Bass Pro

Meet our upgraded version of everyone’s favorite speaker.
(40 customer reviews)
(40 customer reviews)

Bass Pro

Meet our upgraded version of everyone’s favorite speaker.

The Bass Pro comes with an improved sound quality, rubberized finish, light up buttons and increased Bluetooth syncing distance.


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We’ve improved sound quality and added 67 feet to the Bluetooth syncing distance, for a total range of 100 feet. The Bass Pro is also IPX rated, so you don’t have to worry about getting a little flour or splash from the kitchen sink on the speaker. To expand the dance floor, use the AUX-out connector to daisy chain multiple speakers, syncing them for an even bigger sound!

The unit’s back-lit control panel provides easy night viewing and the battery level indicator lets you track how much juice is left, but with the Bass Pro’s 12-hour play time, that shouldn’t be an issue. Of course, the Bass Pro still includes the great features of the Bass, like a built-in microphone, hidden carrying handle for convenient portability, and 4 interchangeable worldwide plugs for international travel.

Key features

Built-In Hidden Carry Handle for Max Portability

The Bass Pro comes with a hidden carrying handle so you can conveniently transport the speaker with you, wherever you go.

IPX Splash-proof Design

Hanging out by the pool and want to listen to music? We’ve got you covered! The Bass Pro is IPX rated with splash-proof technology so you don’t have to worry.

Daisy Chain Multiple Speakers with AUX-Out

If the Bass PRO alone isn’t loud enough for you, this speaker comes with an AUX-Out feature that allows you Daisy Chain multiple speakers together. Now you can really jam out.

NFC Tap to Pair Technology

The Bass PRO’s tap to pair technology makes pairing your devices simple! Just touch any Bluetooth device to the speaker to connect.

Built-In Microphone for Hands-Free Calling

Need both hands but on the phone? Our Bass PRO speaker come with a built-in microphone that lets you keep the conversation going.


Product Data Sheet Insert

Download Data Sheet (PDF) File Size: 277 KB

Quick User Guide

Download User Guide (PDF) File Size: 16 MB


Bluetooth with up to 100 feet
3.5mm AUX-in
AUX-out for Daisy Chaining
NFC for simplified pairing


Rechargeable battery with 12 hours playtime


2.1 System With Two Active Drivers + an active Subwoofer


Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
Built-in Powerbank
Hidden carrying handle
4 interchangeable worldwide plugs
Backlit Control Panel
Battery Level indicator


13.5" x 7" x 6.25"


1 quick user guide
3.5 mm AUX-in cable
Universal AC Adapter with 4 interchangeable worldwide plugs

User review

(40 customer reviews)
  1. audrey frances

    I hate trying to set up sound systems and electronics. You can do a hundred steps right. but one little button is off and nothing works. It’s 50% setup and 50% troubleshooting. There are a bajillion kinds of cables and nowadays things are wifibluetoothwirelessairportmode I have no idea and couldn’t care less. I just want to plug something in and have it work.This is not quite that easy to set up but it wasn’t too bad. I got it figured out eventually. It took me about twenty minutes. I think it wuld take a competent person five. First, plug in the device. It comes with a charging cable and four adapters to fit almost any international outlet. Then go to your laptop or smartphone and make sure Bluetooth is enabled. If you go to the devices menu the Nyne Bass Pro should show up. Click on it to pair the two. The Nyne beeps when they’re synced. This all went pretty smoothly but then I couldn’t get the sound to come out of the Nyne, though all the lights were lit. I turned it off and on a few times, and it blinked and beeped encouragingly .. but no Pink Floyd. After a while it dawned on me to restart the laptop, which I did, and when I started it back up the music did, indeed, blareth forth. Or something like that.The controls are intuitive, well placed, brightly lit and waterproof, and a back panel includes ports for charging or a hard connect to a device. A five-light gauge shows the charge. You can charge your device too.The sound quality is brilliant. You can crank it up and it still sounds great. You can turn it down low and the notes are distinct. The highs are clear and the bass is sublime. I always like a lot of bass and am rarely happy with speakers in that regard but this is terrific. It beats my laptop speakers by a million percent.The speaker is waterproof and, at eight pounds, is highly portable, with a comfortable handle, but not small enough to get lost. The sound quality is worth the weight. This would be great to take on a picnic, to the beach, on your porch or in the back yard, even the car. The signal should carry for 100 ft, though I haven’t tested that yet. You can answer the phone and it will act as a speaker phone, pausing the music. I have gotten this to work .. sort of. Will update.The instructions are intimidating, folding out to a huge paper filled with instructions, double-sided. I was not anxious to attempt this. But it turns out the instructions are in about sixteen languages. The part you actually need to read is fairly short — but the manual is NOT that friendly. Don’t let it scare you! You can do this!The sound is worth it.

