Let the tunes flow freely with our only waterproof speaker.
(73 customer reviews)
(73 customer reviews)


Let the tunes flow freely with our only waterproof speaker.

Keep the music flowing freely while you’re in the shower, taking a bath, floating down a lazy river or splashing around in the pool.


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Portable, waterproof and it floats! Who could ask for more?

Its Bluetooth connectivity and 33-foot range allows your music player to remain dry while you splash in the water and stream tunes for up to 10 hours per charge. The main hull features on-board controls and 4 equalizer settings that will satisfy music enthusiasts. More importantly, Aqua’s built-in waterproof speakerphone allows immediate response to important SOS calls from friends and family. With an IPX-7 rating, the Aqua is safely submersible to 3 feet. However, like any boat, it functions best when floating on top of the water! So, sling Aqua’s silicon strap over your shoulder and head for the pool, or just take a long music-filled shower!

Key features

Floats Like a Boat

Dive right into the pool with the Aqua speaker in hand. Not only is the speaker waterproof, but it will also float beside you while your splashing around or laying on an inflated swan.

Included Hanging/Holding Strap

The Aqua’s portability is extremely convenient; just sling the Aqua’s silicon strap over your shoulder and head for the water.

IPX-7 Waterproof Design

The Aqua is perfect for the pool, the lake, the beach, the shower, or a rainy day. The speaker has an IPX-7 rating so you can safely submerge it up to 3 feet in water.

Rechargeable Battery with 10 Hours of Playtime

You will likely run out of energy far before the Aqua! Listen to music uninterrupted for up to 10 hours with the Aqua’s rechargeable battery.

Built-In Waterproof Microphone for Hands Free Calling

Need to answer a call while you’re swimming or taking a shower? We’ve got you covered! Answer any call, anywhere, anytime with the Aqua’s built-in waterproof microphone for hands-free calling.


Product Data Sheet Insert

Download Data Sheet (PDF) 456 KB

Quick User Guide

Download User Guide (PDF) 3.0 MB


Bluetooth with up to 33 feet
3.5mm AUX-in


Rechargeable battery with 12 hours playtime


2.0 Stereo Channel Output + 2 Passive Radiators


Built-in waterproof microphone for hands-free calling
Designed to Float
Carrying and hanging strap


9.62”x 5.31”x 2”
1.2 lb


1 quick user guide
Charging cable
3.5 mm AUX-in cable

User review

(73 customer reviews)
  1. Thomas

    Amazing product works in the water while floating around. Great sound great volumes too love love this product

  2. test

    I like it

  3. GeoR

    Overall I am impressed with the speaker’s performance. I read many of the reviews but my use would not be actually in the water so was willing to try. Specifically I purchased to use on the patio for background music and especially when using in the hot tub where is sits nicely on the edge and gets splashed on. The rubbery material makes it easy to grip with wet hands and stays put on uneven surfaces. The sound quality is good but not great mostly because the volume is not overwhelming. When trying it in the water it does float and the sound drops off but you can easily see where water pools up in the tiny holes and blocks the sound (never a risk the water will get inside so far). If you firmly shake it the sound is normal again. Have not tested the full time of a charged battery but had no issues with it cutting out too soon during a party. Range is good all around the patio – perhaps 40′ line of sight.Cons are the button are visually hard to see and up from down is hard to differentiate. It would be help to make the working buttons a contrasting color to read the symbols for volume, pause, etc. easier A minor annoyance is needing to press and hold down the power button to turn on or off until the light comes on/off. Not sure why it can’t just be an easy press on/off. They should make the bluetooth button it’s own instead of tying it in with the power button.

  4. Elizabeth J. Provinzino

    Sound quality is xcellent. The unit holds a charge for a long time and is a must have if you have a pool.

  5. Old_Bull

    The NYNE Multimedia Aqua Floatable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker was sent to me (free of charge) so that I could provide an unbiased and an honest review.The speaker looks awesome and sounds even better. It paired quickly and easily with my LG G2. The included line in cord will allow it to be used with devices that do not have Bluetooth capabilities. The matching red cords (line in audio and micro-USB charging) appear to be very high quality.The cover that closes over the input ports feels and looks like it will last for the duration.The sounds will not rattle the timbers, but it does get loud enough (in my opinion) for a radius of about 10 to 15 feet.The speaker has an equalizer function that works well. It enables the user to customize the sounds to their taste. It is not a “fine tuning” EQ, but it is effective and works well.Since the temperature is in the upper 30s, I will have to wait until it gets a little warmer before I dunk it in some water to see how that goes and I will amend my review at that time.

  6. et

    Works great but don’t let the speaker get submerged because water fills up the tiny holes and muffles the sound. It should be marketed as it is but we like the sound and use it next to the hot tub so it’s nice that we don’t have to worry about it falling in and getting ruined!

  7. Christy

    I love my NYNE Aqua!! It’s both light and sleek as compared to other Bluetooth speakers. I enjoy taking it to the beach most, but have had it at the pool also. It connects fast and easy and I can receive my calls clearly. It sounds clear and has no connection issues in water or outside. The biggest plus is the long battery life, I can enjoy it for hours!!! Highly recommended!

  8. Sir EvoX

    Took it on my vaycay to Philippines last month. It was used 5 times in the shower everyday (me and 4 girls) for over 2 weeks. And survived numerous trips to the pool, beaches, hikes, etc. so glad I bought it and brought it. You’ll be charging it a lot if you’ll be using it a lot, especially full blast like me. I brought a powerbank to keep the party going. Powerbank for the speaker and for our phones

  9. JoAnn Brown

    My wife love this product, Bluetooth work great!

  10. Christopher cooper

    This product was great – WHILE IT WORKED!!! It had plenty of volume, but now it will not turn on. I didn’t even use it in the water. It just sat on the counter – usually plugged in, and now it will not even turn on. The product only worked for about 3 months. This is a low quality product. Do not buy. There are other speakers out there with better longevity at the same cost. I found that I didn’t like it in the water anyway, as any water over the top of it (which takes only very minimal surface motion) kills the sound anyway. I used it as a directional speaker on the bar until it BROKE.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Very good

  12. Charles C.

    Daughter loves the flexibility of this and adequate sound.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Speaker has great sound when OUTSIDE of the water. Once you put it into the water and it is floating the sound is terrible. If water gets into the speaker grill then you can not understand what is happening. Also the bluetooth is pretty sketchy. It takes several minutes for it to reconnect to your device. Would not recommend this product to my friends or family.

  14. Marina Tietjen

    Item looks nice but only works half the time. You have to have yor phone too close to the speaker to make it work. As people are swimming in the pool and the item is bobbing around it easily loses connection to whatever device you have it linked to.

