells me how much battery i have left. This is my favorite speaker and would make those snooty audiophiles cringe, but everyone in your neighborhood would think a party is in your house.

  338. robert warren

    I love this portable speaker

  339. victor

    good bass but could be lounder

  340. Patrick Odaniel

    As other reviewers have pointed out, this bluetooth has incredible bass. It is very, very deep. ‘Nuff said.

  341. new yorker

    Strong speaker. Heavy on Bass . Works with either an audio jack cable or Bluetooth. Comes with the cable, Also comes with four international adapters for the power supply.It’s a bit on the heavy side so not as portable as many would like but it’s not so heavy it can’t be moved. It can charge USB devices as well . All in all, I recommend this speaker.

  342. James

    The reviews on this are correct, excellent sound, very pronounced bass and loud. For the money, the absolute best Bluetooth speaker have ever owned. It’s hard to believe that this much sound comes from something the size. The weights and build quality of this appears to be very sturdy. I’ve only charged once, so I can’t comment how accurate the 10 hour battery life is, but but I’ve been playing it ever since with no decrease in sound quality and battery strength. The Bluetooth connectivity is excellent and the range is quite impressive also. you will not be disappointed with this speaker.

  343. Larry

    I am impressed with the sound quality. lots of bass. good mid and high.

  344. Amazon Customer

    Really good sounding speaker..deep hard hitting bass..but after just a couple of month’s started having problem’s..bluetooth would disconnect..and then it just died! wont turn on…

  345. Coco

    Why I got this: Gift for my brother-in-law who is very much into music.Pros: Great sound, great portability, and easy set-up. No complaints whatsoever.Cons: None.

  346. Amazon Customer

    Bought it and man oh man. Took it out the box without charging it and it played so long I got tired and turned it off. Really powerful and great investment for parties or in a gym ect.

  347. luv2sparkle

    Husband loves this. Great gift.

  348. Amazon Customer

    Works well. Long battery life Great sound with good bass. Louder than most you hear at Wally mart or tar’get. Only downside is it is large. And oddly there are 2 power switches. Top and Rear.

  349. alan cedillo

    Excellent! nice!!! everything ok!

  350. Christopher W Croom

    Fantastic speaker. But you can’t use two at the same time without a multi signal Bluetooth device.

  351. Francisco Dominguez

    very good sound

  352. Christian

    Debated a long time between this and the JBL Xtreme. I got an employee discount so I can’t rate off price; but I’m so glad I went with the nyne. Same features as far as charging, phone control, and dedicated bass. Way better price tho and to me a much better sounds. The JBL Xtremes bass got real muddy with certain songs, the Nyne remains crisp and sacrifices no sound quality. (Ps I love UE; my favorite! but both the bass and Xtreme sound better than the megaboom)

  353. Amazon Customer

    I loved this speaker when I got it a few days ago! Instantly paired my iPhone and used it for 3 days straight. Bass is AMAZING for a portable bluetooth speaker, especially at this price. I loved the design, and the battery life is phenomenal. The only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars is because I was at a Brookstone store and tested out the Brookstone Big Blue Party and that blue my mind away(pun intended). The Big Blue weighs about twice as much as this and costs about $90 more, but if you dont care about size or money, Big Blue is the way to go. Big Blue speakers are louder, fuller and you can even control the bass and treble. Either speaker is a great buy for its price, probably two of my favorite Bluetooth speakers.

  354. fysteekat

    bought it for my husband…..loved it and so do I….thanks

  355. Jax7778

    Finally a REAL Bluetooth speaker! This is a true Large speaker, unlike most of the so called “large” models, this one backs up this claim. It has terrific sound, much better bass, and FAR better mid range sound than others that I have tried. It has a 10 hour charge time, and functions as a bluetooth calling device as well. This model is a little pricey, but with all of the so called “Large” portable speakers that turn out to be the same size as an old telephone, I am more than willing to pay for one that isn’t!

  356. Akzme2

    I purchased this speaker to use in my office. Super easy to pair, sound is great and of course even works when the power goes out. I’m very happy with the purchase and would recommend

  357. michael alexander

    This is a nice speaker. It is a lot bigger than I expected. This has a great sound . Great for backyard parties or even at the beach. This was very easy to charge. Great for the person that’s on the go. We will be getting a lot of use out of this speaker. It’s made very well. Overall it’s a great way to listen to music.

  358. DaBears222

    Awesome speaker, I use it outside at the basketball court all the time. You can hear it clearly from the other side of the court.

  359. Amazon Customer

    This is probably the best Bluetooth speaker I have ever owned. It has great audio quality and the bass is amazing hence the name Nyne BASS.I would say its better than some of the higher end speakers out there such as Bose.The battery life could be better but with all that bass I don’t even care.

  360. Amazon Customer

    This speaker sounds great. I wanted something that was a little bigger, louder and better without spending too much. Nyne delivers good and loud music with solid bass. I do have 2 concerns. First, there is slight ground/line noise from my audio chromecast dongle. I power it from the usb port on the NYNE and feed it in through the aux input. The line noise is only audible between songs. Blutooth is very clean with no interference. The second thing that concerns me is that some of the reviews stated that it works great then suddenly goes dead… I am hoping that mine lasts 5-10 years.

  361. Trista Ware

    I love the portability of this speaker! We use it literally everywhere around our house including the garage and by the pool. It has great sound and we have not had any problems!