  2. Terresa

    Good speaker but the older model had a way more thick sound to it. I would have thought the bass pro would have more bass.update…bought this in July, the speaker no longer charges or even turns on. I LOVED the original one, not sure what the problem with thsi version is


    Item sounds good, connect good but for some reason my first one came defective and didnt want to charge after a few uses I ordered a replacement so back to 4**** rating now I just wish I hadn’t paid for this item at all or at least got my money back come on it’s like throwing away $120+ now that my replacement just got the same issue and now I won’t get a replacement or my money what a waist of money and time sorry hope you get good luck if u purchase this item I really suggest you don’t that’s why I took the time to write this review

  4. Jamie

    I’ve tried more than my fair share of Bluetooth speakers with six kids, five bedrooms, a den, an office, a pool, and a workout room. Needless to say I like to have them strategically placed throughout the house. It takes quite the product to make me raise an eyebrow and take notice, which is exactly what this did. The bass can’t be blasted at full volume without some distortion but I can get it loud enough to get my heart pumping during workouts and cleaning sprees as well as laps in the pool (love the splashprof feature). While Bluetooth speakers come in a wide range of price points and quality levels, I have to say you get quite a bit of bang for your buck with this one. I actually prefer it to my $800 Sony model (even if it’s not as pretty).If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t miss those lows and doesn’t distort till you hit almost full volume l definitely recommend this product. It’s probably the best speaker solution with real bass that I’ve found in this price point.

  5. l2

    This is a big heavy Bluetooth speaker, easily the biggest one that I own. It is 13 inches wide and 6.5 pounds heavy (according to my scale). The photo shows the size of the NYNE speaker compared to second biggest Bluetooth speaker that I own, a Sony SRS-XB30 which is 9 inches long and 2 pounds. The Sony costs about the same as the NYNE speaker.Comparing these 2 speakers, the NYNE is much louder at the maximum usable volume (before the distortion becomes annoying). The Sony, however, gives me better clarity and the Sony does have a usable bass booster feature for those times when you want some thump-thump with your music. The NYNE speaker can fill a good sized room with music at a good volume. The Sony isn’t loud enough to do that, although Sony lets you sync multiple speakers to spread the music over a larger area (at extra cost for each speaker, of course). NYNE has no multi-speaker Bluetooth capability.The NYNE is bulky enough that I’m not going to carry it with me for day-to-day use (even with the built-in carry handle). However, it is great for times when you need more volume, like an outdoor party or picnic with a good sized group. Both the Sony and NYNE speakers have rubberized exteriors and water resistance to protect them from abuse, which you’re going to get from outdoor use and carry in your car. Neither speaker comes with a carrying case to keep them clean (unfortunately).Yes, the huge NYNE multi-language instruction sheet is a hassle, but it really does not say much. If you’ve used any kind of Bluetooth device in the past, the only thing you need the instructions for is how to use the on/off switch and how to charge it. There are no special features like an equalizer or bass booster or multi-speaker Bluetooth syncing that you find in some other speakers.Both the NYNE and my Sony use non-standard chargers instead of the USB cables you that your phone uses. I hate having to keep track of all these chargers. The batteries in these speakers are not tremendously bigger than what an ipad uses so I don’t know why that can’t use a more standard charger.5 stars because the price is reasonable for the usable volume of this speaker. If you don’t plan on using the speaker at maximum volume, however, I think a smaller speaker will be much more practical for you.

  6. tim can

    Unlike many of the reviewers here I am not discerning enough to tell a muddled bass from weak upper tones etc. I do however know when a speaker sounds good and this one does and will fill a room or an outdoor area with your music. The only real negative I can find is the volume adjustment steps move is large segments and one that is too soft can be too loud on the next step up. It is not a huge issue as you can adjust the sound finer using your source device. The builtin carry handle could either be deeper r have a better ledge for fingers.Over all this is a great portable speaker although i say portable with the disclaimer that this weights several pounds