  15. Carter’s Mom

    Great set of speakers for the shower or pool. The sound on this set of speakers is very similar to my non-water proof mini blue tooth speakers. The sounds is really good at low to medium volumes and loses some clarity and tone when playing at its full volume. The sound is surprisingly rich when it is not played a level that distorts the clarity.These speakers are approximately the size of a hardcover book. They are remarkably light, so they can easily be hung on a shower head.They come with all the appropriate cords and chargers and a removable strap that is useful as a carrying handle or as a cord on which to hang these speakers.

  16. Rachel B

    This is ruggedly designed for wet and outdoor use. It comes with heavy-weight charging cable and 3.5mm jack cables for connecting a device without Bluetooth. A nice feature, both cables have Velcro cable ties attached.The sturdy detachable silicone strap is heavy-weight and securely attaches with 4 buttons.It is completely waterproof when not using with the optional 3.5mm jack that requires the back cover to be open when using. If it is has been submerged and water covered the speaker grill you do need to shake it off to hear the sound clearly again. If it gets dirty or sandy you can just rinse it off and it will be good as new.The sound from the speaker is OK, very midrange and thin but still very listenable. There are 4 different equalizer presets. The default is “Flat” and yes it is flat but I found the other presets sounded odd and out of balance.Using a wall charger (not included) it takes about 2 1/2 hours to fully charge. Pairing was easy enough and after the initial pairing it will re-connect the your device automatically.As well designed as the speaker is the layout of the instructions are not. There are about 26 languages included and instead of including all of the instructions for a particular language together the instructions are split into 5 sections and you have to hunt for your language in each section. Fortunately it is simple enough to operate that after reading through once you won’t have to refer to it again.

  17. Matthew Morine

    This is a really cool product. It is intended for outdoor use at the pool, but since it was not pool season yet, and I had to use it, we did something different. We used it in the tub with the kids. This provided all of the needed testing. It was a easy sync to the cell phone which had the music on it. It found the Bluetooth device, and connected quickly. This is somewhat an annoying process, but the technology is well done, so it worked well.Second, the speakers are really good. This was a little shocking, because with a newer product like this, and maybe a little of a novelty product, you do not expect top quality sound. So instead of just getting to hear your music, you get to enjoy the music. In fact, you can use this in the back yard during work, use it almost anywhere, it is waterproof, but do not limit it to that use.It well made and nice quality. It is a little expensive, hence the four stars, but if you are looking for a pool speaker, it is money well spent.

  18. kpow59

    Good sound, but… Don’t buy if you want it play for more than an hour of uninterrupted play. Mine is not connected to Bluetooth, but is directly plugged in via the audio cable & it still shuts off. I just spent $80 on a speaker I planned to use for sleep sounds all night & it turns off after an hour of play. This really just sucks.

  19. Daniel S.

    When I got my NYNE Aqua, the first thing I did was connect my phone and started playing my music. Then I walked out to my pool an throw the NYNE Aqua in the pool and left it for 10min. I thinking to myself “this unit will short out in no time there is no way this speaker is fully water proof”.I was wrong not only did the speaker keep playing, I lost track of time swimming around with the family and realized it has been almost 3hr and the Aqua was still going strong. I was really impressed that not only did the NYNE Aqua prove me wrong that the battery life was no joke. My son has been using this speaker on and off during the hot days when he goes out to the pool with the days getting hotter we will be using the Aqua more and more. I myself can’t wait to take it out to The Kern River this summer and relax in the river jamming to my music.

  20. PhotoGraphics

    I love tech products that throw away the mold and come up with new shapes, functions and designs. So when I saw this speaker (despite the fact that I have more Bluetooth speakers than any human should own), it struck me as great summertime fun in the pool. Sure we have outdoor speakers pointed AT the pool but how cool would it be to have a speaker INSIDE the pool … especially something we could use at night in the Jacuzzi without being loud enough to bother the neighbors. Don’t worry about that one – this speaker will NOT bother the neighbors!The look is certainly cool and outside-the-box in its design. It comes in two colors, the charcoal/blue that I tested and a white/blue model that looks much more nautical. Although it didn’t lose any points over it I would have much preferred to see some hot beachy, fun colors. The two choices offered are pretty dull.The speaker is (and this is hard to put a finger on) what I would call “just right” in terms of size and weight. Small enough to throw in a backpack or beach bag but large enough to (hopefully) deliver some kick bass sound.It paired instantly with my smartphone, as most modern Bluetooth devices are prone to do these days and as soon as I took a few pictures of it I headed out to the pool for the obligatory “dunk test”. How did it do? Well you’ll have to watch the video (I mean how else can I explain how it sounds if you don’t listen to it?) but I’ll give you a hint … it got an overall 3-star rating. And I had such high hopes!I mentioned I have more than a few Bluetooth speakers lying around. Of those, MOST of them sound better at ½ to 1/3 the price and some of them sound much, much better. Under the best conditions this speaker sounds okay. A big part of the average 3-star rating is because it is way too expensive for what you get in terms of sound and usability. If I bought this at $20 … well, I probably wouldn’t. And that says a lot.

  21. ThatUmbrellaGuy

    Having owned quite a few Bluetooth speakers up until this point, I was interested in a speaker touting not only water resistance but the ability to float AND be 100% waterproof. In my mind I pictured something smaller, much like a shower speaker, and was pleasantly surprised by just how large this is. I took it to the pool and it performed well while floating; I can envision using it while swimming or even out at the lake this summer. I also really like its indoor uses while showering or simply setting it up in the bathroom while getting ready for work.Charging-wise, I was initially disappointed by the time it took to charge. I was thinking a couple of hours originally, but it ended up taking around 7 hours or so. I did not have as long of a wait on the second charge, however, and this was testing it while the charge completely diminished.Pairing was easy and nice, which is something you come to expect these days. There are paper instructions added as well to assist with this and functionality, which is also a plus. I do not mind going online to look at something, but I always like material to review because it is sometimes easy/much more convenient.To note, this also have a 3.5 MM AUX in for devices you have to manually connect. I think this is a great feature to have especially when you are thinking outdoor use, because it allows people with non-Bluetooth ready devices to also use this poolside. That is a feature many devices do not add, either, and I thought this was a nice addition.Aesthetically and design-wise, this was interesting. It really fit the theme of “summer fun” in my opinion, with the design mimicking a lot of the flotation devices that we around. The color combination works well, and the blue shows up well enough in direct light that I would not be afraid to take it out and have some fun. It also have a nice grip design on each side so it is easy to handle when wet. When you sit it on its side or hang it in the shower, I really like the way it presents. There is something nice about the way it accents modern conveniences. The weight is also interesting, because it is very light and hangs well. Seeing the size, I imagined it would weigh much more. I also like the way the controls are set up because they are easy to access. This matters to me with household use, but it really matters when it comes to outdoor use.With regard to sound, I thought this performed really well both inside and in the pool. With indoor use, this sounded really good and was impressive. The range on this is nice as well; I was using it through walls and at a considerable distance inside and out to mimic outdoor needs. You notice some slightly diminished sound quality when placed in the pool, but that has as much to do with being outside and dispersing as anything. It has more volume than I was anticipating, which is good for outdoor use, and it has an EQ that you can tinker with to improve your sounds, I liked the hands-free mike feature for indoor or pool use as well; this would be interesting and useful to have while using at your pool or even while in the shower, noting of course to please show others consideration.All in all, I really liked this. It will make a welcome addition to summertime and will also work on those chiller days for indoor use..