  362. digitalslave

    Received two days ago, unit will not run off the battery. Unit LED shows solid green which indicates fully charge battery. Runs fine with AC, but will not even power on with battery only. Switch is on in the back and LED does not light up. Pressing on/off topside button does nothing. Revert back to AC and all is well. Pairs quickly and sounds great. But without working battery it will go back.

  363. keenan

    Boomy bass loud sound definitely worth it

  364. Sam W.

    This is the best Bluetooth banger! I’ve had a jam box and this is much better! Currently use it about 5 times a week. Even at a large party it’s quite loud, clear, and stays charged for the whole day! It’s been dropped soaked in beer and kicked in a fire for a HOT sec. It’s survived it all!

  365. Rob

    I expected a little more power from this speaker, so I was a little disappointed when it arrived. The sound inside in a small room is great, it’s crystal clear, has nice bass, and is loud enough to enjoy. However, when moving it to the larger part of the house, or outdoors on the patio or in the garage, the power leaves a lot to be desired. If you want something loud and powerful for outdoors, then this is not for you, at least it wasn’t for me.I enjoy the design, its not heavy at all, yes its heavier than your avg. little Bluetooth, but that’s why it has decent bass, but it’s not very heavy. The handle in the back makes it easy to carry. I have not experienced the whistling sound I’ve seen others complain about, nor do I find the buttons to be overwhelming, I enjoy having them big like that.The one negative thing I will agree with other reviewers about is the annoying fact that when you turn it on, the volume level is automatically set back to very very low, so I have to physically raise it from the unit every single time I turn it on.Connecting this to my S5 and my wifes S6 was simple and easy… connected on first attempts.Overall, a very nice sounding speaker for indoors or out, but not powerful enough to warrant 5 stars.

  366. Everton Blake

    Performance simply good, (fully satisfied)

  367. Rebecca Haden

    This speaker is larger than I expected, but still small and portable. It has a nice carrying handle so it’s easy to take out by the pool, onto the patio, or even out to your campsite or the beach if you’re not too close to other people. The not too close to others part is because this speaker has a big sound.It’s easy to set it up and pair it with your phone or other bluetooth device, and it has an auxiliary jack so you can plug it in and listen to your Kindle or what have you.The sound is really excellent. So often I have to write”… for the size” or “… for this type of speaker,” but not in this case. You will enjoy listening to music with this speaker, and it is excellent for speech as well.This is also a compact, attractive item. It will look good wherever you take it.

  368. rmpolo

    one of the best speakers on the market, i have 2 of them and they are still working as new.

  369. My Old KY Home

    We are using this around the pool. Even with 3 sheer fountains and the spa going there is no problem hearing the music around the pool. The grip in the back makes it easy to pick up and move it around with one hand. There are soft grip feet on the bottom to protect furniture and make the speaker stick into place. I comes with converters for international use and a cord to connect through a headphone jack if you don’t want to bother pairing through bluetooth. The sound is full and when placed on the floor we were able to get a really good vibration going. Really happy with the sound quality and features not to mention I just love the way it looks.

  370. paul david cassady

    This thing sounds great and the battery life is excellent.

  371. Sinatra

    Bought this speaker purely based on reviews and I can safely say it’s was an amazing decision. This speaker is truly amazing the bass this thing pumps out is unreal well I guess it’s in the name so it does a pretty good job of living up to it. Now the exterior does pick up dust easily but it’s easy to wipe off as well. The Dust in the meshing however is a little harder to get out. I have used this extensively over the past few mounts and safe to say I’m really happy with the outcome. The speaker is not really ultra-portable because of its size but that’s the price you pay for the killer sound this thing pumps out, The low end on this thing is phenomenal mid-range is great on low volume but at absolutely peak it tends to screech a little and the highs are stable throughout. This does take some time to charge like about 3 hours and there is no charge Indicator which would have helped but I guess it’s a small price to pay. The gold tip aux cable is decent and looks like top shelf stuff. The Nyne bass is really what it states and is only for bass lovers its right up my alley and I’m glad I found this bad boy.

  372. Amazon Customer

    It is a great product and I love it. I bought it to use as a speaker system in my truck and it is plenty loud enough even when the windows are down. The only thing that I wish Nyne would do to make this product perfect is a USB charging cord for it, because this specific product can only be charged through the wall charger.

  373. Jacob Pieczynski


  374. NoVA Music Lover

    The NYNE Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a portable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker system with great sound and supports easy pairing for devices that support NFC. It has an internal battery that gives long play time and can charge a cell phone or iPod while attached. The NYNE Bass has an AUX input as well and comes with a 3.5mm cable so you can attach non-bluetooth music players. There’s a small handhold in the back of the unit which makes it easy to move from room to room.Sound quality is very good. I played a variety of music from Vivaldi, Bach, Rush, Mannheim Steamroller, Die Antwoord, Panic! at the Disco, Motionless in White, Winery Dogs and Skrillex and it handled them all with ease. I did notice that the normal sound tended to favor bass, but it’s easy to compensate using my phones output control and isn’t boomy like some speakers I’ve used.While some speaker systems tend to distort at high volume levels, the NYNE Bass stayed clean and clear with both highs and lows. Overall, I’m extremely impressed and it’s being used quite a bit in our home.