  7. Sidarta Tanu

    Nyne Bass Pro Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a nice bluetooth portable speaker. It is big and heavy but it does also have a decent power volume which is nice. For the size and weight I kind of hoping for a more powerful bass however, and the treble is not as crisp as other popular brand like Sony or Bose but then the price of this NYNE speaker isn’t as expensive either. Pairing range is quite good so you can leave the speaker on one spot (as it is bulky to carry around) and you can walk around without having to worry the connection will get cut out. It is easy to pair and make sure you switch the power button to on to charge (one of the few speaker out there that has 2 different power button/switch and both need to be on to charge and also operate/activate). The LED power indicator is also nice so you now when it’s almost time to charge the speaker again. All in all this is a decent outdoor bluetooth speaker.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Okay, so here is my review of the new NYNE BassPro.Pros:Excellent sturdy build, with a rubberized coating, metal speaker screen, and solid hatch door that opens to reveal ports and more.Very large, easy to push buttons on the top of the unit.Has battery indicator lights.Easy pairing, just turn on and it is automatically in BT pairing mode. Also has NFC.Good safe packaging. Unit is well protected during transport.Loud clear sound.Rechargeable battery built in, can also charge your USB devices.Cons:Documentation needs to be simplified and made into a neat little book or pamphlet. Instead they are GIANT folded sheets (2x) and a smaller one in Arabic?, way over complicated. Just a simple one page “quick start” guide would be great. But, too much information is better than no information, so its fine.The charger is also over complicated by including multiple world plugs that attach onto the AC unit. This may be good for some, BUT they are made of plastic, and if broken you are pretty much out of luck and need to get a replacement. For something that is built on “toughness”, the AC charger should also be simple and tough. I do not plan on bringing this “large” speaker on a trip overseas to Europe, Asia, or whatever. It will stay around my home so it should only have a US plug for units sold for the US market. Of course, no stars will be deducted because some people will see this as a wonderful feature if you do travel with this big unit….Sound: Okay, sound is VERY SUBJECTIVE, I personally like “bass heavy” speakers and music. Especially since this will be primarily used for my garage gym. I want loud, clear, bass heavy beats to power me through my workouts. I would rate the sound a B+++ to an A-. The bass could be much heavier, I have the Bose Soundlink II which is 1/8th the size of this NYNE BassPro and honestly, it produces much lower lows, BUT because of its size, the volume cannot compare to the NYNE unit. Not even close. The NYNE speaker can be cranked up and it is loud and clear, just not as bass heavy as the name would imply… (at least to me).Overall, I will get some great use out of this! Its rechargeable, so it’s convenient to move around the garage, to outside my garage, etc. I doubt I will utilize the “water resistance ability” since I do not have a pool. For the price, its a good deal, not a “great” deal, or a “must buy”… but it will certainly serve its purpose for me.

  9. Bob Feeser

    I have the NYNE Edge Rugged 7 Wide Weatherproof Bike/Portable Bluetooth Speaker which is a small compact unit that puts out a really nice sound, comes with bicycle mounts but I use it in the kitchen for pairing with my Amazon Echo dot with Alexa for music etc. It sounds significantly better than the inexpensive Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker : Louder Volume 10W+, More Bass, Water Resistant, Perfect Speaker for Golf, Beach, Shower & Home (Black) I bought that one as a gift for my brother. Oontz is number one seller at only a third of the price of the small NYNE. All of these are price performance leaders but this really is an example of you get what you pay for.The NYNE 7 is in my kitchen, and I turn it on to automatically to pair with my echo Dot and have Alexa play the music of my choice. This Bass Pro is way better than the 7 though. Not that it has thunderous exaggerated bass, but rather just the right amount of bass that mates up well to the truly incredible high end quality tweeter sounds and very, very nice mids. If you are an audiophile you are going to love this. I have not heard such good upper end in many devices.It is distortion free even when you turn up your Amazon Fire tablets volume to 10. That is a big gee due in part from them limiting the volume output. Why push the amp to distortion? Why not have it go to a very loud setting without having to go over? Great engineering is the reason.The fact that this is rechargeable and you can carry it with you anywhere. Here is the kicker. At first I was thinking it’s a shame I can take my echo Dot with me portably, even though I know there are portable batteries available, then it dawned on me. I now have Alexa through my fire tablet. I can take my 6″ tablet anywhere. Or I can take a huge song file with me in my cell phone and play it anywhere. Not only be able to play it, but also when a call comes in I can take it right through the NYNE Bass Pro. All of a sudden it makes this a super wow. I can even charge up my cell phone on the road right from it as well. If you don’t have Bluetooth in your car this is a great way to have it. You have arrived. Since it is battery operated when charged you can place this in your back seat. When the phone rings it cuts off the music automatically, and you can answer the call. It has a built in microphone so the caller can hear you as well. Portable Bluetooth for music and phone all integrated into one system.I experienced a tad of frustration trying to pair this Nynex Bass Pro. In the fold out directions which are vast because all foreign languages are placed on the shame sheet with very small fonts they have a simple instruction for pairing. They have the words Bluetooth and on with a finger pointing to them, and no mention whatsoever of the fact that you have to hold down the telephone symbol on the Nynex until it starts to blink. Some devices go into pairing mode when you boot them up; not this one. So hold down the phone symbol button on the top and then hit discoverable Bluetooth on your device. Bingo it works.The Bluetooth range is advertised as being 100 feet. I put it to the test in the house and at between 40 and 50 feet it started to break up. That is going through a couple of walls and other electronic devices such as a Wi-Fi router in the path. However it is stronger than other Bluetooth signals that poop out at 29 or 30 feet with a clear line of sight. The bottom line is that this has an excellent range for connecting.I am absolutely in love with this unit. Great sound.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I love it