  22. G

    We ordered this speaker to be used in our hot tub. The sound is very clear and good out of the water. Floating in the water with the jets on, it does not provide very good sound since the water splashes into it, giving it that under water sound (not out of the ordinary, as I believe that is the case with all floating speakers so far on the market). However, we just dump the water off the speakers and keep the speaker on the side of the tub and it works great. We can hear the music over the sound of the pumps and water splashing with no trouble at all and we don’t have to worry if it falls into the water or gets splashed! It is built well and for the money I’m quite happy with the product.

  23. StyleSnob

    I’m singing in the rain! Well, not exactly but it does sound great in the shower. The NYNE Multimedia Aqua Floatable Waterproof speaker paired quickly and easily with my Nokia Windows Phone. Simple turn it on, enable your bluetooth on your phone if it is not already on and listen to spotify or your favorite poison.The volume can be controlled through your phone or on the device. It never gets really loud, but enough to hear it. It’s well built, feels nice in the hand and is portable enough to take on just about any outdoor activity. You can take calls through it, think speakerphone but not a true conference call.Got an old device? No worries you can use an auxiliary cable to power your tunes. Charges via USB, charging block not included which is a little odd for the price.The sound is good, not as good as the Echo by Amazon that I have, but it is also smaller and lighter.

  24. Go Blue 99

    As pool and beach is upon us, many people will be using outdoor speakers to play music. Of course, there’s always a concern that your device will get wet. This NYNE speaker attempts to solve that issue by being fully waterproof, as well as being able to float.The device comes with its own cool-looking red charging cable. The blue light will turn off when it’s done charging. It was very easy to pair with my iPhone 6. The sound quality is pretty good, but not as clear or powerful as a standard Bluetooth speaker in this price range. There is an option to change EQ presets, but unfortunately there is no way to determine which preset you are currently on. There are also volume and phone buttons on the speaker itself.In terms of floating, it worked well when I did a float test in the bathtub. The speaker is on the heavy side, so it may not be light enough for frequent air travel (if you want to take it with you on a vacation). But you could certainly make it work.Overall, this is a great purchase if your main goal is to have a waterproof speaker that floats. If you put a priority on sound quality, I would go with another brand that may not necessarily be waterproof.

  25. Kay

    We tried this out in a variety of locations including inside the house and out. Then we added water….the neighbor’s hot tub, the bathroom shower, etc. It sounds quite good although it wasn’t quite as good in the shower. The living room was the best.It was easy to set up and use. So fun to have outside. Good for rockin’ and rollin’ or just for relaxation. Every generation can enjoy wherever they are.

  26. Noah

    The volume of the speakers is inconsistent and almost inaudible at times outdoors.

  27. Southern Mississippi

    This speaker was a LOT bigger than what I had expected for some reason–i’ts the size of a book, and dwarfs even my Fire 8.9, which is what I’ll likely use it with the most.Right out of the box, it took forever to charge–I hope it won’t take 7-8 hours every single time! The directions were beyond awful–there was a thick wad of newspaper-like directions in a myriad of languages, with English nestled among them. Unfortunately, it seems that they also split up the directions according to the type, and it took considerable searching to find the brief English sections. We finally found them in one spot on the company’s website. This chaotic documentation irritated me, and I was prepared to really hate the speaker by the time I had it charging.However, once we figured out how to pair it and powered it up, it redeemed itself. It’s got pretty decent sound, at least in dry conditions. I’m not likely to actually USE the floating or submersible features, at least on purpose. It does mean that I can use my Kindle or other Android devices (or even a laptop) to stream audio outdoors without worries–I am clumsy and prone to knocking things over or dropping them. If it gets wet, I’m okay. It’s a lot easier to move around the speakers and leave the device safely on a table or in a vehicle.The speakers do well with movies, whether it’s sound effects, speaking voices, or music. They also do fine on music, at least if you are not an audiophile. It isn’t loud enough to offend your neighbors’ sensibilities, nor will it damage your hearing. It’s loud enough to hear, which is the point. It’s considerably louder than what my Kindle Fire can manage on its own.It’s a very nice speaker that does its job well. As far as I’m concerned, it’s waterproof and floating nature is simply an extra level of security that allows me to use it outdoors. It’s capable of surviving being knocked into the pool or hot tub without certain demise.

  28. D. Matlack

    Okay, there are plenty of pros and cons for this unit. For the price it only comes with a USB adapter plug and not a charger, the instructions are mind-bogglingly extensive and comes in every language out there (probably even Klingon.) and there is even a very good review showing the speaker system, which on its own will not blow the glass out of your windows but does provide very good sound and can be at least 35 feet away from its feed source (and this includes being outside while my phone was inside.) but in water conditions such as a hot tub or pool the sound is muffled. This is true, and I had to question the marketing of waterproof speaker as a swim toy, seriously the box shows surfers and swimmers at the beach – the very people that will be the most disappointed with it. But let me tell you who will get the bang for their buck with this system: Anyone who enjoys the outdoors!I tested this in my shower just so I could see how waterproof it is (I don’t have a pool) and quite frankly the acoustics helped the sound out so it wasn’t too bad even in pounding water with a fan going and yes the speakers are very waterproof, in fact between the sturdy casing and the silicone and its 10 hour battery life this is a well protected unit perfect for out door activities I have taken it camping and hiking in both snow and rain, the strap is great not only for portability but I could hang it on a tree branch. As for charging it up, because it is a USB cord I was able to use my cellphone charger which disassembles to accommodate phones and computers. It packed up great, got banged around is not the worse for wear, this is a very rugged piece and I even appreciate that it came with a speaker cord so that the unit could be attached to a computer, laptop, tablet or stereo system.For anyone who travels or is an outdoorsy type, they will be pretty please with this speaker.