  375. k in Texas

    I do not love too many products but this is a great portable speaker. I especially like the fact that I can use a cord to connect my iPod classic. The sound is impressive on a wide variety of music to include YoYo Ma and Queen or audible books. Recommend it.

  376. slefko

    Not the right one for you. Great sound when i can get it to turn on be see I’m not alone in not being able to turn it on. No help from tech support. Spend more, get one that turns on when you press the button.

  377. jonathan valdez

    I love it i always use it on my work out @ my garage

  378. cmiller

    Product is fairly large and bigger than expected. Not as heavy as you would think by looking at it. Packaging was great. Pairing was incredibly easy. Has amazing sound. Has adapter for world wide use. Nice that it has built in charger so you can charge your device. It’s ascetically pleasing so you can put it anywhere and it looks like it belongs.

  379. GoTrumper

    Currently using a name brand mini bluetooth speaker for listening to audible books and MLB games (no hands free calling) on our patio with good results. When the opportunity to obtain a Nyne Bass bluetooth speaker with calling capabilities the order was placed. The Nyne Bass arrived in a well packaged box, complete with 3.5 mm Cable and AC adapter with 4 WW plugs, quick start guide, warranty data. The system came charged, following the step-by-step pictorial instruction guide (multi-language large sheet) I paired and ran my iPod Touch 6 Generation with excellent sound quality. While playing Amazon prime music, I answered a call from the iPhone 6 – clear voice. I like the fact the -/+ sound, track buttons are large and easy to manipulate: the USB port for charging the iPhones, iPad Pro and/or iPod Touch is a neat feature. The Nyne system box fits a glass shelf with room for my iPod Touch – see photograph. Portability for travel is questionable. Sound quality is excellent as are the built in stuff. The system is reasonably priced for this quality, attractive, blue tooth patio (not water proof) type speaker doubling as backup battery, speakerphone with long playtime. A 1 year warranty – customer support @ 1-805-751-4812.Additional dataBuilt-in Active SubwooferBluetooth 4.0 Wireless Music Streaming with NFC Easy PairingBuilt in Microphone for Hands free CallingBuilt-in USB Charging, Built-in Concealed Carry HandleRechargeable Battery with 10 Hour Playtime

  380. mark

    Great bass. Good volume. Perfect on the boat.

  381. Paul L. Culton

    I recently purchased this item after returning a Bose Soundlink mini ($200). The Bose was not very loud and also not as clear as expected. For $200 I was expecting something much better. I know these items are two completely different sizes but the price range is similar. The NYNE speaker has excellent bass and is much louder than the Bose. I use this item to play along with my Roland electronic drum set. With the Bose I had to turn the amplifier way down. With this speaker I can turn the volume up as much as I want and I can still hear it. The other speakers I considered that would be in the same price range were the JBL Flip ($99.99) and the JBL Extreme ($299.99) which I have yet to hear. The JBL Flip looks to be more geared to someone who will carrying a speaker with them. Although similar in price, the sound on the JBL flip is surpassed by the NYNE in every aspect. I wouldn’t recommend the NYNE speaker for someone is going to carry the speaker around a lot. It states clearly in the instructions to not expose to dust or dirt. It is also pretty heavy for its size. The JBL Extreme seems very nice but was out of my price range and also seems geared more towards someone who will be toting it around often. That model is dirt and splash proof. It looks to be about the same size of the NYNE unit but is $200 more. I can’t imagine how the sound on the JBL Extreme speaker could be worth $300 in that small a package but I could be wrong. However, if I had more money and was going to be bringing a product to the beach and tailgates etc., I would definitely check out the JBL Extreme to see if its worth $300. If not, the NYNE can still be brought anywhere just not as easily for 1/3 the price.

  382. Roy

    ***Edited after living with this for a few weeks and listening to it most days:I have a Bluetooth speaker in most rooms of the house, and stream Bluetooth or AirPlay from my phone most of the time. This one has a big convenience problem in that it shuts itself off after a period of inactivity. None of my other speakers do this. Whenever I want to connect to this speaker I have to walk over to it and push the power button. I didn’t mark this speaker down for that initially because, although it’s weird, it didn’t seem like a big deal. As it turns out, it’s really annoying. The speaker also has a separate, at the speaker volume control that always resets itself to the lowest setting whenever it turns itself off. This is another thing that has turned out to be more annoying than anticipated. Finally, the bass is forward enough to be comical in a small room. It’s actually pretty nice outside doing some BBQ or floating around in the pool, but it’s rather extreme in a smaller than 15X20 room.After saying all of that, I CAN recommend this speaker specifically for outside listening, but this is NOT going to work if you plan to have this sitting passively in your bedroom, waiting for you to pair to it and listen. This is also not for you if you plan to put this in an inaccessible place like the top of a kitchen cabinet or under an end table.My initial impressions are below:Listening to some Clapton, War, Parliament, B.J. Shaver, Cruiskeen, Metallica, Jackyl, S.R. Vaughan, ZZ Top, Jerry C, and R. Gallagher… so summer BBQ guitar stuff.This is a small portable speaker that’s intended for use indoors and out, so the bass is really forward in a small room, but is fine out on the patio. Either way, it’s a bigger sound than you’re likely to get elsewhere from a powered Bluetooth speaker that’s built this well at this price.It’s a heavy thing, 5+ lbs, but it comes with a molded-in handle, so it’s not bad. Initial build quality is really nice. It’s got that “rubberized” coating that you may remember from ’95-’05 VW-Audi interiors that feels nice but wears off quickly. There’s a round hole, metal grill over the speakers. You also get a little aluma-paint on the end caps, which keeps the speaker from looking too stern and German-looking (I wouldn’t have been suprised by a Roland sticker on this thing). There are big chunky buttons across the top, giving the impression that a normal sized BT speaker design was “blown up” on the copy machine to produce this one.Battery life on the first charge was about 8 hours at moderate volume. It must have a ginormous battery to have been matched with the most imposing wall wart I’ve seen in recent memory at 1&3/4″ X 1&1/2″ X 3&1/2.” the charging port is sized and polarized to the standard 12V, so you can use anything you’ve got laying around up to 2500mA.Other ports include a USB port for charging your phone, and a 1/8″ TRS input jack. None of these have dust covers, but they are all in a row on a flat land, so 1″ gaffer tape (Gaffer tape leaves no residue) will seal ’em up nicely for the beach.Quirks:-There are two on-off switches. A two position slider on the back, and an illuminated momentary on top. It’s a good design, but I don’t understand going to the extra expense.-You can control volume from zero to ceiling on your connected BT device, but the speaker has a separate volume to set the ceiling. Most BT speakers don’t work this way. The speaker volume setting isn’t saved between power cycles. It’s a nice design, but weird, and an extra expense.