  11. JK

    This is mighty fine Bluetooth speaker, especially when used outside. The sound range is excellent as advertised. And the set-up and use couldn’t be any easier – it’s totally plug-and-play, including the pairing with your Bluetooth device.The most impressive feature is definitely the sound. We listen to a variety of genres of music and this speaker handles the most delicate music (think a classical solo piano piece) to thunderous heavy metal without losing it on either end of the highs or lows. Even with a backyard full of people this speaker put the music out beautifully, which really added to the ambiance.The range is advertised as being 100 ft., for both the sound and the Bluetooth range, is true. So you can stream from your cell phone to the device, but you can keep your phone on your person instead of leaving lying around – so awesome as it prevents party guests from helping themselves to your phone and tinkering around with your tunes!I listen to music while working and while it was a bit weird at first, I now really love and appreciate the ability for this speaker to act as a speaker phone, if you’ve ever tried to type while cradling a cell phone, you know exactly what I mean. Those on the other end of the call also hear good sound, not a tinny, crummy speaker phone sound. There is a button on top that looks like a phone handset, just press and start talking. You can keep typing or doing whatever you were doing and you don’t have to be on top of the device to use it as a speaker. I have the speaker sitting about 10 feet away from my desk and I can talk in a normal voice when using it as a speaker phone.There is a built-in rechargeable battery, which will last 12 hours. I played it all day while working then into the evening and the battery never did exhibit signs of low juice. Nearly every other Bluetooth speaker we own only lasts from 2-4 hours, with this speaker, you don’t have to pre-plan for access to an outlet.There is also an Aux-out jack and the unit includes an Aux-in cable so you can daisy chain another Bluetooth device. There is also a built-in microphone so you can broadcast to your guests, kids, hubby, or whomever whatever you need. Since the sound is huge, they’ll hear it!!My only beef, is the instructions. It’s one of those large single sheets. It’s not even the size but the organization and the fact that it folds like a map (you know, the kind that you have to keep unfolding and refolding until you find the right sequence – ugh!). The organization makes it a little difficult to read through. I understand this is a truly international product (you even get a handful of adapters) so the instructions include 10 languages, but if you are relatively inexperienced using Bluetooth devices, you will likely find this frustrating. Luckily the device is quite intuitive to use, including the Bluetooth pairing, so hopefully you won’t need the instructions.

  12. Lori Everson

    I can’t give it 5 stars because when other blue tooth speakers are getting smaller and maintaining sound, this one goes the other direction. Its a full 13x7x6 and all of 9 lbs. Now it is pretty sturdy and easy to keep a hold of. Its surface is rubbery and easy to grip. Battery life seems like for ever and when in doubt you can check remaining life at a touch of a button. Range seems compatible with other blue tooth devices I own. This just isn’t something you’d carry around in your backpack. probable best suited for boating.

  13. Roxanne D. Pryor

    Great sound!

  14. Shannon Zolar

    Great speaker – easy to connect and plays music LOUD – if you want it loud. It carries well also.Other things I love – the ‘legs’ – i like that it has its own legs so can sit a little up wherever you use it. The little hand-hold on the back makes it easy to grab and go if you decide to move to another location.Good speaker, great physical features and so far great electrical functionality as well.enjoy the party!

  15. E. Kay

    I was surprised by the size and weight of this speaker as soon as I opened the box. It’s a bit heavy to make it very portable, but it can be carried around in a large bag nonetheless. Also, there is a notch in the back of the speaker that makes it relatively easy to carry from place to place. I own 3 other portable speakers that essentially fit in the palm of your hand. And while those small speakers do a pretty good job of putting out some sound, nothing really compares to the sound that this speaker generates. I used the aux cord that was included to connect it to my computer and the sound is unbelievable. My computer speakers by themselves aren’t really very good, but when the sound comes through this speaker, it is rich, deep and amazing. I maxed out the volume several times to see how well it would perform. The bass is really very good and there is no sound distortion when the volume is increased. I played several songs with my bluetooth mp3 player and it also worked perfectly. The sound is so good, it’s like the band is playing in my living room. While I like my small speakers for their portability, I’m quite spoiled by this speaker’s sound quality.