  29. J. E. Nelson

    Let me begin by saying I am not an audiophile. I like something that is easy to use and gives good sound quality without a ton of effort. I reviewed the speaker with this in mind.The Nyne Aqua is the 4th Bluetooth speaker I have owned. This is one of those few times where I think the product is good and mediocre at the same time.I like to play music through my iPad via Bluetooth speakers. Without even opening the directions, I was able to quickly and easily pair the speaker with my iPad. One thing I really liked about this speaker was that it has volume controls on the speaker itself. Sometimes, I will set my iPad in one place and only bring the speaker with me. I like my music loud. My favorite speaker (SOL REPUBLIC Deck Ultra) has no volume controls on the speaker itself and if my kids or someone tries to talk to me, I have to either power off the speaker or find my iPad and turn the volume down there. I really like the volume controls being right on the speaker so I can turn it down when I need to in a hurry.The loudest output of the speaker is good, but it is not enough to completely “blow me away”. It is loud, but for me, it was not loud enough to really impress me.When the speaker is used in a dry environment, the sound is good to great. The high end of the speaker sounds great in my opinion. There is a constant, low volume hiss in the speaker when you put your ear up close when nothing is playing, but nothing that really distracts from the music.Where I am dissatisfied in most portable speakers is with the bass. When it came to the bass, I would say this speaker is better than average, but was not great. When I played “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen, the bass guitar solo really comes through nicely. However, when I played Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones, this is where the speaker fell short. The speaker cut out the low end of the double bass in the song. I could still hear the double bass distinctly though, which is a huge improvement over most of my other speakers and sound output devices I have used.Where I really think the speaker fell flat was the sound when the speaker was being used in a wet environment. The speaker floats as advertized. I was able to submerge the speaker and spray it for several minutes with the shower head and the speaker continued working. However, with even the smallest splash of water over the speaker, the sound gets terribly distorted and muffled. If the speaker portion is kept dry, then the sound remains decent and clear.Personally, I would give the speaker of 4 stars when dry and 2 stars when wet. This is my first waterproof speaker I have tried in a wet environment. Perhaps this is the best “wet” use speaker on the market, but I was just not impressed with the sound of the speaker when it got wet like I might expect it would be in a pool with kids or a hot tub full of drunks. Averaging the ratings, I will give the speaker 3 stars.

  30. AndSid

    I can’t speak to the waterproof and sound when in the water since the bluetooth would only work within 3 feet of my device. It defeats the purpose of having a waterproof item if you have to have your iPhone super close to have it work. It was a gift, so I’m hoping we are able to return.

  31. Steve

    Very good audio quality… better then I had expected. I’ve only tested it out in a bathtub since it’s too cold for the pool right now, but it does float, as advertised. Even being held underwater for a few seconds, the rubber caps over the inputs work perfectly to keep the water out. Ultimately, this will be just for the pool since I already have speakers in all the bathrooms, but so far it’s worked perfectly.

  32. B. Ferris

    Good quality sound, even in the shower. I set the speaker in a window sill – not directly in the line of water. It says the charge lasts up to ten hours, but I don’t think it lasted more than four after the first charge. I just charged it again. Will see how long it lasts this time. The picture on the box shows the speaker floating in a pool. It has not been warm enough to test that out, but I plan to as that is the main reason I decided to try this speaker. It pairs with my iPhone quite easily. It’s easy to tell if the speaker is turned off or on because of the bright blue light on the front. The speaker allows you to control the volume only. If this speaker is still fully functional after being in the pool I will consider this product worthwhile.I will probably add my swimming pool adventure later this year to this review.

  33. what,my name is who

    The sound is so low its unbearable. I thought i would be able to hear this thing when under water but i cant. Thats the only reason i purchased it. I even put it in the water with me and i had trouble hearing it.

  34. Patrick Whalen

    Great Bluetooth speaker for the pool area. I really enjoy it.

  35. Jenny Q

    This is a great speaker! It’s surprisingly light and has big sound. The slim design and light weight make it easy to throw in a beach bag or backpack. I love having controls right on the speaker too so I’m not constantly fumbling with my phone. Volume buttons also skip and repeat songs when held down, and there’s a pause button and an equalizer with four different sound settings. I haven’t been able to test it in the pool yet, but even if it wasn’t waterproof, I’d still love it for all of its other features. Much better than the Philips portable speaker I’d been using.**Update June 2015: Have had a chance to use this at the pool now. The sound is great and fills the space, and it’s okay if the kids splash it. It also works great floating on the water, but because the Blue-tooth range is so short, it quickly floats out of range of my phone. But everyone is impressed with the sound, and it should be awesome at the beach.

  36. Robert Pawelko Jr

    Not that loud. But all else was what I had expected.

  37. BKBowen

    Battery didn’t last a year.

  38. Kevin

    My son received the NYNE Aqua as a gift today. I listened to it and was very impressed. It really comes handy around the pool area. Love it.

  39. tbbw

    Not even a question as to what is the best waterproof speaker.Design is very durable!Sound is practical Good for a floating submerseable speaker. I purchased to use in hot tub therefore I need something that can get loud. It doesn’t disappoint!Takes calls clear voice and able to hear as well.Very happy with purchase!Will post again in a few months.

  40. N. Glenn

    We have gotten plenty of use out of this floating waterproof bluetooth speaker. It is so easy to operate the young kids in my house can use it, the sound quality is very nice although when using it in water it does become slightly less than stellar (as expected) since the water seems to muffle the sound, The strap is sturdy and can be used to hang over a showerhead if you want to use it indoors.

  41. Brian A. Wolters

    I have a pair of Nokia 360 speakers and they have been quite impressive. But often times, we want to take them waterside or someplace where we have to be extra careful to not get it wet or damaged. So, you wonder, can you get a waterproof, durable speakers and still get great sound? The answer to that question is a resounding yes, with the NYNE Multimedia Aqua.The NYNE Multimedia Aqua is packaged professionally and carefully. It is easy to remove and all the parts you need are included. There is a charging cable and even an aux cable if you don’t need Bluetooth.The speaker itself is quite strong, durable and feels like it could survive a lot of wear. I can see this thing tumble down a hill, fall of a counter or desk and still look unscathed. When in water, it floats perfectly and it is perfect for floating along in a pool and spreading the sound around. It can even survive kids “playing around” with it in a pool. And speaking of kids, this is THE Bluetooth speaker for kids as far as durability goes.So, you get all this but how does it sound? This speaker is loud, clear and strong, even more so than the Nokia 360. While the 360 does provide full room sound, you won’t miss it with this one as it literally pushes sound out. It was simply blown away by the sound quality of this speaker.If you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker that meets just about every category you are looking for, this is the one to get.