  383. Mona Lisa (M.W.)

    This speaker’s most notable feature is its sound quality, which (in my amateur opinion) is crisp, well-balanced, rich, and dynamic. Obviously, sound quality is paramount when choosing a speaker, but there are a couple features of this NYNE which could use improvement.The design is appealing and somewhat unique, in that the shape of its ends lend a sort of “organic” or sculptural look. It looks great sitting on a shelf and would mix well among books or decorative items. It’s very nicely crafted and the quality is seamless. I love the rubberized stands and control panel, which is very simple, nicely designed and a pleasure to use.This speaker is, however, is somewhat large for its sound output, but this may not be an issue for most. It has a built in recess in the back which functions as a handle for carrying. I find carrying it by the handle to be awkward and only comfortable to carry a short distance. The angle and depth of the recess are just not quite right for the heft of the speaker, which weighs in at almost 7 pounds. If you are carrying it out to your patio, this is fine, but if you’re carrying it a quarter mile down the beach, probably not.Another concern I have is how qualified this is for use outdoors. Looking at NYNE’s website and its pictures of happy folks jamming in the great outdoors, one might think you could bring this speaker along on a white water rafting adventure. However, nothing about water resistance is mentioned in the literature. I put in a query regarding this to customer service via email, in addition to calling them and received zero responses. I think if this speaker is being promoted for use outdoors, more information on those capabilities should be easily accessed.When I first connected my phone via Bluetooth, I was blown away at how quickly it synced up. I was able to stream Pandora almost instantly and I also found the range to be good, as it worked beautifully within a 30 ft range. I love the perk of using the NYNE as a speakerphone, and reception was flawless. I don’t like that if you’re streaming music and want to do anything else on your device, such as using the camera, it interrupts the stream. I also don’t like that it’s impossible to disconnect your device unless you turn off Bluetooth. I attempted this over and over and it would disconnect briefly and then instantly reconnect and sound off all of your device activity.Although I feel this speaker has great sound, and the glitches I mentioned could be overlooked because of that quality, I find the company’s accessibility and support to be questionable. I spent quite a bit of time on the website and also attempted to contact via phone to no avail. It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist behind the face of the website. They list literally hundreds of “partners” internationally, and yet it seems they don’t respond to customer queries on the site, nor are you able to register your product online, which is behind the curve in the realm of consumer support. The “literature” which accompanies the product is an infuriatingly giant piece of paper folded a thousand times, with each blurb of information written in a gazillion languages, making it very frustrating to navigate. NYNE could do a lot better to be available for their customers because now it feels nobody is standing behind this product. A customer’s experience with their product is largely affected by trust in its producer.This speaker has great sound, but could use some improvements in connectivity and customer support.

  384. Amazon Customer

    Very good sound that carry across the room or yard well. Love it.

  385. Dawn in Ohio

    I got this at Sam’s club for 79.99 plus tax after years of putting off getting a portable due to poor sound quality of most. This does not disappoint, it was like having my old school stereo system speakers again! Will update as I continue using.

  386. JakeInFla

    Amazing speaker! Lasted about a year though. Sound quality and bass response is amazing on this thing! My subwoofer just died though. I emailed their support who is an outsourced company. They quoted $80 plus shipping costs to send it in for repairs. I decided to just use it for classic rock on the patio and bought a Bumpboxx for the killer sound needs. Still, it’s a great speaker. Just don’t expect more than a year or so out of it. It go for the Sport.

  387. Amazon Customer

    I was so impressed with the one that I bought for myself, I bought another one as a surprise gift for my sister.

  388. B. Lowers

    I like it immensely if/when it keeps working – best sound EVER! I have owned three of these; two have failed; dead… after a few hours of use; no power after charging. Not user-serviceable. Nyne technical support is NONEXISTENT – I open a ticket, then they close my ticket automatically with NO resolution, multiple times. “Talk to the hand”.I am satisfied with the one Nyne Bass that (still) works, but generally I am not satisfied. Buy a UE. Great price; prompt delivery, as stated. When this Nyne Bass fails, I will buy an additional UE from Amazon.