  16. JJ

    Bass is muffled at higher volumes. Not very loud unless the source volume is all the way up and speaker volume up high. The midrange is dull, vocals are not crisp. Highs are better but overall sound is lacking. For the size of this thing was expecting much better sound. My brothers Google home sounds way better. And while the lit up controls look neat they are like a night light and light up the whole room. Wanted to use this with my echo dot in bedroom but it’s too darn bright. .. Build quality is good . upgraded my review to 3 stars .its bassy which is good but its also a curse as it hurts the midrange a lot. Vocals sound like there is a sock stuffed over the speaker.It does stay on all the time ,does not go into sleep or standby mode which is good with the echo dot.

  17. jj

    This BassPro Bluetooth portable speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery. Bluetooth is quick and easy to connect at least it was on my iPhone. The control buttons are back lit making it east to see in any light but wish it could be dimmed or shut off so the lights are not so anoying at night while I’m resting, they light up my room. Sound is good but not as goos as the NYNE Bass portable Bluetooth Speaker, I have both and like the sound of the non-Pro Model.

  18. LUCK

    The first thing you will notice about this speaker? It is big! And it is heavy!The next things you’ll notice:* The sound is very high quality. They’ve used the big size to deliver a deep, rich sound quality – outstanding for the price.* The build quality is very high. I’ve only just gotten the speaker, but it feels like this will last a very long time. The build is much more solid than other bluetooth speakers that cost quite a bit more.* It’s built with portability in mind. It features a handle that makes it easy to move it between rooms, take it outside next to the firepit, bring camping, or take along to the beach.* You can see the buttons. If you’re under 40 this may sound silly. But if you can’t quite see things as well as you used to, you’ll appreciate the large back-lit buttons on this.* It’s also a charger. If you’re out and about and streaming music from your phone, you’ll appreciate not only the long battery life on this unit, but also the ability to plug your phone in the get a charge from it as well. Personally, I LOVE this feature.* You can add speakers. If you’ve already got other speakers that you want to link with this one, it includes an audio-out jack that you can plug into the aux/input jack on another speaker.Most of the time, this sits in my home office. But we’ll be taking it onto the patio, into the back yard and on roadtrips too. The only downside is that it is too big to take on airplane trips – but that is more than offset by the quality and features.

  19. Eric Sammons

    First off, I wasn’t expecting this to be so BIG! When I saw “bluetooth speaker,” I just assumed it would be a handheld speaker, like most. This thing is massive! It is clearly intended to be set up in a house and stay where it is set up.The sound quality is good for this speaker, but I wouldn’t say it is great. It obviously can go louder than the smaller speakers, but I didn’t notice a major difference in the quality of the sound from this speaker.The directions for this speaker are a joke, however. There are multiple sets of directions, which are each a massive piece of paper folded about 100 times. They seem to include almost every language on the planet, but somehow didn’t make it clear how to set the speaker for pairing (simply hold the power button until it turns white).Also, I didn’t like how the speaker loses its connection after use, even if it is plugged in. I had it paired with my wife’s iPad and was listening to music on it. But when I went to play music the next day on her iPad, I had to go over to the speaker and hold the (now red) power button to re-pair it. It seems to me that if it is plugged in, it should be able to pick up the connection again automatically (like other speakers I own do).All in all, an average product.

  20. Art Thompson

    Plenty of sound. At 6 1/2 pounds it is more like an old boombox than the thousands of modern small Bluetooth speakers that are available at Amazon.I hope the video gives you some idea of the sound quality. It was recorded with my LG G4 phone.