  42. Saddleridge7

    dope speaker

  43. Kitten Kisser

    Because I spend so much time working outdoors on the farm as well as enjoying our pond, I needed something that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting damaged by the elements, the animals or if it gets dropped into the pond. While I had it charging (it charges via USB) I connected it to my Kindle Fire in mere seconds. My much older iPod took at least a full minute. Note: A cable is included for older devices without Bluetooth so that you can still enjoy the speaker. Keep in mind if you are using any cable, the speaker is not waterproof as the cover is open.Once it was charged I decided to test it out & place it in the water. It floats so that the speakers remain above water (as long as you don’t turn it so the speakers are facing the water)insuring no sound quality is lost. Next I held it underwater. Naturally the sound was muffled, but otherwise all was well. When I pulled it out of the water the sound remained muffled thanks to all the water in the speaker holes. I soaked up most of the water, but not all with a towel & the sound was once again normal. So keep in mind that if you want to enjoy good sound quality, try not to submerge the speakers while having fun.The sound quality is good enough for what you get with four options for the sound: flat, rock, pop or jazz. The button controls are not as sensitive as I’d like. If this was not designed to be waterproof I would rate it less than five stars. As it is, it performs as I need it to & have no complaints. I’m more than happy knowing I have a small lightweight floating speaker that should be able to handle the rugged outdoor life around my family farm.If you want better, louder sound, as well as a nicer looking speaker with International adapters for travel, you might want to check out the NYNE TT I use it in the office & for when I have to travel for business. Personally I like the NYNE TT better than the Aqua thanks to the better sound, plus it’s nicer looking. Even so, I love the Aqua as it’s suits the purpose I wanted it for.

  44. Mae Day

    I love this speaker! It sounds so much better than my cheap one! It’s very easy to set up to your phone. The sound is phenomenal and crisp. I also tested it in water and it worked fine after floating around. Awesome speaker!

  45. B. Anderson

    The waterproof feature of the speaker is top-notch, and it has survived several trips to the pool, where my kids promptly put it into heavy use by taking it into the water. It then became a bit of a toy as they threw it back and forth to each other. This hasn’t affected the performance or functionality of the speaker one bit. A single charge also lasts longer than we would need it to for a daily outing, and connecting multiple phones to it via Bluetooth was no problem whatsoever.That said…I just don’t like it as much as it’s non-waterproof brother (The NYNE Portable Bluetooth Speaker: I understand the waterproof aspect of the speaker has a detrimental effect on the sound (even out of water), but I’m a total baby about how speakers perform. This speaker sounds tinny, and has very little bass response. Bluetooth speakers in general don’t always have the best performance, but there are a few on the market – including the NYNE speaker I linked to above – that provide substantially better sound.If you’re needing a speaker you can totally abuse for your outings to the pool, lake, etc, and you don’t really care too much about the sound, then this should definitely be your go-to. However, if you’re an audio baby like I am, I would recommend going with it’s big brother I linked above.

  46. P. Kingsriter

    There’s a lot to like about this little powerhouse. Since I received this product as a member of Amazon’s Vine program, I felt compelled to put it through it’s paces, so to speak. Out of the box, I had the Bluetooth-compatible speaker paired with my phone and playing music in about 2 minutes. It’s very easy to set up and comes with clear instructions.Your first question probably is, “Does it actually float?” Answer: YES! You just have to be absolutely certain you’ve got the rubber stoppers fully engaged in the back to keep water from damaging the access ports. The instructions recommend you not submerge the speaker but you can be confident that a little washover and splashes won’t cause any problems.I’ve been showering with this baby for a month without a hitch. The easy-to-install rubber strap works well simply draped over my shower head. It lasts about 2 weeks worth of on a single charge, which will vary totally based on your shower length experience… 😉 A helpful red light starts to notify you when the battery is getting low. You’ll have about 30 minutes of listening time before it completely konks out, during which time you may notice a slight decrease in volume but no degredation of sound quality.So, how is the sound? Very CLEAR. Crisp highs, and powerful mids. While it makes a valiant effort, it doesn’t have enough housing to make pool-shaking bass, so don’t expect that it’s like having a Bose Acoustawave equivalent in the bathtub with you. There are a few separate EQ settings, all of which augment the mids (making the sound tinny, like an old AM radio), so my favorite EQ setting is “Flat”. The only reason this unit doesn’t get a 5-star rating is because I believe at its current price point (over $100) I would expect more robust bass. They’ve engineered this speaker so that your can turn it to max volume without notable distortion, which is nice. In an outdoor setting, you’ll be able to hear the music clearly at a radius of 20 feet or so, thus no need to worry about overpowering the neighborhood.Charging takes between 8 – 12 hours. The unit comes supplied with a mini-USB cable that can be easily replaced if you lose it, so no worries.Weighing in at just a couple of pounds, the applications for this speaker are nearly endless. Outdoors in any weather, on a boat, IN the pool, IN the shower, at the end of the picnic table, heavens, even in the car or carrying your NYNE around the house, you’ll never have a reason for the tunes to stop.