  389. Amazon Customer

    Outstanding sound.

  390. Triathlon King of Pain

    Great produce; great seller!

  391. Amazon Customer

    Best bang for your buck, by far.

  392. fergs13

    Awesome speaker. Great for pumping outdoor movie audio.

  393. natural

    Very good product and that’s coming from a bass player.

  394. Jesse Baynard

    This is the “portable” speaker to get if you want deeper bass. It seriously outperforms my other two portable speakers in this price range (Phillips and Braven) in the bass department with moving air coming from the back that you can actually feel. It’s not as much bass as my (much bigger) home theater sub woofer, but it’s not too shabby. I loved the NFC pairing, it makes it so much faster to switch between phones then having to re-pair like I do with other Bluetooth devices, if both devices are on then it pairs with a tap (some phones have a confirmation prompt the first time). The battery also works very well, for both keeping itself powered throughout the night or as a charging source for your phone. Size is the biggest compromise for adding in a real sub woofer. They gave it a handle so it’s easy to carry, but it does take up quite a bit of space. So this isn’t a Bluetooth speaker that you simply tuck into your day bag, it’s more akin to the boomboxes of yesteryear. Finally, for solitary music enjoyment, I found that while the bass and treble were superior to the others, the mid-tones are not quite as rich as they are on the slightly more expensive Braven 805, but they are perfectly acceptable for social gatherings, movies, and shared experiences.So if you want great bass, in a mostly portable design, with great battery features, and easy pairing… then this is definitely the one to consider.

  395. Rick H

    This thing puts out a lot of room-filling sound and amazing bass for it’s relatively small footprint. Streaming Spotify (320 kbps) is more enjoyable than ever listening through this box. My only wish is that the soundstage could be wider, more outside the realm of the speakers and they would have something to really stand out from the crowd. I’m hoping this might improve the more I play it but as it sounds now is pretty darn good! The bass is just terrific, you’d think you were listening to something much larger if you didn’t know better. It’s a keeper!

  396. Amazon Customer

    The sound quality is great. The bass is pretty loud to some people but for me it’s perfect. The only con is probably it’s size when you compare it to other portable blue tooth speakers. I would recommend to anybody who parties!

  397. Hawker48

    Nice Bluetooth speaker- could use adjustments for bass- better outside but fine inside too. Nice carrying handle- most don’t have one.

  398. Amazon Customer

    The internal battery does not work for longer than 20seconds.

  399. Amazon Customer

    Thank you

  400. carlton smith



    This turned out to be the perfect wireless unit to sit atop my old Boston drivers, hidden behind the same brass reproduction Victorian screen. It’s especially convenient: portable power, minimal size, carry handle and superb battery life. Add easy setup, simple controls, top-notch build quality and the fact that connectivity was flawless over weeks of use.So, yes, the bass *is* amazingly capable. You can feel the puffs of air venting out of the unit. And the NYNE can do it at volume. In fact, turning up the volume gives the best balance across the freq. range – at lower volumes, the bass notes can dominate/muddle others.In a completely personal, overall comparison with a BOSE SoundTouch 20 (~ $350), the BOSE sounded cleaner, more often. Both instruments and voice were just a bit more distinct w/ the Bose. But, noting price, not 3 times more clean/distinct.The NYNE’s small footprint, sound accuracy (w/ bass emphasized) and incredible power/volume represents excellent value.Notes from listening to some tracks:Can’t Hurry Love – Phil CollinsThe highs seemed emphasized to the point of being tinny. High-hat and tambourine fail.House of Cards SoundtrackForeboding, ultra-low notes were haunting; dialog was crystal-clear.Roundabout – Yes (Chris Squire)I chose this track to over-indulge on a meaty bass line – and it was fantastic.But the high end, again, seems too bright. The amazing guitar intro had solid presence.Woke Up This Morning – Alabama 3An intimidating bass line, beautifully reproduced. Vocals get covered up a bit, though.The Look of Love – Dusty SpringfieldMy hard-wood floored parlour never sounded so good. This unit forces lows into rooms that normally kill it.

  402. King Maximus

    This is easily the best bluetooth speaker I’ve ever purchased and it rivals the Beats Boombox in sound, clarity and bass. The only problem is that a year later, the AUX jack stopped working and the original seller on Amazon has ignored my request for a copy of my invoice to send to Nyne for repairs (although it’s already out of warranty). It still works great as a bluetooth speaker, but it’s a shame I can’t plug in devices directly anymore.

  403. M. A. Reif

    This is pretty awesome, specially if you are a bass fan such as I. But it is not small. Sure it is easy to move around, it has a built in handle, but it still is about the size of a loaf of bread (basically). It feels solidly built, nothing flimsy or cheap. Ready to pair with. Nice indicators, easy to use buttons.

  404. Amazon Customer

    Best protable sound system for your money. Im not kidding when i say this thing packs a punch with bass. It will light up your work zone, your backyard party, heck if you want it to it will even wake up everyone on your block. Its is relatively lite weight.