  21. electriccafe

    I love this speaker and wanted to give it 5 stars but couldn’t. Here are my thoughts while comparing it to a Bose Soundlink-I:LIKES:Excellent sound quality, compares very well to the Bose though treble is slightly less present.Loud volume level similar to the Bose, but with more low-end bass volume. Size matters here.Great build quality. Feels durable. All surfaces are rubbery except for the metal speaker grille.Excellent top controls arrangement. Large rubbery buttons are always brightly lit when unit is on.Excellent rear panel controls and ports. Test button with a 5-LED meter to indicate battery status.Battery lasts *many* days on standby, even when the rear switch is left ‘On’. *Much* better than Bose SL-I.Good speakerphone, though moderate mic sensitivity requires that you don’t wander far when speaking.Bluetooth is simple to pair and re-link without hesitation.DISLIKES:Outdoors, the connection broke up after only 15-20 feet using my iPhone 5S. It’s solid indoors, but then I’m always within 12′. Disappointing because I get better range with the Bose.(UPDATE-1: Distance isn’t any better with my Ipad Air. I don’t even get the normal 33-foot Bluetooth distance)(UPDATE-2: Upgraded my phone from iPhone 5S to a 7S. Distance increased slightly to about 30-33′. Still nowhere near the claimed 100′ but at 30′ I find it much more usable)OVERALL:I really like the build of the NYNE Bass Pro. I don’t care that it’s bigger, it’s the sound that’s important and it’s still quite portable. I’m very pleased with the brightly lit control pad and the fact that the battery lasts so long when left in standby. For the money, you can’t go wrong (if distance isn’t an issue). (I’m hoping to find an answer to that)Now that I’ve experienced the BassPro’s long standby battery life (rear switch ON, top switch OFF), I’m unimpressed with the standby battery life of my Bose.

  22. sunday

    NYNE Multimedia BassPro NYNE Bass Pro Bluetooth SpeakerA big speaker! Big sound.I had a hard time hooking up to bluetooth, but I think it was my phone more than anything. It sounds good and actually gets a full sound.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Awesome thanks

  24. Cyrus Webb

    There’s nothing like having a speaker that not just gives you a great sound but can be used for events and not just personal use.This one by NYNE is like nothing I have seen. It’s large enough and has a far enough reach that you can use it outside or for an indoor event—and it has the features that make it perfect for just your own personal use.Love that it is easy to carry (the box is definitely something you want to keep because of the handle) and something that people of all ages will be able to enjoy with little hassle.

  25. Keith J. Mulderig

    On board usb charger only works when speaker is on. Bass is muddy. Returning this product as soon as I can not even close to the functionality of my Jawbone Big Jambox in form and function

  26. Raed Haed

    My last speaker, which I loved, died a horrifying death due to someone accidentally plugging it into itself. I was so upset. So I was very happy to get this speaker. While it isn’t my beloved speaker it is a close second in sound quality and a plus on portability. My old speaker wasn’t very portable. It turns out, though, that size doesn’t really matter as this little speaker puts out quality sound and at high volume. I still miss my old speaker, but this one more than makes up for the loss.

  27. Christina

    I love this speaker. It is not as small as I thought. It has great sound and I love that you can unplug it and go. You can also charge your cell phone with it. I like that you can also answer the phone with it. I like that the back is enclosed and you can see how much battery is left in there. The on switch is in the back also. I had to charge this speaker prior to using it. It did not appear to work even when plugged in at first. It was easy to bluetooth though.The cons Is that I went three rooms over and my music started to break up.Also the buttons are not very easy to press and know that it is on. They do not seem to change color.I received this item for my honest opinion and was not compensated for this.

  28. maddog53

    I love these speakers. I had the original NYNE Bass, and it started pooping out in 19 months of decent amount of use. I talked with customer service, not thinking I would get anywhere. They had me ship it to them at my cost, they were going to check mine out or fix it.. While waiting for all of this, which took maybe 6 weeks, I ordered the NYNE Bass Pro. It is almost the same thing but I do notice a bit less Bass response. Maybe they toned it down as that is what my original one had the problem with. I received back from NYNE, a brand new NYNE Bass. They must have found something wrong, enough to ship me a new one, at their expense. Great customer service

  29. Amazon Customer

    I really like this speaker since I can bring it out to the yard and know that if it rains it will not get ruined. Marvelous sound.

  30. Bogdan

    I love it…

  31. Amazon Customer

    This is a fairly large speaker for a bluetooth – it’s a good foot long and weighs several pounds. Connecting it was super simple – turn it on, open the bluetooth on your phone or iPad, and it connects easily. The sound is great. It doesn’t have the sound quality of a high end speaker, but for the price I’m very happy with it. The volume can be controlled by either your device or the speaker. This speaker can also be used as a speakerphone for a phone call, which is very convenient when you’ve got more than one person on the call and your phone speaker isn’t doing the job. There are jacks in the back for plugging in auxiliary speakers and a USB for plugging in a charging cable. We are able to get 2-3 hours of use from once charge on the speaker. It can also be used while plugged in for charging. Overall, we’re really happy with this product.

  32. Amazon Customer

    did not work. We got a dud

  33. Typical Consumer

    This Bluetooth speaker is a little larger and a little heavier than I thought it would be but the sound quality is EXCELLENT! Runs on either its own rechargeable battery or wall current. Excellent bass and clarity. Even at the loudest settings (which are very loud) the clarity is excellent. It’s also splash-proof so I’ll be taking it on the boat this summer! Can use it without blue-tooth with direct aux in and also has an aux out if you want to feed the signal to another system via a 3.5mm (standard) plug. The instructions are easy to follow and brief but very bizarre. The instructions are in several languages but instead of having the entire instructions repeated in each language, each paragraph is repeated in each language and then the next paragraph begins again in each language. Took a few seconds to figure that out.