  47. Lincoln

    Great in the shower but loses too much volume when floating in a pool / tub of water. I had high hopes for this floatable waterproof speaker, but unfortunatley it doesn’t live up to all the advertising hype. If you are looking for a waterproof speaker, I recommend the OontZ Angel PLUS by Cambridge Soundworks.For the past 4 months, I have owned and LOVED the “Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle PLUS the Weatherproof Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker”. This OontZ PLUS is similar to the NYNE in many ways and I feel would be a better choice for most buyers. I’ll compare both speakers and tell you why I’ll I like the OontZ PLUS better.WATERPROOF RATINGThe Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle PLUS is “weatherproof” and has a “Water resistant rating IPX-5 – Protected against low pressure water stream from any angle”. The NYNE Aqua Floatable is “Fully Waterproof – With its IPX-7 fully waterproof rating:. The OontZ PLUS will handle a light rain, mist, fog, light snow, and a steamy bathroom – but it cannot be submersed in water. The NYNE Aqua Floatable can handle every water condition, including floating in a pool or hanging in a shower. For weatherproof protection the NYNE Aqua Floatable is the clear winner, however that is where the winning stops.SOUND QUALITYThe clear winner is Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle PLUS. Side by there is no comparision. The NYNE sounds like a $20 set of external computer speakers. The OontZ Angle PLUS sounds like something that costs over $100. Better instrument isolation and clarity, tighter bass, crisp highs in the OontZ. I like my OontZ Angle PLUS so much that I use it as my laptop speaker when I listen to Pandora or watch Amazon Prime Movies and NetFlix Streaming. Because of the great sound quality, I use the OontZ is many different situations – not just in wet conditions.ABOUT THE COMPANIESCambridge Soundworks is a well known company for high end consumer audio components (not audiophile quality). They were bigger nearly identical to BOSE in the 1990s with 30 showrooms in the US, however they lost popularity and now produce a limited number of products. Their quality is still very high in the consumer sector of audio products. NYNE was founded in 2011 and hasn’t made a name for itself yet.DESIGNThe NYNE Aqua Floatable is a very handy design and lends itself to be grabbed and handled well. You can stand it on end to project the speakers to the front… or lay it flat to project the sound up. Because of the speaker design, having a wall behind the standing speaker or a hard floor under the speaker will create a stronger sound. When the speaker is not backed by anything with density the strength of the sound is reduced. In water, this is very noticeable. The volume drops by about 60% when the NYNE Aqua Floatable is floating on water.The OontZ Angle PLUS is shaped like a pyramid and plays sound at a slight angle. Setting the speaker on a desktop will angle the audio towards the chest / ears of the listener. The sound direction is much better with the Oontz. Only one position is recommended for the OontZ Angle.The NYNE Aqua Floatable is nearly 10 inches wide; the OontZ Angle PLUS is 6 inches wide. The NYNE is just over 5 inches tall; the OontZ is 3. In terms of volume, you could fit nearly 3 OontZ Angle PLUS units the same area as 1 NYNE Aqua Floatble. Even thought the NYNE is nearly 3x as large, most of it is plastic or empty space. You don’t get larger speakers, more battery power, or better sound.CONNECTIVITY: BLUETOOTH WIRELESS & 3.5mm WIREDBoth have Bluetooth wireless and will work with Apple iPhone and iPads, Android phones and tablets, and Bluetooth computers. Both can also be wired into a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. So they’ll plug into an iPod, MP3 Player, computer, etc. Tie.PRICEThe OontZ Angle PLUS (not the base model which is not weatherproof) is priced at under $50 (retails is $129.99) – which costs less than 60% less than this NYNE Aqua Floatable speaker (currently at $129.99 but retails for $199.99). Winner is the Oontz Angle PLUS.THE WINNER IS…Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle PLUS! Costing less than 1/2 the price, with sound quality that is far superior, and a design that is more compact, more versatile and likely to be used., the OontZ Angle PLUS is the clear winner. If you need full waterproof protection (swimming pool, on a boat, in the bath tub) then the NYNE is an okay choice. If you are looking for a water resistant speaker that you can use in the bathroom (but not in the shower), outdoors and indoors, then take the Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle PLUS.

  48. Librarian

    First, the good news: This little speaker actually floats, is waterproof and can be used in and around the pool. However, the sound isn’t that impressive to start with, and when you float this, the sound doesn’t improve. In addition, there’s no power cord included with the NYNE. There is a USB cable, but if you want to charge this using a traditional outlet, you’re out luck. Lastly, maybe this is nitpicky, but I had a hard time setting this up. The speaker came with a bazillion different sets of directions, in different languages…except English. I was able to use the pictures to help me figure everything out, but it was a hassle. Overall, this is too pricey for me, and not a good value for what you get.

  49. K. Salinger, Holistic Nurse Practitioner

    So many of the portable bluetooth speakers have mediocre sound – I’ve tried so many of them that I’ve lowered my expectations and anticipate that I’ll be some level of disappointed with most of all them. This one, while not perfect or fabulous, does have better sound than many of the others I’ve listened to, including the Braven Lux Braven LUX Wireless HD Bluetooth Speaker – Retail Packaging – Gold and the many smaller, much cheaper pocket sized egg/capsule type speakers (which you’d hope and expect this would sound better since this one is much more $$). Honestly, of the small portables I have, the one with the best sound is the JBL on tour, JBL On Tour Portable Speaker System ( Black ) but it’s not significantly better and it has many other flaws that side-by-side make this one come out ahead (no bluetooth so must be wired, awful battery life – pretty much expect you’ll need to plug it in wherever you are, more fragile and easier to break due to the sliding cover with inputs underneath…). So for the time being, I’m going with this one as my best portable speaker unit. Plus it has the added advantage of being essentially waterproof, which is great for us as we live in a floating home and our backyard is essentially a large float, and we also go boating for fun, so waterproof and floating is great for us.So, here’s my overall assessment:This unit is about the size of a steno type note pad and about 3″ thick at their thickest point. Wouldn’t take up too much space in a suitcase or carry-on, but obviously there are smaller options. Solid, sturdy feeling, seems well made. an attached rubbery cover for the power and aux in port, so no worry of losing the cover.It has rubbery type exterior that makes it easy to pick up and hold and less likely to slip out of your hands if it or your hands are wet. Great for your boat, by the pool or on the beach – I’d think the unit would fair just as well with sand as it does water providing you have the power access area sealed with it’s attached cover.The controls on top include a power button, answer phone button, internal EQ button, and volume up and down buttons.—The EQ on the unit: (not good) It has some preset EQ settings that you shuffle through by pressing the button. Unfortunately, all of them are pretty awful. Those with more bass have treble too low so it sounds muffled, some don’t make sense in any way, with any type of music that I could determine and sounded bad with everything (I compared hard rock/metal, reggae, and more general pop type music.) You absolutely will be happier if your player has a built in equalizer that you can manually set to your liking, and this will be true with any of the portable blue tooth speakers – not just these. With the built in EQ I was easily able to find a sound I was happy with for each style of music. Granted, not as good as I’d achieve with non-portable high quality speakers, but again, you can’t really expect to find that with these smaller bluetooth speakers. For this test I was using the power amp app on my Samsung S4, which has pretty good EQ capabilities for an app player.—The answer phone button: (not good) The unit easily answers the phone, however, the words of the person on the other end of the call were very delayed from the actual speech and many of the words didn’t even come through. Kind of like when you’re on a CB and you have to wait for the other person to let go of the speak button in order to talk – it had that switching back and forth quality. Again, much of the speech of the person on the other end was dropped entirely making conversation very challenging. FYI: this test was using my Samsung S4 and the caller was using an S4 as well.—Power button: (works easily) When you turn on the unit the blue light flashes slower – supposedly looking for devices it’s already linked with. If it doesn’t find any, the light then blinks fast meaning it is now looking for a new device to link with. The first time it didn’t see my device. The second time it worked easily. Upon devices connecting it makes a different sounding beep giving you a type of feedback so you know that they’ve connected. I used my Samsung S4 for this and of course the S4 also displayed that they were connected. Turning off was easy with just a press of the button holding it down a couple seconds.—-Volume buttons: (work well, good range) You do lose sound quality when going lower (or perhaps it’s just my ears don’t pick it up as well) and the mid-range volume was more than adequate for us. I didn’t take it to full volume, as even in the mid range areas my husband was stressing it would bother the neighbors (living on the water sound really carries, so you have to be careful…), so I can’t honestly say if there was much distortion at full volume or how loud it can truly get. However, for use on water it was certainly loud enough (although a powerful boat engine will drown any speaker out to some extent…).SUMMARY: Decent speaker with reasonable sound that is significantly improved if your player has an equalizer. Solid & sturdy, great for any setting & especially for boat, beach and pool. Worth the $$ if you’ll use it in wet/sandy areas, but if rugged and waterproof not necessary you may find something of equal sound for less $$.