  405. Iurii Gaisiuk


  406. phillip smith

    This is the third unit that I have bought from Amazon and I have bought the each used. I will also say they’re from Blinq a third-party provider that I would highly recommend. Everything I have ever received from them has been professionally packed and been spot-on. The unit came open box but everything was tape shot nice and neat. The unit itself looked as if it had never been used in fact the power was still off on the back. After easily sinking it up NFC to my smartphone it was quite easy to tell why this is a leading product! The sound is pure and full with a nice rich bass. The base is in proportion with the rest of the music it is not overwhelming or cheap sounding. This is a Hi-Fi device with microphone and phone features. You can change your phone with the USB port on the back while it’s playing. The 10 hour battery holds it’s own even when you drive the unit hard. Great for room to room, whole house, and outside. Turned all the way up this power House will blow your doors off. It also comes with a AUX cord for easy access. If your in the market for great Audio, you found it!! Buy with confidence. As far as the people having customer service problems on this page I just cannot speak to that that has not been my experience sorry.

  407. A. Dove

    Excellent Bluetooth speaker with great lows and clean highs. Speaker really provides that kick drum punch and bass line depth you look for with Classic rock, metal and punk.

  408. Amazon Customer

    Very rugged looking and a lot bigger than I had originally thought it would be. Only downside is it’s not really practical to take on the road. But the sound quality and base are spot on.For a speaker to leave at home this one is just perfect and very reasonably priced for the quality. Just leave a little counter space!

  409. Percolato

    Remember the old days, when smallish audio devices (boom boxes, etc.) sounded tinny and hollow? Well, those days are gone, and good riddance.This is the second portable bluetooth speaker I’ve owned, and it’s just outstanding. It connects easily right out of the box (with an iOS device, in my case) and the sound is simply outstanding. Big overall sound, big bass, excellent overall sound quality, easy-to-use controls, buttons for volume, forward, reverse, and phone (best-sounding speaker-phone you’ll ever use), a mini-stereo input, even a USB-charging port. Seriously, it’s everything I could want in a Bluetooth speaker, and more. Maybe someday people will think of more features to put on these things, but for now, I’m completely satisfied with this NYNE unit.

  410. Charles Irving

    Great bluetooth for the money.

  411. D

    Simply put, a great Bluetooth speaker. The sound is very clear, and the bass sounds tremendous. You can pair your devices such as laptop, smartphones, tablets. The range is very good, approximately 30 ft according to the manual, and the sound is very loud as well, not that big and easy to carry, well worth the purchase.

  412. Pierce Rounds

    I was actually pretty disappointed with this speaker. I really tried to like it, but it didn’t live up to its name. Sound seemed more muddy to me, and wasn’t all that clear. For having an active sub, it didn’t hit that hard. I have a H&K Onyx studio, and I was looking for something with more bass, but they are about comparable even though the onyx only has a passive woofer. The sound was also much more clear on my Onyx. I also had an issue where by Bluetooth would keep pairing every two or five minutes, which i couldn’t stand. Another thing to note, this this is also quite large, much larger than I was expecting. It also has a tricky power button which it has to be flipped on before the top power button works. It seems as if the switch would be for the battery bank, but it must be on for the top switch to get power. All in all, it was back with this one as I keep searching for something portable with better quality.

  413. Kindle Customer

    Love, love, love this speaker!! Bought it as a gift for my husband who keeps all his music on his android. He leaves the speaker plugged in all the time and just grabs it when he’s going to be working in the barn or on a movie set. He even took it with him to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to build a cabin! It has great sound and is pretty loud, especially in an enclosed barn. You lose some of the base and loudness when outdoors but it’s still great if it’s pointing right at you. The kids even use their phones with it when playing basketball outside and stuff! Well worth the price for a mid-range speaker. I’m not taking a star off for it because it’s so minor to us but the only complaint we have is that the power button light is so dim we often don’t realize it’s still on till we go to plug it in and it chimes at us. No big deal since we plug it in all the time but it could be a problem for people who don’t.

  414. David

    Great sound!

  415. steptide

    I’ve only owned this a short time, but I love it. The sound quality is great. It’s small enough that you can easily move it from room to room, but not so small that the sound suffers like some smaller Bluetooth stereo systems. I was going to originally purchase the bose Bluetooth speaker, but after comparing price and sound I chose this one. Well worth the investment

  416. Gollux

    This speaker worked great until a couple of days ago. I’ve tried everything and can’t seem to get it it turn on! The light is green so it is clearly charged. I’ve had the speaker for a little over a year but I expected it to work longer than this for the price. Very unhappy.

  417. Thor

    I’ve had one of these for a couple years, and just recently bought a second one for one of my children. Excellent sound, battery lasts a long time.

  418. M. Lee

    This thing effing rocks. It’s a bit bigger than I was expecting, large shoe-box size, but still quite portable and even has a recessed carry handle so it maintains its sleek look. The charge station for your phone is a nice touch as well. But how does it sound? Indoors, you can rock till you drop. It’s all you need. The bass will cause you to pause and appreciate it. Outside, it’s still quite impressive and your friends will still want to know where they can get one, but you’d need two of them to get really loud outside. But for several friends barbecuing in the backyard? It’s more than sufficient. College keg party? Not as much. A single charge delivers the promised ten hours of playtime.

  419. Steve Gomez

    Great speaker. Bass is better than any other portable bluetooth speaker I’ve heard. I’m a mechanic and use this in the shop. Super loud, super clear sound with nice bump. Blows everyone else’s speakers away.

  420. Eric Campbell

    The perfect speaker for compact stage monitor for small jazz or rock artists. Also very good for my MIDI windsynth that I use to control soundbanks on my iPad Pro. Although for the latter I use the AUX input to minimize lag. Best speaker for the money.