  34. Kend3

    Bass not nearly as good as my older NYNE bass!

  35. Samuel Appiah

    great product, works well.

  36. Vega

    I really enjoy this speaker very much. The bass is pretty good and it has great clarity inside and both outside.

  37. Hoppaguy

    I should first say that I own many Bluetooth speakers from the UE Megaboom, Big Jambox, mini Jambox, smaller version of NYNE and 2 JBL speakers. I guess I would say that I’m a bit disappointed with the sound coming from this large of a Bluetooth speaker in terms of loudness and sound quality. This speaker is very large and heavy and I would argue is not very portable. The bass is pretty good since the speaker is large but the sound is almost tinny at all volumes. In terms of setting up this speaker, it is very easy just like any other Bluetooth speaker in that you just connect via Bluetooth (no Wi-Fi). I fully charged the speaker and did so a few times and the max battery life (running at normal volume) was ~10 hours. As for range, the speaker claims 100 feet but in reality all these speakers unless you were out in the woods you’re looking at closer to 30-50 feet max. I did not really test the “splash proofness” of the speaker but it is so large I probably would only leave it in the house. There is a built in carry handle. Overall, I was disappointed with this speaker but I would recommend the smaller NYNE Edge Rugged 7 as it is not that expensive and you can attach to your bike or just throw in your bag!

  38. A Family Effort

    ABOVE THE FOLD REVIEW : Quick take aways – Great for music – Good for movies – Solid Construction – Bluetooth and AUX connectivity – USB power connection facilitating mobile device charging – Typical bluetooth controls for play/pause, volume, and next / previous track – AUX out to add another speaker – Powered by internal rechargeable battery or AC adapter – Battery level indicator lights. – Splashproof – NFC pairing – Bigger than it looks in photos (slightly over 13inches long)LONGER REVIEWBACKGROUND:I was a sound engineer for 8 years so I come from a more critical standpoint, in relation to sound quality, and that makes me more more difficult to please than most consumers. Remember this when reading this review because certain elements I may call out, may not be important to many considering the purchase of this speaker.This is my 4th bluetooth speaker – The others are the ION Audio Job Rocker Plus | Portable Heavy-Duty Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker System with AM/FM Radio & Dual AC Power Outlets, a BRAVEN 805 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker [18 Hours Playtime] Built-In 4400 mAh Power Bank Charger – Black / Black and a Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, RedI am mentioning the others to give a little background on my experience with bluetooth speakers, but I am not comparing all of these to each other because they all have different features and dimensions, are targeted at completely different customers and uses. For example – the Job rocker and the Braven are not really options for travel when flying because of weight and size in luggage. but the Sony is perfect. Having said that, the Sony and Braven wouldn’t be adequate to fill a room at a party like the Job Rocker or the NYNEUSEFor me, this speaker is very useful in two specific areas.. The main thing I want it for, is to have music when I rent studio space for photo shoots. Some shoot spaces have no music, and others just have their own music selection provided, and i want to have my playlists while I work.The second use is in my office at the house. When doing post production on my photographs, I will stream a movie or a TV series and I normally use headphones for audio since I share an office with my wife. For the times she is not in the office, I wanted an alternative to headphones and the NYNE fits the bill perfectly.It’s just the right size to sit under my Asus 27″ monitor without blocking the screen and there is more than enough volume and good quality sound to make my TV experience enjoyable. The other contender from a volume sound quality perspective – Job Rocker – is just way too big to sit on my desk, and the smaller Braven, and Sony don’t have a big enough feel to the sound to work pretty well for movies and / or TV viewing. More on that in the next section.Also, last night, I used it to provide background music at a dinner party for 6 in my kitchen, and it worked really well with my jazz playlist.SOUND QUALITYFirst, I will mention the bass, because this is the BASS PRO model. Generally, with product naming conventions, that type of product name would normally be used to indicate one of the major strengths of a product. The bass is good, but not completely stellar. The two main influencers in sound (both volume and distinctive quality aspects) are production and dynamics. At a macro level, the production of sound is influenced by the electronics and quality of cables etc., while the dynamic influencers include physical dimensions, properties of materials used and airflow. and that’s ok because there is great quality in the mid to high frequencies. From what I can see, there appears to be 3 speakers inside the unit. I could be wrong, but I moved a flashlight around to see the shapes of reflections through the tiny holes in the front grill to attempt to determine this. If that is correct, the configuration is likely to be left, bass, and right. While there is no need for the unit to be a stereo configuration, I think it is. If it is, you would most likely need to be right in front of the unit to truly benefit from it being stereo.As expected, the difference in sound quality is noticeable when you do a comparison test between the wired and the bluetooth sources. The wired connection via the AUX cord is clearer and the bluetooth connection is slightly muddy.Surprisingly enough, the bluetooth is actually about 5db (decibels) louder when I measured with an audio meter. At full volume, the wired connection hovered between 65db and 70db, while the bluetooth levels hovered between 70db and 75db.There could be a tad more separation for the frequencies associated with vocal sound (broadly between 500hz to 2.5Khz but generally settling in around 1Khz) to make using the unit for movies etc a more pleasant experience. Where this can become noticeable, is where every frequency is the same volume, and as a result, (depending on soundmix in the movie, it may become necessary to turn up the volume more than you would normally just to hear the dialogue better. I couldn’t find any information anywhere regarding the frequency response for the speaker, so there is no way to determine how it measures up to its specs.When I ran the device at full volume to measure the output with an audio meter, there was no distortion.I cannot comment on its speakerphone capabilities because at the moment my phone refuses to connect with any bluetooth device for any other purpose than playing music.EXTRA FEATURES:AUX out allows you to daisy chain (pass along) the audio signal to another device.Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of 100 feetUSB power out allowing mobile device chargingPROS:USB power charging for mobile devicesSolid ConstructionAttractive designBluetooth connectionNFC pairingAux cord connectionWater resistant10 hour battery (probably just for playing audio and not when you use it to charge mobile devices)Functions as a speakerphoneAUX out to add an additional speakerCONS:I do not like the handle. It is awkward because it is not deep enough and does not provide for a stable gripSound is not great for movies – mostly noticeable in vocals.System has to be powered on for the AUX out to functionIn closing – I have no prior knowledge of, or experience with NYNE products, but so far Im impressed. This unit sounds good and loud, and is bigger than it looks in the product listing here on Amazon. Instead of looking up the size of the product in the specs, I determined its size based on how big I thought the buttons looked. It is actually 13.4 x 7.3 x 6.4 and weighs 10.2 pounds.Even though I would have a preference for crisper vocals for streaming movie / TV audio, I really like the speaker. It is pleasing to look at, has good sound, with plenty of volume to fill a backyard for a pool party etc. and possibly enough to have your neighbors to ask you to turn it down.