  50. Teri Patton

    Not what my son wanted and it was possibly my fault for picking wrong.

  51. Andy

    works great

  52. Marshall Carter

    The NYNE Aqua was a great speaker for us for around 6 months. It sounded pretty good, paired easily and lived-up to all of the waterproof claims (floated well enough, but we generally used it outdoors when the girls were playing in the sprinkler).Unfortunately, at that point it failed (the red charge light just blinked whenever you attempted to charge it or power the unit on with the charger connected). I entered a support ticket with Boss International, but never received any kind of response whatsoever. The ticket ended up being deleted. Not entered as closed or resolved, but basically taken out of their system.It’s a good product, as long as it keeps working, but if it doesn’t, you can basically forget getting support through NYNE’s recommended support channel.

  53. M. Wanchoo

    This is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen, the entire setup is quite compact and entirely waterprrof. Best part is that it’s easy to hang in your bathroom or pool areas and the sound quality is quite good (at least to my ears). For the technical aspects, please check out some of the lengthy reviews as they speak in detail about the what-haves and what-nots of this contraption. As for me, this was a great gift as I can listen to music in places which wasn’t possible and in a nice way as well.

  54. LoriAnnR

    Update – 8/5/15 – this speaker doesn’t work nearly as well when floating in the pool. For some reason the volume decreases significantly. It still works great in the shower.************I’ve used my speaker in the shower for a month and I still haven’t had to recharge the battery yet. The cap that covers the charging port is on the back of the device and it seals securely to prevent water leakage (which will ruin the speaker). It’s very important that this cover is pushed securely closed and remains closed when used in wet environments.This speaker is totally immersible and it floats. It is perfect for any wet area such as the pool, boating, beach, or hanging off the shower head. If you are entertaining outside and it begins to rain you don’t have to worry about this speaker getting wet.It paired with the blu tooth on my cell phone with no problems. There is also an included cord that can be used to connect your music device directly to the speaker if the device doesn’t have blu tooth capabilites however the speaker is NO longer waterproof if you use this option.It arrives with a USB cord for charging at your computer. Although you can charge this device from your electrical outlet you will need access to an adapter since this is NOT included with the speaker (fortunately I had several due to all the cell phones we own).The operation buttons took me a few minutes to figure out. The top button is your power – you have to push and hold this button for a few seconds to turn the speaker on and off. Provided you have previously paired the music device to recognize the blu tooth speaker and you have your music playing on the device, the music will automatically begin playing on the speaker. There is a “+” and “-” buttons to turn the volume up/down or to switch the song track. This is what I initially found to be a bit tricky. To change the volume you have to tap either one of these buttons several times to increase or decrease the volume. To change the song that is playing, you have to press and hold the buttons (plus button to advance forward/minus bottom to go back). There is also a button to answer telephone calls (provided you are playing music from your cell phone). Lastly, there is a button to further equalize the sound – you can press this button a few times to get the best quality sound from your blu tooth speaker.The included rubber strap holds the speaker securely with 4-button tabs and the speaker can then be hung from your shower head (or anywhere when outside). This strap is removeable however the more frequently you stretch the rubber to remove/insert the buttons that hold the strap in place – the quicker it will eventually degrade and be unusable. For this reason I prefer to keep mine attached at all times (noteworthy also is that the strap will also NOT float on its own).The sound quality is good (not the greatest you ever heard but decent) and the volume is substantial. The instructions drove me a little nuts as there are two HUGE sheets of paper with small print and many different languages – it’s a little inconvenient to use and fold back up due to its massive size when unfolded.Overall I really like this speaker.

  55. KML

    This speaker is light and easy to use. The sound is great. We’d been searching for one that can handle being on a sailboat and we found it. We are not technical but the set up directions were simple to follow.

  56. Inna Tysoe

    This is my first wireless speaker. It is quite compact and waterproof. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from it. Typically speakers and water don’t go together because a lot of compromises have to be made to make the speakers waterproof and those compromises tend to ruin the sound. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with these speakers; they sound a lot better than I expected.The waterproof speaker is a stereo pair in a single piece rubber coated plastic case. It has a wave design with blue accents. It feels quite firm and solid and surprisingly heavy considering that it floats. The wave design makes it easy to hold in one hand while the rubberized coating makes it easy to grip when wet and probably serves the dual purpose of sealing the case.All controls are along the center. The controls are simple: on/off (which also sets up Bluetooth pairing with a long press), pause, play, equalizer (which has some presets to change the tone of the sound), and volume. So you can set it to make the best of the kind of music you are listening to.On the rear is a rubber plug that conceals a recessed panel with 3.5mm headphone style socket for a wired connection. There is a micro USB for charging and a recessed reset button that requires a pin or thin screwdriver to factory reset the speaker. The rubber plug/cover fits firmly but does have a tab to easily catch with a finger-nail or tip and is attached to the case by a hinge so it will not be separated and get lost.Accessories.The speaker comes with a silicon rubber strap that is easy to fasten and hang up on a hook, shower rail, shower head or pretty much anywhere. It also has a common USB to micro USB cable for charging and 3.5mm headphone cable for wired audio output (using it will defeat he waterproof nature of the speaker since the sealed rubber plug at the back has to be unfastened to hook up wires).Both the cables are bright red with gold plated connectors.In Use.The speakers are easy to pair to an android or apple device. Though it took me a couple of tries before my phone saw the speaker, you have to wait for the Led indicator next to the the on/off button to flash quickly; not the initial slow flash I encountered with a long press. Once that started it was simple to use and didn’t require re-pairing with subsequent use.The sound quality is much better than I expected, quite loud with decent range and even some bass with the correct equalizer setting.It’s great in the shower where typically I can’t hear the music playing loudly in the next room. Having a speaker right there with you makes a world of difference. Same at the pool. It’s good to be able to bring the speaker right up to the water and not have to blast music over a distance. It means you can keep it at a comfortable volume, people can speak over and not worry about water damage. Naturally you can’t listen to it when submerged but it does float on its back and provides decent sound so long as it doesn’t get too soaked. Water does interfere with the sound quality somewhat but doesn’t damage the speaker at all.You don’t have to have a pool or shower to enjoy it. It’s nice to have a speaker you can forget and leave on the patio table no matter the weather. Doesn’t matter if it rains; a sprinkling won’t hurt it.