  421. bODYbOD

    Overall excellent sound. A little more volume would be great. Also a remote would enhance the device. That being said after having the unit for 2 dsys I am going to exchange because powering up does not work properly consistently. Have to fumble with the power buttons more than I think would be normal.

  422. Bazuro

    Wow. I’ve owned and reviewed quite a few Bluetooth speakers, and until now haven’t been familiar with the NYNE brand name. Maybe that explains why this speaker, an excellent performer with a swath of convenient features, is priced at less than half what I’d expect it to cost if it were offered by UE or JBL?First off — this is a dedicated speaker. Sure, it’s somewhat portable, but this isn’t a speaker you’re going to be cramming into your backpack’s water bottle sleeve for a bike ride. This is more of a dorm room, patio, or living room speaker. Powerful enough to get the job done unless you need multi-room thumping audio, but portable enough to move from room to room, or toss in your car, without a struggle.Battery life is adequate, but it doesn’t live up to competitors like the UE Megaboom (which I own) – but it doesn’t have to, as this isn’t meant to be a high-endurance travel speaker.Audio quality is excellent. I’d say it surpasses my Megaboom in raw output as well as richness of bass, at the expense of being less portable. The closest thing I can compare the bass to is my old TDK A34 – that thing was a bass MACHINE, but had dismal battery life.A really welcome feature is the international adapters. You can bring this along if you’re doing a study abroad term or on extended business travel, and it doubles as a stereo AND a power-adapted phone / tablet charging hub. Can’t complain about that. The cord design is stylish, a nice change from the crappy generic black plastic cords you get with a lot of non-premium accessories.NFC and the inclusion of a classic 3.5mm aux jack are nice touches and give this device added convenience and applicability.While this may not have the portability or water / dust / shock resistance of the UE megaboom or Fugoo XL, this speaker offers what I consider to be superior audio output, at a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking for a bang-for-the-buck single room Bluetooth speaker, look no further.

  423. College Sheep

    I toured with DCI in the summer of 2015 as the lead synth, and have generally been that snooty audiophile who yells at people when I hear an issue with their sound system that nobody else in their right mind would possibly ever notice, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got this speaker for Christmas and had absolutely no problems with it. While it is obviously not going to do as much as a full sound setup would a la home theater, it absolutely fills the need for what I call a “room filler”. Running it through the THX Optimizer sound test (also known as that really cool sound theaters used to make to show off their fancy surround sound) at full volume left me rather surprised as it completely handled the full sound range. This speaker is admittedly rather a niche product as it is rather excessively heavy and large for a portable speaker, and not going to be the life of a party outdoors, but for a dorm room or the like it is phenomenal. There is no bottling of sound thanks to the aforementioned size, and it has a very wide cone in which the sound is sent out, somewhere in the 80 degree range.Not perfect for every situation, but a budget speaker for a dorm room.

  424. keep the faith

    Dare I say the best bass under $100! I’ve been watching the price on this speaker for three months. A local wholesale Club dropped the price to $80 and I pulled the trigger. Everything is operational and no physical damage. Full rich sound and clear highs. I understand why this model is called BASS!. If your your shopping for a solid, great value bluetooth speaker look no further. Knocked off 1 star because of Port noise at maximum volume. Stop procrastinating and buy it. Merry Christmas

  425. Toni

    This speaker is amazing. It has surround sound no matter where you place it. It lasts for ever without needing to be charged again. You can use this outside and indoors and have an amazing sound experience. I’m very picky when it comes to speaker sound quality, so take this advice from me, you will not be disappointed! Sometimes depending on the song though it will have static if you turn it up all the way up, so make sure your music is legit LOL. You will not be disappointed and it arrived within a week for me. Very pleased! Great product & seller.

  426. Primo

    I’m not a Bose fan. I have family that has Bose products and I had received a Bose portable speaker in the past. It works fine for classical or opera, but I found that it neuters most other music making it quite bland. I prefer that the music I listen to has a little more bass. Not overpowering, but it should have some thump when the music calls for it. After reading some reviews this unit seemed to be something that might work for me.Pros:1. The unit is solid, not too big making it portable and not too small limiting its sound.2. Good loudness/sound projection. Sound could be heard 25 feet away.3. Buttons are a good size, clear but without breaking up the visual esthetic.4. Worked with my iPhone 7, my older iPhone 4s and my iPad mini2. No problems transmitting music 25 feet away with clear view and no issues 15 feet away thru one wall.Cons:1. More of a nitpick. The unit is good for picnics and patio or pool parties. Its not the kind of thing that you can easily throw into your backpack and take on a plane. The size and weight brings with it some limitations. I found the handle to be more awkward than useful.2. Now the sound…I found it to be extremely unbalanced. It seemed tuned only for highs and lows tending to drown out the mids. I found the bass to be muddy sounding and the highs pitched too far up. There was a definite lack of detail in the mid range.The unit just sounded bad and was a big disappointment. Since I was looking for something in a home environment the portability aspect was not a big requirement just a bonus. I think I will instead look for a pair of solid bookcase speakers with more options for controlling bass and treble to adjust the sound to my tastes. Again its possible I got a bad unit, but I don’t feel like sending another one back.