  39. N. Beitler

    I picked up this portable speaker for my daughter. Her 17th birthday was approaching and she had been asking for a Bluetooth speaker right around the time I received this unit as a trial product from amazon. This one is a bit larger than most on the market, and it is not advertised as being water/weather resistant. The unit is produced to be functional/accessible in many parts of the world. The instructions are printed in many languages, and the power cord comes with adapters to fit most types of electrical plugs in 1st world countries. The unit can be fully charged in about two hours of charging, and will last around 10 hours on that charge (depending on the level of volume you are playing it at). Pairing the device to her Samsung Galaxy S7 or my iPhone 6+ was very quick and easy. I haven’t fully tested the range of the Bluetooth reception to the device, but I will say that neither she nor I have not experience any connectivity issues while staying within 30-40 feet of the unit.Because the unit isn’t designed for all-weather outdoor use, it has primarily been used outdoors only in sunny weather on our pack patio or in the garage, or, more recently, on a camping trip. I hope she will always remember to bring it back inside after use, as I do not expect it to endure a rainstorm very well.Our family owns a couple of other Bluetooth speakers: a Beats Pill+ Black, and a Cambridge Soundworks 4456488 OontZ Angle Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Louder Volume 10W+, More Bass, Water Resistant, Black. This NYNE unit is significantly larger than both of these other units. It definitely has a deeper, bolder sound quality that the Oontz Angle, but not so much the Beats Pill. I would say those two units are pretty much on par with one another in terms of sound quality. I like that the Oontz Angle unit is waterproof, and I take it with me to job work sites. I would really not ever consider doing that with the NYNE unit. My duaghter wishes it was a bit smaller and more weather resistant, but I simply told her that isn’t the way it was designed and she would always be free to save up her earnings for a different unit if that is what she wanted to do.Overall, it’s a good unit that appears to function well, is widely accessible in many parts of the world, and offers good connectivity. This is not a unit that you would toss in your backpack for a day trip, though, and neither is it one you could leave lying by the pool without worrying about it.

  40. Leslie

    great sound!!!

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