  57. ?I Love Jellybeans

    NYNE Multimedia Aqua Floatable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (Grey/Blue)What a fun speaker this is! It is very lightweight and easy to carry around even without the strap on it.We have yet to try out the floating feature since not the right weather to be out in a pool however we have let the teenagerstry this out in the shower… not sure if that was such a smart idea since now they take even a longer shower lol.The sound quality is good enough for myself to enjoy however the boys wish it had more bass then again I am no longer a teenager and want my music so full of bass or really crazy loud and this speaker on full can get quite loud.I have never used bluetooth on my computer before and was thrilled to find out how easy this speaker was to pair up with my machine.Just let it charge up – took about 2 hours right out of the box and then turned it and let it go find my machine.When you want to go up or down in volume – it would be nice if could just keep holding the up or down arrow but that is not how it works have to push it over and over to get to the volume you want just took me a little getting used to but am ok with it now.One thing I have to mention that I simply LOVE is that the cables for this speaker are COLORED not black like every other cord in this house that we tend to misplace and then when it is time to go charge something we can not find the right cord. Not a problem with this speaker since it is so clear in the drawer which cord belongs to this speaker.

  58. Carina

    I got this speaker system to use with my personal watercraft. The waterproof feature was very important for obvious reasons. Setting up the Bluetooth connectivity to my IPhone was simple and quick. Once it is setup listening to music is easy and painless.The enclosed rechargeable batteries are a nice bonus. Not having to replace batteries is great. This unit lasts all day on a single charge.The sound quality is above average. At high volume this unit holds its sound very nice. The size of the speaker is compact and the exterior is made of durable rubber and plastic. I don’t see this speaker getting broken very easily. The only negative for this product is when I put it in my pool the Bluetooth connectivity didn’t work that great because it wasn’t in a direct line of sight with my IPhone. When the unit was near the side of the pool it lost connectivity due to the ledge of the pool.Overall I am very pleased with this speaker.

  59. ///M

    When it worked it was good. Got this as a gift for my wife for mothers day, as she enjoys music in the pool while swimming. Upon first operation it was easy to use, had decent volume for the price and size. Then it was all downhill.Upon 2nd use (first use was maybe 10 minutes because we utilized it’s first battery life), the volume was nearly inaudible. Tried recharging, resyncing, and then got on the line with Amazon customer service. As I was on with the technician I reset the device, and it became functional again.After the 5th use it’s DOA. Doesn’t charge, doesn’t light up. Since I got it as a gift, and it was past the 30 day mark, I couldn’t swap with amazon, so have needed to go through a lengthy warranty process with NYNE. I’ll be getting this out to them for repair or replacement and hope my replacement unit doesn’t do the same thing.But it floats, and when it did work it was good.

  60. B. Caruso

    I really like the concept and design of this speaker. While I will not be using it in any capacity where it will need to float, I am enjoying the security of having a waterproof speaker.I use this mostly in my kitchen, near the sink, or when playing with my son or cleaning. Waterproof is definitely a bonus in those situations as I have lost other electronics, due to an errant splash, before.It is pretty easy to use and connect, and I did so, with my iPad mini, without bothering with the instructions.It comes with a strap, which is very handy. I keep this hanging from a cabinet knob when I’m working and I can hang it on a coat hook near the rest of my chargers, for charging.The sound isn’t the greatest. I think the materials definitely dampen it a bit. I prefer the sound from my Bose Wave or from my Philips iPod/iPhone dock, but neither of those offer the security of such durable housing, so it is a trade off I will gladly make.

  61. Homer

    Initial difficulty in getting to keep a charge. Sound quality average.

  62. Amazon Customer

    Sound was great, battery life was like 5.5 hours.used on 2 kayak trips, this was awsome.

  63. Tristan A. Hayes

    Excellent music playing device for the aquatic environment. Ive found it suitable to be used in the shower and not just out at play at places like the beach or pool. It sounds great and can be heard above the sprinkling water at not even full volume. The sound is crisp and clear. Great for a little jam in the shower you know.It is also able to withstand drops. Ive dropped it thus far three times from a height of five feet and nothing appeared to be tossed out of place. It doesnt even appear chipped which is great. There is no rattling of parts either. The straps are easy to take off and on and are strong enough to support the speaker. I ended up having them around an over the shower head caddy which helps to keep it suspended in the shower and safe from falling over.It says it cant be submersed more than a meter and some change though I cant imagine a situation where that seems possible. Even just lightly spraying it with water doesnt alter its performance, so I find it much better than other waterproof speakers Ive had. Many of them promised to be safe to water but none with the promise of being able to be submersed or even able to float.Overall the NYNE speaker is a great bluetooth waterproof device. The picture may make it seem large but it isnt and is in my opinion portable. Definitely look into this device if you need a low cost speaker for the aquatic environment.

  64. Amazon Customer

    I bought this as an outdoor speaker to take with me to the beach. I was amazed at how loud the speaker got. Definitely would recommend this to anyone looking to have a light, indoor and outdoor speaker to take anywhere. Great product!

  65. Danel

    This speaker is terrible. It is not loud at all. If you are not within like 3 feet of it you wont hear it at all. Due to family issues I missed my return window and am now stuck with a speaker I will NEVER use!

  66. Behzad Tabatabai

    So thrilled to have a speaker I can take into the pool! Great sound to boot! I have another Nyne speaker and they’re all worth the $. Love it. Recommend it.

  67. Nino

    Solid product, great sound with built in EQ and comes with a shower strap. This is my shower speaker and I love it

  68. Danielle Meador

    First time we took it in the water was also the last! it has NO range at all. Didn’t even make it to the water and boom there goes our jams.

  69. Colin J. Culkin

    I can’t think of a low point. The speaker hits all the wickets I was looking for: rugged, waterproof, compact enough for a carry-on, great battery life, solid volume and Bluetooth phone compatability. It’s obvious the designers are detail oriented and have a passion for quality products. This has already been with me camping, on the beach, through several airports and hanging inside a shower. I have no doubt it will be with me for many years.

  70. Amazon Customer

    I am absolutely obsessed with my Nyne Aqua! I love being able to throw it in the pool when I have parties and play music throughout the backyard. The sound quality is just fantastic and I get so many compliments from my friends every time I use it – it’s just so cool! I’ll definitely be recommending this to all my friends as an essential summer purchase.

  71. FT

    Great product. It works well.

  72. Amazon Customer

    If I still had the package I would send it back. Once it is in the water, the water muffles the sound. If you keep it out of the water, the volume slowly decreases until there is no volume. VERY disappointed.

  73. Mike G

    Terribly disappointed. The sound in the water is poor. Outside the water it is serviceable and it looks attractive but there are many Bluetooth speakers (I have several) that do a nice job. The differentiation here was the waterproof/floating attribute. The sound was disappointing in the water. Maybe better on the side of a pool or Jacuzzi but not in it.

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    How do i know when its fully charged ?
    When plugged in the light will be red (if charging is needed). When it is charged, the light will go off or green. Sort of similar to a computer.
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