  427. Donald B.

    Bought this over a year ago. LOVE IT! I’m a musician. Most portables do not capture a “full” sound especially the bass. It is a tad weak on highs but more than compensates with the full sound. I liked it so much I bought a Nyne Sport Bass. I’m not convinced it sounds quite as good but everyone who hears the two speakers tell me they sound alike. I also bought a Bose and took it back. Did not even come close to the sound of the Nyne Bass Never had a problem with battery running down. For the price you can not beat this.

  428. ron

    Bluetooth connection cuts in and out too often to love this thing

  429. Yarmaine Guy

    As expected When I first reviewed this fantastic speaker, A Subwoofer, (Never a let down :)Already Done a review So yea.

  430. Amazon Customer

    The best speaker ever! Definitely deserves 5 stars

  431. Gerardo

    Best Bluetooth speaker out by far!

  432. Kasela Young

    Very loud and great speaker. This speaker is a lot better than most expensive name brands for example “the pill by dr beats” which i own as well.

  433. Nancy Her

    Love the base! It gets you in the mood to dance and it’s very loud. Great for a party.I ordered the black one for my brother because he usually likes listening to music with a loud base. Unfortunately he barely uses it. On the other hand, my sister also loves listening to music with a loud base so she uses it sometimes.

  434. AD3

    A bit bass(y), but sound is very good.

  435. S. Davis

    I just received my speaker today. I purchased from, an Amazon subsidiary, last week at a great price I plugged it up and paired with my iPad. The sound is awesome! I intentionally played music with lots of bass, and I am amazed at the sound from such a small speaker. I purchased based on my listening to my daughter’s red Bass, the discontinued one. The only difference I can see is the color. The other difference is AC/battery power and wired & wireless feature. I love the sound! I am keeping my Echo Dot and pairing with this speaker. Don’t need another Echo now.

  436. TJ

    This is by far one of the better speakers I’ve ever had. Bass is great, sound is amazing, but I think I blew my speaker. Otherwise it’s been great!

  437. Karen G. Fruits

    This was a Christmas Gift for my son and he absolutely LOVES IT!!!

  438. KEVIN

    Awesome little speaker. It has a little weight but it is worth it. Bass and clarity is very good compared to some name brand speakers. Took it to a job site and had to order another one for a co worker. Not extremely loud but it does fill the room.

  439. Jose F.

    I love this.Great sound.we use it all the time.

  440. Eric M.

    I love this speaker. For the price it’s hard to find a better value. Sounds awesome and has good bass for a battery powered speaker. Only down side is the bass drops off when you get too loud. Other that that it’s great. Also has the ability to charge a usb device. Has a good battery life, at least 4 hrs but haven’t run it to read. If mine dies all defiantly get another.

  441. Dewayne C.

    I would like to start off by saying that up until about a month ago I absolutely loved this speaker! Up until that moment we used the speaker at least a few times a week outside and at our pool, but it was never anywhere near the water.The problem started when the unit was about 5 months old and it stopped staying connected to any Bluetooth device that we tried to hook it to, Android, Apple, Samsung, and even a work issue Blackberry (don’t ask, ha). This even happened when it was plugged into the wall outlet.I signed on to the manufacturer’s website to request some more information on a possible reset and they gladly offered me an RMA number to return the product since it was within 6 months old and the warranty was for a year. I was super excited even though it cost $29 to ship to them.Then, wah wahh, wahhh.They basically said that they tested the product and there was nothing wrong. This happened the day that I contacted them and within a few hours. I requested that it be tested a second time at which point it was supposedly tested for two days. Of course, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it even though every other complaint that you see on here is the exact same thing.We are now in an e-mail battle over what is going to happen next, and I hope that they realize that customer service is important and $100 speakers should not be disposable after 5 months. I will update my review once I get a final response.*******10/17/17 update: Received my perfectly fine, “no issues” unit back in a nice new shipping container with a brand new charger (Which is weird since I sent the original charger back with the unit and it was in perfect condition). I plugged it in for two days to charge up, and upon my first use the unit started having the same issues. Drops bluetooth connection anytime unit is unplugged, even when its fully charged, and this is still happening on Apple, Samsung and Droid bluetooth units. Will post video shortly. Absolutely flabbergasted!

  442. West HIlls Rich

    As soon as I fired it up with my phone’s music app in front of my wife, she had to have one for herself. So, I ordered another immediately. The audio range is impressive with great bass (that I demand) and very clean highs for such a portable, stand-alone speaker. The price is very reasonable. Great product!

  443. paul

    Bass is quality. Use it everyday at work to give the old radio a much better sound. Usb charge port don’t work but not much need for it anyhow.

  444. Amazon Customer

    The battery lasts long, the sound is good but the speaker has a mind of its own. It only turns on when it wants to and some time not at all. To turn it off I have to hit the switch as opposed to pressing the button. I can only depend on a good quality of sound less then half of the time so It’s not a good quality speaker overall.

  445. Disco Inferno

    Speaker sounds great!Bought on July 4, 2015 Stopped working about a month ago. Couldn’t figure out why. It would turn on, but then immediately shut off. Found an old charger that would fit it. Plugged it in, and working great again. I’m guessing a lot of the problems people are having with the speaker not working anymore, are faulty chargers.

  446. Moonshiner

    Advertise as having a small 1/4 inch size scratch. Arrived looking like it was a nuclear bomb survivor. Sent back and never hooked it up

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